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Cadbury's Roses

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74 Reviews

A recognisable favourite, Cadbury's Roses are good quality chocolates with a nice, varied selection - great for special occasions. Not the most exciting selection in the world, but good nonetheless.

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    74 Reviews
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      24.01.2015 10:59
      Very helpful


      • "Delicious! "


      • "The fat and calorie content..."

      Roses the flowers or Roses the chocolates? What do you think?!

      I picked up a carton of these in Boots last week as they were reduced to £2. They're usually around £4 a carton. The best before date is March 2015, that's probably why they were reduced. However they'll be gone by then so the short date isn't a problem!

      Cadbury Roses are a selection of delicious individually wrapped chocolates. The chocolates are beautifully wrapped in coloured foil wrappers and the chocolates are as follows:

      Cadbury Dairy Milk, Brazilian Darkness, Country Fudge, Caramel Velvet, Hazel Whirl, Caramel, Hazel In Caramel, Strawberry Dream, Tangy Orange Cream and Golden Barrel. Each chocolate is of a decent size and there's a good selection in every box. They're great for sharing, however they're also great as a treat for yourself. Yes, I have devoured a WHOLE carton of these before in ONE sitting. Whoops!

      A typical carton weighs in at 350g. The chocolates are VERY high in both fat and sugar but that's expected. They're perfectly fine as an occasional treat, after all we all deserve a treat once in a while! The chocolate is lovely and creamy. It just melts in the mouth and it is of excellent quality. It's lovely smooth chocolate and you can really taste the filling too. I think this is due to the fact that each chocolate contains a generous amount of filling that just oozes out into your mouth as you chew. I wouldn't say I have a favourite chocolate in this selection but if I ***HAD*** to choose one then I would have to say the Hazel In Caramel which is also known as "The Purple One". This chocolate is indescribable. It's just amazing!

      Overall these are a great selection of chocolates. There's plenty of variety within the carton and you can just pick and choose which chocolates to devour. I have a habit of giving the box a good shake before I tuck in! I have no idea why as I go in search of "The Purple One" as soon as I rip open the box...Yes, I rip open the box as I have no patience!

      Nutritional info as follows:

      Three pieces of Cadbury Roses, each weighing 11 g, contains 160 calories. According to the Calorie King website, 7.5 g is fat, of which 4.5 g are saturated fat. Carbohydrate content in three pieces of roses is 21 g, the protein content is 1.5 g and sodium is 26 g.



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      31.12.2013 11:12
      Very helpful



      Cadbury Roses

      = = = = = = = =
      Cadbury Roses
      = = = = = = = =
      It's that time of year when large tins and tubs of sweets are available to buy on special offer and every year we have a few tins of these different sweets in my household to indulge and enjoy over the festive period. What I like about Cadbury roses is that they have been around for years and make a really nice change from Celebrations or Miniature Heroes which are just mini versions of large sized chocolate bars. I remember seeing the Cadbury Roses advert as a child where a box of roses is given to a neighbour for saying 'Thank You'. Cadbury roses come in distinctive blue packs, and have been a traditional favourite in assortments and boxed chocolates. They were first introduced in 1938 to compete in the twist wrapped assortment market. Although Roses aren't my favourite sweets when it comes to the large tins and tubs of sweets I do enjoy having them at Christmas as I don't tend to have them during other times of the year. Although Cadbury roses come in various different sizes to buy, I am basing my review on the large tin of sweets rather than the small cardboard packs.

      The tin is a gorgeous bright blue colour and clearly has the name of the sweets (Roses) on the front. You can also see clearly that these are by Cadbury as well. There is a picture of a red rose on the front which has always been featured on the packaging to the sweets. On the bottom of the tin you can find out what ingredients the mixture of chocolates contains. As these are an assortment of chocolates they do contain various ingredients such as milk, nuts, etc. The tin will probably have some clear tape which keeps the tin sealed and this peels off easily to enable you to remove the lid. There is something I love about the smell of these sweets when removing the lid and I always have a smell of the sweets after removing the lid. The smell makes my mouth water a lot as there are a range of different scents but mostly a lovely milk chocolate smell. The sweets themselves are all different shapes and are wrapped in brightly coloured foil and plastic wrappers. In the tin there should be a piece of paper which tells you what each sweet in the tin in. This is sometimes at the bottom of the tin so you may need to move the sweets around in order to find it. This is handy as it shows the sweet in its wrapper and then tells you what the sweet is so you easily identify the different sweets in the tin. If you have roses every year during Christmas you may already know what some of them are without looking at the paper. I know what my favourite one's are and the one's are that I dislike.

      = = = = = = = =
      = = = = = = = =
      The chocolate comes in various different sizes, although the most popular sizes including a mini 70g box for around £1.50. Roses also come in a 350g box which is priced at around £4.59. During Christmas you can purchase a large tin (850g) of roses for around £10.00. They normally have these tins on offer during Christmas with other tins of sweet and I actually recently purchased Roses & a tub of Celebrations for £12.00 for both tubs which I thought was pretty good value. The tins of sweets seem to disappear after Christmas which is a shame as I think its great having a tin of these in the house for when my nephews comes round.

      = = = = = = = =
      The Chocolates
      = = = = = = = =
      There are a total of 10 different chocolates in the tin which range from toffee, fudge, nut and fruit flavoured sweets. From looking at the pictures on the rectangular piece of paper it's easy to tell what chocolates are which. New chocolates are marked on the piece of paper with a red rose shape and 'New' in it. There are two new chocolates in the tin which must have replaced two previous chocolates in the tin. When looking at the list of chocolates that are in the tin there are only two that I dislike so these are the one's I will not be trying and adding to this review. To give you an idea of the different chocolates in the tin I am going to try one of each and then write about how each one looks and tastes, etc. This will be done over the course of about a week rather than me scoffing 8 of these chocolates in a day, even though they are small.

      * Country Fudge - These are a long thin shape and are wrapped in a golden yellow foil wrapper which is twisted at each end. When pulling each end gently this unwraps the chocolate to reveal a smooth rectangular chocolate which is covered in smooth milk chocolate. This chocolate smells very creamy but smells more of chocolate than it does of anything else. This chocolate is easy to bite into as your teeth sink straight into the creamy fudge which is soft and slightly chewy. The fudge is creamy and tastes delicious with the milk chocolate. There are a total of 7 of these chocolates in the tin.

      * Signature Truffle - I personally think this is the most colourful looking chocolate in the tin. You can tell that the chocolate itself is round and the main part of the wrapper which takes this round shape is a metallic red colour. The twists at the end of each wrapper are a bright blue. The actual chocolate is round and has a nice thickness to it and has a rose like pattern on the top of it. This smells very chocolatey but delicious and I was looking forwards to trying this one as my sister told me it's one of her favourites. As I bit into the chocolate my teeth sank through the thick outer shell and into the soft truffle centre that tasted quite rich. The milk chocolate outer to the chocolate has a nice thickness so crunches slightly as you bite into and chew the chocolate. This is delicious and I can see why my sister likes this one so much. This is one of the new chocolate added this year and there were a total of 6 of these in the tin.

      * Strawberry Dream - This chocolate is square is shape and is wrapped in a bright pink foil wrapper. There are no other sweets in the tin wrapped in pink so there's no mistaking this chocolate for another one. Although the chocolate is a small square shape it's quite thick. The top of the chocolate has a seed like pattern on it to be made to look like a strawberry. As I bit into the chocolate my teeth broke through the thin layer of chocolate on the top and my bottom teeth broke through the slightly thicker chocolate bottom. The strawberry centre is a light pink colour and isn't too runny but at the same time isn't really thick either. As I chewed the chocolate in my mouth the first taste was of creamy milk chocolate but this was soon taken over by the delicious strawberry centre which overpowered the milk chocolate. This chocolate was easy to chew and left a light strawberry taste in my mouth. There were a total of 9 of these in the tin.

      * Golden Barrel - I remember these in Roses when they were in a light coloured foil wrapping. The wrapping has definitely changed & I much prefer the old wrapping to the new one. This chocolate is in golden yellow coloured wrapper and looks a bit like a square shape only with s lightly rounded top. When unwrapping the chocolate this reveal a barrel shaped chocolate which has barrel like detailing on it, which is obviously where this particular chocolate gets its name from. I bit into the chocolate and once again my top teeth cracked through the thin later of chocolate and into the centre of the chocolate which is filled with a delicious runny caramel. The caramel is very runny and I find that if you bite into the chocolate like I did the caramel tends to get a little messy so it's best to eat this chocolate in one go. You can taste the sweet and creamy milk chocolate but as you start to chew the chocolate you get the hint of the creamy caramel which is delicious. The chocolate and the caramel go really well together. I would say that this is probably one of the sickliest sweets in the tin so far. There were a total of 9 of these in the tin.

      * Hazel Whirl - This is actually the first time I have tried this particular chocolate from the tin as I never really tried nuts until a few years ago. This chocolate is a round looking shape and is wrapped in a very dark purple wrapper which has orange at its ends. This chocolate is again quite obvious from the other due to the orange and the purple coloured wrapper. I unwrapped the chocolate to reveal a round shape which has a swirl like decoration on the top. Although this particular chocolate smells of milk chocolate I can also smell a nutty scent to it as well. I bit into the chocolate and as I did my top teeth crunched into what I can only presume is a hazelnut. When looking in the chocolate after biting it I can see that the majority of this is made from chocolate but at the very top of the chocolate is a hazelnut. The chocolate definitely outweighs the nut here and due to this you can only taste a slight hint of the nut when chewing it. The nut does a slight crunchy taste which I really liked. I actually found this chocolate a little sickly as well. The only after taste in my mouth was a creamy chocolate taste which soon disappeared after having a drink of water. There were a total of 6 of these chocolates in the tin.

      * Brazilian Darkness - This chocolate is wrapped in a dark red wrapper with a dark yellow on the ends. The shape of the chocolate is a long rectangular shape which is slightly texture on the top. This chocolate is dark chocolate rather than milk chocolate. When biting into the chocolate this reveals a slightly chewy centre which is like chewy caramel. The caramel has a nutty Brazil nut taste to it. The dark chocolate tastes slightly bitter but goes well with the slightly chewy caramel. Although this is the first time I have tried this chocolate I found it delicious and I liked that they used dark chocolate for this one rather than milk chocolate. The chocolate leaves a very slight aftertaste in my mouth which tastes slightly bitter from the dark chocolate. There were a total of 5 of these chocolates in the tin.

      * Hazel in Caramel - I believe this is one of the most popular chocolates in the roses tin and I know they are a firm favourite with my dad. These chocolates come in a dark purple wrapper, just like you would find on a Cadbury Dairy Milk. The chocolate has a flat bottom to it but is oval shaped with a slightly rounded top. When unwrapping the chocolate you will notice a pattern on the top of the chocolate. I can't really work out what this is. The chocolate mainly smells of milk chocolate and I couldn't really smell any hint of caramel or nut. When biting the chocolate in half this reveals a large hazelnut in the centre which is surrounded by a delicious runny caramel. The nut gives the texture of the chocolate a slight crunch which I really liked. The caramel is lovely and creamy and this leaves an after taste in your mouth. Although the size of the nut in the chocolate is reasonable the caramel over takes the nutty taste. I enjoyed this chocolate a lot more than I thought I would. There were a total of 8 of these in the tin.

      * Tangy Orange Cream - I don't like anything orange so can't comment on the taste of this particular chocolate, how-ever this looks like a square shaped chocolate which has then been wrapped in an orange coloured wrapper. There were a total of 9 of these in the tin.

      * Coffee Escape - This is a new chocolate which has been added to the selection of chocolates this year. This is another one that I will not be trying as I don't like coffee. This chocolate is a rectangular shape a bit like the Country Fudge but it narrows slightly at the top. This is the only chocolate in the tin which is wrapped in a festive green wrapper. There were 6 of these in the tin.

      * Caramel - The name of this chocolate describes it all. This is simply a caramel chocolate. At one point I used to like caramel sweets but I don't like having really chewy sweets now in fear of pulling out a filling or something. This chocolate is a hard, chewy caramel which is covered in creamy milk chocolate. This is another rectangular shaped chocolate and had a slight texture on the top. This is another chocolate I wouldn't be trying and there were a total of 9 of these in the tin.

      = = = = = = = =
      Overall Opinion
      = = = = = = = =
      Cadbury Roses never seem to disappoint me with their delicious range of chocolates with a variety of different tastes and texture suitable for all. If you aren't a nut lover then obviously there are only a few of the chocolates that you will like; how-ever the fudge and caramel chocolates are delicious. As with most boxes of chocolate there will always be something in the box that you don't like, so I wasn't really bothered that I didn't like all the flavours in the tin. I think it's great that they have introduced two new flavours to the tin and the new Signature Truffle has to be one of my favourite sweets in the tin. Although I don't think you get as many sweets in the tin as you used to years ago, you still get a good amount in there to share between people during the festive period or other times of the year.

      I love having a tin of these around at Christmas and I think it's a real shame that the large tins of these are only available during the festive times of the year. We sometimes keep the tins that the sweets come in as they make good cake tins or I use them as a copper tin where all my loose change goes during the year before counting it up at the end of the year. In terms of value the chocolate tins are brilliant when on offer. I think the boxes of roses are a reasonable price during other times of the year. I like the way each sweet is wrapped in different coloured wrappers making the selection of sweets in the tin look bright and colourful. The only bad thing about the chocolates is that because they are small they are quite moreish so I find that I tend to have one and then another, etc. I would buy these again, but only really tend to buy them in tins during Christmas. They do make a nice little gift for someone to say thank you to or for anyone who enjoys chocolate every now and again. This is a great selection of chocolates from Cadbury.

      (review will also appear on ciao)


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        13.10.2013 19:02
        Very helpful



        Sickliest taste test I'm ever likely to do.

        I was handed a box of Roses today for doing someone a favour. The box was handed over with a smile and genuine thanks - and I was grateful for the sentiment. The chocolates come in a nicely presented blue package with roses on. Admittedly, they look like a nice token to give someone by way of thanks. I feel then, that I ought to like them. I feel a little ungrateful. But in reality, they are probably one of my least favourite boxes of chocolates.

        The fact that these chocolates have been going now since 1938 is a bit of an enigma to me. Clearly a lot of people must prefer them or they would not have been in for the long haul. I do feel though, that these chocolates have been boosted both by being part of the Cadbury brand and by a lot of clever marketing over the years. Who could fail to remember the 'thank you' campaign. We have been told that they are 'the perfect way to say thank you' so often that the purchase of these as a thank you token could be thought of as almost a cultural thing now.

        But let's scrutinize what you actually get with this product.

        (And, yes, in the interests of fully reviewing them, I have sampled them all. Please note: I did this taste test over a couple of hours. I'm not a complete piggy.)

        In my box there are the following:

        Signature Truffle: In a red wrapper with blue edges. The soft dark truffle centre is hard to distinguish both visibly and in terms of taste from the chocolate that surrounds it. The filling and chocolate are almost the same colour. The sweetness of the covering chocolate overwhelms the taste of the filling. I don't care for this one at all.

        Brazilian Darkness: In a dark red wrapper with yellow edges. The chocolate is dark and tangier and the filling is firmer, chewier and nut flavoured - but only vaguely nut flavoured. Nevertheless, I thought this one was an acceptable nibble.

        Country Fudge: Yellow wrapper. This was a firm, fudgy bite. Again, the chocolate covering is so sweet it detracts from the enjoyment of the centre somewhat.

        Coffee Escape: Green wrapper. Often there is some piquancy in a coffee flavoured sweet - but not so in this. The chocolate and the soft coffee centre are so sweet and sickly I can't put a whole one in my mouth. Had to give up on this one at one nibble I'm afraid.

        Hazel Whirl: Purple wrapper with an orange edge. Sweet chocolate, but a hard bite at last and the reward of a hazelnut in the centre.

        Caramel: Blue wrapper. Sweet chocolate surrounds a sweet chewy, caramel centre. The caramel whirls around in your mouth long after the chocolate has gone. A pleasant tasting offering.

        Hazel in Caramel: Purple wrapper. Chocolate, gooey caramel and a hazelnut inside. There's more going off in this one and it makes for a better bite. It's still a shame that the chocolate and caramel together are almost unbearably sweet for me.

        Golden Barrel: Bright yellow wrapper. Chocolate is a barrel shape and is filled with runny caramel. Again, incredibly sweet and the chocolate overwhelms the filling for me.

        Strawberry Dream: Pink wrapper. Sweet chocolate with a soft, bright pink strawberry flavoured filling. Sorry dooyoo, can't finish this one off either. The sweetness is making me twitch.

        Tangy Orange Crème: Orange wrapper. Sweet chocolate with an orange flavoured filling. It is described as 'tangy.' Strangely enough, I find the Roses version of tangy is actually quite sweet.


        Milk, Sugar, Vegetable fats (Palm, Shea), Cocoa butter, Cocoa mass, Fat-reduced cocoa, Dried skimmed milk, Dried whey (from milk), Emulsifiers (E442, Soya lecithin, E471), Glucose syrup, Flavourings, Invert sugar syrup, Glucose-fructose syrup, Roasted hazelnuts, Brazil nuts, Salt, Molasses, Acidity regulator (Sodium citrate), Citric acid, Sodium carbonate, Colours (Anthocyanins, Paprika extract), Humectant (Glycerol), Stabiliser (Invertase).


        Nutritional information per 100g:

        Energy 535 kcal
        Fat 31.5g
        of which Saturates 18g
        Carbohydrate 56.5g
        of which Sugars 56g
        Fibre 0.7g
        Protein 6.2g
        Salt 0.20g

        Final thoughts:

        For me, this is a box of sickly sweet, mostly soft centres which I struggle to eat. Both the chocolate and the fillings of these chocolates are generally much sweeter than I prefer and I found the taste test I did a chore rather than an enjoyable experience. I feel I have been martyred on the altar of overly sweet confectionary.

        I must conclude that Roses chocolates just don't float my boat. Even the ones that I find O.K are nothing special. They are a very average box of chocolates. Luckily anyone who knows me better and wants to say thanks buys me Maltesers, Celebrations, Galaxy - or a variety of other stuff I like. But please don't buy me Roses.

        A 350g carton of Roses is available in Sainsburys for £4.50.


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          29.05.2013 04:16
          Very helpful



          Good Quality Treats, not my favorite personally however i do like to have them as treat once awhile.

          Remember the days when you was a kid at Christmas and you just finished your amazing Christmas dinner and you and your other siblings would gather as your parents would pop open a tin of Roses!

          Well i do, well back when i was a kid my favorite flavor was coffee creme, my god! it had that amazing peculiar taste of a rich and unique taste of coffee that was seriously addicting; till this day i still do not understand why they got rid of the amazing coffee flavor! I remember battling my siblings for the delicious creamy centered coffee ones!

          Back to the review; in terms of its value for money i would recommend getting a big tin, as whenever i purchase a small box it leads to a big heap of disappointment as many of the 'average' flavors are stuffed in. The tin however tends to carry more of our favorite creamy treats; the only down side to that is they only seem to be around for the festive season!!

          The contents of the roses are pretty self-explanatory if you live in the UK or any of the commonwealth countries i.e (Australia, New Zealand) nevertheless i will share my opinion and recommendations of which are the best flavors and my overall rating in terms of it's value for money and overall quality of the chocolates.

          Here's the breakdown of the chocolates that will await you upon opening a Roses Box/Tin and my own personal account with these treats:

          Brazilian Darkness 4/10- Don't get me wrong, i love dark chocolate always been a big fan; however chewy toffees and I do not mix well!! I'm not a huge fan of toffee, however to toffee lovers this is one of the flavors for you.

          Mini Cadbury dairy milk 7/10- Who doesn't like the taste of an old traditional flavor that is the face of Cadbury's. I thoroughly enjoy the dairy milk full chocolaty goodness; nevertheless after eating about 3-4 of Dairy milk ones the taste becomes rather bland and sickly very quickly.

          Golden Barrel 9/10- Now we are talking!! this one bursts with caramel joy once eaten, when they say it's a barrel it really is a barrel of caramel. The flavor is extremely yummy; the reason i can't quite give this a 10/10 is because of how easy it breaks in the foil cover so sometimes you end up opening up to a nasty sticky surprise!

          Cadbury's caramel 8/10- Not quite as good as the Golden Barrel but what i don't understand is WHY DO WE HAVE TWO OF THE EXACT SAME FLAVOR! The world will never know. This is where the coffee creme should be to add more variety!

          The 'Purple one' (Hazelnut in Caramel) 7/10- OH god! Remember that awful advert of this purple treat? either way this is pretty much the same as the two above; i don't understand why Cadbury's love their cadbury's so much! The purple one is very exquisite flavor however as the hazelnut works well with the caramel and I'm a huge fan of nuts in chocolate despite absolutely loathing nuts in chocolate as a kid.

          Hazel Whirl 4/10- This bugger seems to be everywhere in the boxes of roses; this is my worst flavor in my opinion, its bland and just simply a chocolate smothered Hazelnut.

          Strawberry dream 10/10- Strawberry Creme dream!! This flavor is now my all time favorite, it is just the center cream really tickles your taste buds! I love strawberries and chocolate now their is a mix that everyone goes crazy for!

          Orange cream 10/10- This tangy treat is just simply amazing likewise to the strawberry cream the treat explodes with flavor and the dark chocolate works really well with the tangy taste that keeps satisfying customers.

          Country Fudge 9/10- I love fudge, this is very good flavor; however it tends to get mix reviews as it has a love/hate relationship with the majority of the UK customers. It's soft and very tasty, definitely a friendly flavor within the bunch.

          Overall most of the flavors are great! but seriously three different caramel flavors: come on Cadbury's you have to work harder than that!

          Value for Money 5/10
          In terms of Roses in general, prices vary. If you can get a small box on offer for about £1 then it's a bargain, however the contents of the boxes and tins are at total random and most of the boxes I've had, led to disappointment; an invasion of Hazel whirls! The tins are very good though; in terms of flavor variety. If i had to choose between Roses now to Heroes; i would probably choose Heroes because there is just simply more choice and i miss my coffee creams but in terms of price Heroes aren't particularly cheap either!!

          Quality of Chocolate 8/10
          Cadbury's are the best mass-producing chocolate company going in my opinion; they make some of the best chocolate in the UK. I give Cadbury's an 8 out of 10 because they aren't exactly atThornton's standard level but Thornton's is a completely different price range. Roses i think is consistent with the quality that Cadbury's provides.

          Overall i give Cadbury's effort on this one a 3 out of 5 Dooyoo stars!!

          Yours Truly

          BryanMCritic! - putting the 'tic' in critic!


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            13.01.2013 11:26
            Very helpful



            Not for me!

            Not very often do I buy chocolate as although I can't say that I am chocolate crazy (I'm more of a savoury fan to be honest) I will when I get bored stuff them silly which is the whole reason I try not to buy them! For Christmas though I got two large tins or Roses. I am not a Roses fan though and never have been however I graciously accepted them, opened them up nibbled too many of them myself and put them out on a table for other people to pinch!

            These come in many different sizes of packaging from small boxes to a tin like what I have sat in front of me right now and my tin holds loads and loads of chocolates all individually wrapped and the weight is 850g and these tins can be found in lots of shops (Asda, Tesco, Morrison's etc) for about a fiver a tin which to be fair is great value if you like them!

            The Tin mine came in is a lovely blue colour with red roses randomly depicted all over it then on the lid we are told that they are Cadbury Roses then on the sides of the tin we are again told what they are and who they are by and there are pictures shown of some of the sweets and then on the bottom of the tin ingredients are listed, the weight is stated, we are told that the chocolates are suitable for Vegetarians, a nutritional chart is show and contact details for Cadburys are given. This is a nice looking tin and inside of it there is a piece of paper that shows us in colour what chocolate is what so at a glance you can tell what your getting!

            The Chocolates:

            Cadbury Daisy Milk
            Country Fudge
            Brazilian Darkness
            Tangy Orange creme
            Caramel Velvet
            Golden Barrel
            Strawberry Dream
            Hazel Whirl
            Hazel In Caramel

            My Opinion:

            Like I stated at the beginning of this review these have never been a favourite of mine. I am a fan of Cadbury's, creamy milk chocolate though which these are in the main apart from Brazilian Darkness which is the only dark chocolate offering. So in the type of the chocolate these are I'm happy enough and its nice quality. However I am not a fan of fruity or soft centres and neither do I like chocolates with nuts in them so apart from 4 of the ten chocolate offerings ( I don't like dark chocolate one bit either!) I have not a lot to choose from really sadly! They are of good size though and the caramel centred chocolates are great, I of course like the milk chocolate blocks (Which is the Dairy Milk) and the fudge is lovely, rich and creamy. I did try a couple of the soft centres which were generously filled with fillings such as the orange and strawberry filled ones but they really were not my scene.


            For my taste these do not offer a decent selection. I can't say the quality isn't there 'cos it is, they smell and they look good too and I do think the size of each one is great but with only a couple I actually enjoyed they are not worth me buying them! I prefer Hero's and Celebrations and to me these are just a bit long in the tooth and need modernising pronto! Not for me!

            This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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              07.01.2013 17:40
              Very helpful



              Well known selection tin that is on sale everywhere at Christmas

              ===This review is for the large tin of Roses===

              ===Why I Got This===

              These were passed on to me by mother-in-law as she must have had a glut of chocolates for Christmas. We have not had a tin of Roses for many years as I tend not to buy hardly any chocolates for ourselves at Christmas and just tend to eat what we are given.

              ===The Brand===

              Cadbury began as a small firm at the beginning of the 19th century and are now world known for the their chocolates.
              Cadbury 'Roses' date back to the 1930s and were so called after 'Rose Brothers' who were the company that made the machines for individually wrapping the chocolates.

              ===The Product===

              Large round tin in blue with the red roses scattered over the surface.
              The name is on an image of a card on the lid while around the sides there are 'cards' which have images of the sweets/chocolates themselves.
              The base of the tin is plain and has product details printed on it.
              Contains 826 grams net (850 grams including wrappers).
              The nutritional information is very sparse but as 100 grams is equal to 480 calories I work out that each sweet is about 50 calories each.
              By Appointment to Her Majesty the Queen.
              The tin lid is sealed around with sellotape so when you first open it you know it has not been opened before.
              Inside the chocolates are individually wrapped and on the top is a small paper 'menu' which shows images of the chocolates and their names.
              10 different sorts of chocolates.
              All contain milk and some contain nuts and soya.
              Brightly coloured wrappers.


              These tins can be found in most supermarkets before Christmas stacked high and for sale cheaply - often at £5 and sometimes as low as £4.50.

              ===My Opinion===

              Well I was surprised when this tin arrived with hubby but as we have not had one for a few years I was interested to see what it contained.
              The tin itself is good and sturdy and has a number of uses for when it is empty.
              On opening the tin you have a lovely chocolatey smell coming out - however what I was really surprised about were the wrappers. For as long as I can recall these chocolates always had very colourful transparent cellophane wrappers over a separate layer of foil. For me the best thing about the chocolates were these pretty cellophane squares which I used to keep - not for any craft purpose really - just that they were so jewel-like in appearance. Anyway these have obviously been 'improved' - the sweets are still individually wrapped and very colourful - but the foil has now been fused onto the cellophane so that it all comes off in one piece - but they have now lost their jewel-like sparkle.

              There are 10 different sorts of sweets included:

              ===Cadbury Dairy Milk===
              Comes in a purple wrapper and has two 'chunks' of milk chocolate.
              7 in the tin.

              ===Caramel Velvet (contains soya)===
              Comes in green wrapper and is oblong.
              8 in tin.

              ===Golden Barrel===
              Has a bright yellow wrapper.
              8 in tin.

              ===Strawberry Dream===
              Has a bright pink wrapper and a runny pink centre.
              9 in tin.

              ===Hazel Whirl(contains nuts)===
              Round purple wrapper with orange twirls at the ends.
              4 in tin.

              ===Country Fudge (contains soya)===
              Has pale fawn/orange wrapper and is oblong.
              7 in tin.

              ===Tangy Orange Creme===
              Has bright orange wrapper with yellow twirls. Has runny orange centre.
              8 in tin.

              ===Brazilian Darkness(contains nut and soya)===
              Has a brown wrapper with yellow twirls at end.
              5 in tin.

              ===Caramel (contains soya)===
              Bright turquoise wrapper and oblong shaped.
              8 in tin.

              ===Hazel in Caramel (contains nuts)===
              Bright purple wrapper and long triangular shape.
              9 in tin.

              In total we had 73 chocolates which I suppose for £4-£5 is reasonable.
              They would look bright and festive in a dish over Christmas and also stay fresh as they are individually wrapped.
              For me I found the Hazel Whirl a disappointment as it used to be one I really liked - it did not have much of a 'whirl' on the top and the hazelnut was small and not very nice.
              The Brazilian Darkness was my favourite - though I did not know what to expect - it has a sort of truffle centre which has a nice flavour - but not particularly of Brazil nuts.
              I have never been much of a fan of any caramel sweets and just find them sweet and sickly.
              The same goes for the Orange and Strawberry chocolates as I do not like the runny centres. Of course the Dairy Milk ones are fine as they are just chocolate.
              All of our chocolates went but both myself and son pick out the ones we liked and then the others were left for hubby to finish up.
              Not enough chocolates that I really like in this selection for me to want to buy it - but as it has been going for so long (admittedly with many alterations) they must have their followers.
              Neither son nor myself would buy these as there is not enough we really like and most are either too sweet for us or have gooey centres we do not like.
              However each to their own and I am sure this selection does suit many peoples' tastes.
              The sweets included in the 'Roses' selection have changed over the years but I have not been receiving them for so long I could not give you a detailed list of the changes, though they are listed on the internet - it also seems different countries get different flavours. Also the weight of the chocolates decreased in 2011 because of the cost of cocoa and so it avoided Cadbury having to increase the price.


              Too sweet and sickly for me but an inexpensive tin of chocolates to buy as a gift.
              I have bought the smaller boxes for Mother's Day.

              ===Star Rating===

              4 stars - not my sort of thing any more really and I hate that they have changed the wrappers. Ok for a cheap last minute present for someone though.

              ===Would I Recommend?===

              Yes possibly - if you like that sort of thing.




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                04.01.2013 11:05
                Very helpful



                A nice chocolate treat

                For Christmas each year one of the items we always buy when it comes to purchasing our Christmas food is a tin of Cadbury Roses, to be honest most years we end up being bought a tin of chocolates but we always end up buying a tin ourselves just in case we don't receive one. Roses are one of my favourite tins of chocolate and ones I always associate with Christmas time, purely because the only time we ever buy them is actually at Christmas, also when I was younger most years my parents would have a tin of these as well. This year was no different and we ended up with a large tin of Cadbury Roses.

                Cadbury Roses come in a distinctive bright blue metal tin, this is covered in red coloured rose heads, these cover the sides and the lid of the tin. The lid of the tin has a white rectangle in the centre of it with the words "Cadbury Roses" written on it in swirly blue writing, this is also repeated on the side of the tin along with a picture of the chocolates inside the tin. That is basically it for the design of the tin, there is not a huge amount of detail on it however it does stand out and you cannot fail to recognise it as Cadbury Roses. The base of the tin is plain silver and it contains various product details such as nutritional information and the ingredients, these are written in black writing and stand out reasonably clearly against the silver background.

                The Chocolates.
                Cadbury Roses are basically individually wrapped chocolates of different flavours, the chocolates some in a variety of different shapes and are each wrapped in a piece of foil with the same rose heads on as the tin, this is then wrapped in a coloured yet transparent plastic wrapper and twisted at each end, however some of the chocolates are just wrapped in the foil alone. You et quite a large selection fo different flavours in a tin of Cadbury Roses ranges from soft centres, to chewy centres and some including nut, I would say that there is something to suit pretty much everyone. The range of chocolates include

                *Brazilian Darkness - This is a square piece of toffee which contains small pieces of hazelnut, the whole thing is then covered in dark chocolate
                *Orange Creme - This is a square chocolate with has an orange pattern engraved on top of it, it is then filled with a orange flavoured fondant
                *Cadbury Dairy Milk - This is basically 2 small squares of the traditional Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate joined together with the Cadburys C engraved on the top
                *Strawberry Dream - A square chocolate (similar to the orange creme) filled with a strawberry flavoured fondant
                *Golden Barrel - A half barrel shaped chocolate engraved with the pattern of a barrel and filled with soft caramel
                *Hazel Whirl - A done shaped chocolate with a swirly pattern on top, the chocolate has a hazelnut in the centre
                *Caramel Velvet - A piece of Cadbury Caramel with added truffle filling
                *Country Fudge - A rectangle piece of fudge covered in milk chocolate
                *Hazel in caramel - A half moon shaped chocolate filled with caramel with a hazelnut in the middle

                As you can see there is quite a large selection of different centres with Cadbury Roses, personally my favourite is the caramel barrel, however I will quite happy eat most of them, I do not like nut so probably the Brazilian darkness is my least favourite, with the other nut chocolates in the tin I will eat around the nut and just leave that bit but with the Brazilian darkness you cannot do this, so apart from that particular one I would say that there isn't really any others that I do not like or wouldn't eat. Personally I would say that these chocolates are ideal for the whole family to share, due to the variety of centres of the chocolates they are ideal for both children and adults.

                Each tin of chocolates comes with a blue piece of paper inside it again with the same roses pattern on it as the tin itself, on one side this lists all of the different chocolates in the tin, it gives you the name of the chocolates, what they actually are, although I think the names are quite self explanatory and also a picture of each chocolate wrapped up so you can easily find the chocolate in the tin and you know what colour it is. Personally I find the key to the chocolates clear and very easy to read.

                With the large tin if Roses you get 850g worth of chocolates (this includes the wrappers) I'm not sure exactly how many chocolates this works out as but you do get a lot per tin and the tins are always full pretty much to the top. Each tin is advertised as being priced at £10.00 however every year when we have purchased a tin they have been half price, to be honest I do not think I have ever seen them sold at £10.00 a tin and I'm not sure I would be prepared to this much money for a tin of chocolates. I do think that £5.00 is quite good value for money as you do get a lot of chocolates for the money, however I do think that £10.00 is a little over priced even for Christmas.

                There is not a huge amount of dietary information on the tin however if you go onto the Cadbury website it does inform you of the following information
                *Cadbury Roses are suitable for vegetarians (perfect for me)
                *They contain milk, and soya
                *They are not suitable for vegans
                *They do not contain peanut, wheat or sesame
                *They do not contain gluten so are suitable for coeliacs.

                Overall I would definitely recommend Cadbury Roses, personally I like most chocolate, but I do think that with a tin of these you get a good range of different chocolates which are ideal for sharing with friends and family on special occasions. I do not think I would buy a tin of Roses any other time other than Christmas, although you can buy smaller boxes of them, purely because I could not trust myself with a large tin of chocolates in the house, once they are open they have to be eaten.

                Whenever I have bought tins of Roses they have always been half price so personally I would say they are good value for money as you do get a lot of chocolates per tin, however if they were to be sold at full price I would have to say that they are a little over priced. I would certainly recommend Cadbury Roses to anyone looking for a decent tin of chocolates for a special occasion as these are ideal for the whole family.


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                  18.02.2012 17:43
                  Very helpful
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                  These are individual sweets covered in chocolate and theres someones favourite always.

                  Cadburys Roses Chocolates.

                  I recently found a box full of these chocolates, Roses made by Cadburys one of my favourite chocolate makers, they were given to me at Christmas time and I hd forgotton that they were in there until last night, when I was searching for something else.

                  This is a very well known and loved product and has been around for many years, and is a favourite at birthdays and also special occassions such as Easter or Christmas. The box is very distinctive and is in a distinctive colour purple with stripes of blue incorporated in it too. The words Cadburys and Roses clearly displayed across the front of the box. This box contains 350 grams, I do know that just before Christmas time the supermarkets have special offers on large tins full of these sweets, usually costing five pounds or two for a tenna.

                  \inside the box is an assortment of individually wrapped chocolates, every body has their own favourites and also there are some that maybe you dont like.

                  My favourite is the purple coloured wrapped chocolate which is like a dome of chocolate biting inside you have the experience of golden caramel flowing out and a hazelnut in the centre giving it that extra suprise, the caramel being creamy and delicious and the chocolate is really a treat, Cadburys chocolate being one of my all time favourites.

                  I do not like the Coffee, Strawberry, or the Orange soft centered chocolates so usually leave them for somebody else to enjoy, you can tell which sweet is which simply by their coloured wrapping, also you will receive a small paper menu inside the box which describes each and every sweet contained inside the box or tin.

                  There is also another sweet which I like it looks like a mini walnut whip and has thick chocolate inside with a whole hazelnut in the middle.

                  If you like Cadburys Dairy milk chocolate then you will enjoy the small mini individual chocolate bars, which I think look really sweet, and they taste great, you will find yourself searching through to pick out your individual favourite.

                  I like the fudge ones too gold coloured, like the cadburys fudge bars you can buy but in miniture versions, and even though these sweets are infact little minitures of the well known favourite bars they do not deflect from the great taste that only Cadburys can produce.

                  I love these sweets, and will always be purchasing them at Christmas, easter and those special occassions.

                  Thank you for reading and rating my reviews.


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                    08.09.2011 21:42
                    Very helpful
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                    A longstanding favourite!

                    When I was a child I can remember only having Roses at Christmas or maybe on a birthday. They used to be so expensive when they came in the tall plastic jars that they were considered a luxury in our house.
                    Roses come in a variety of sizes ranging from a classic cardboard box containing 220g to a massive tin containing 975g of chocolate. The former costs around £4 and here is the interesting part, the large tins are in Tesco currently for just £5, they are normally on offer around Christmas too so it is worth getting the larger tin.

                    Cadbury's Roses have been around since 1938 and are a firm favourite with many families.

                    As soon as you open the tin you can smell the sweet chocolate. As a child I like to go for all the strawberry creams in our house these seemed to be the favourite and the brazilian darkness and mini bornville bars were always left.

                    The lineup of chocolates has changed slightly. Even sweet currently is encased in a foil and plastic wrapper, whereas previously there was a variety including foil covered sweets.

                    Currently a tin contains;
                    Dairy Milk- this is just a simple plain chocolate consisting of two mini bites, this seems to appeal to everyone as you can't go wrong with a simple milk chocolate.

                    Brazilian Darkness- this is always left in the tin even now as an adult no-one in my house seems to like these. It is basically a brazilnut nougat covered in dark chocolate. On the odd ocassion I have tried one they seem really hard and too chewy for my liking.

                    Caramel Velvet- this is similar to the plain caramel but it has a mixture of a praline type substance in it. This is really nice and always gets eaten.

                    Caramel- this is basically the same as the normal caramel bar you buy.

                    Hazel whirl- this is another of my favourites, it is a whirl of chocolate with a single hazelnut inside, the chocolate is really thick and nice.

                    Hazel in Caramel- this again is like a piece of the normal caramel bar with a hazelnut inside.

                    Golden barrel- This tastes similar to the caramel.

                    Tangy Orange Cream- this is my second favourite, it has a zingy orange fondant centre.

                    and finally Strawberry Dream- this is my favourite I always eat these ones first and in our house they seem to be the most popular.

                    I would recommend Roses purely because of the selection, there is something for everyone and they are definately great value! a must for all chocolate lovers.


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                      10.04.2011 12:29
                      Very helpful
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                      a good gift for anyone to put a smile on their face

                      As roses have been about for 73 odd years I am sure there is hardly anyone out there that does not know and recognise these boxes of chocolates.
                      At the price of around £3.20 varying of course by where you buy them they make good gifts for everyone for all the birthdays, anniversaries etc and then are cheap enough to give as simple thank you presents or just to cheer anyone up.
                      The chocoate inside the box is wrapped individually.
                      There are 10 different flavour chocolates for you to taste so there is bound to be something there in the box that you like.

                      The 10 flavours - not in any particular order of preference as my favourite changes with every box that I receive!

                      Blue wrapper is Caramel lovely and chewy
                      orangy wrapper = Orange Creme this is tangy and you can definately taste the orange coming through
                      round purple wrapper is the hazel whirl eat the chocoate to get to the nut
                      long purple hazel in caramel this is one of my favourites as you have the caramel and the nut
                      yellow wrapper golden barrel lovely and soft
                      green wrapper is the caramel velvet
                      blue wrapper which I think is a favourite of all children 2 squares of cadburys dairy milk
                      orangy yellow wrapper brazilian darkness love the nut and pleased that the chocolate is not too dark
                      pink wrapper strawberry dream love this one a good taste of strawberry
                      yellow wrapper this one I am not so keen on it is country fudge and nice if you like fudge.

                      The net weight of this box is 388g net and 400g including the wrapping.

                      With all the boxes I have ate and the family have ate I have never heard anyone complain about the contents.

                      Roses do not just come in this type of box though as now you can get smaller boxes as well and of course the tin of roses chocolates that contain all the above and very popular at Christmas. We had a tin at Christmas, they were not around for long though! The tin costs around £5.00 and of course not just for Christmas and the tin can be kept afterwards for all sorts of things.

                      I would definately recommend Roses to everyone.

                      Hope this has made you want to go out and buy some!


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                        09.12.2010 04:44



                        Virtually all the Roses are soft centres. Eat in moderation, as they are very moreish! Good flavours, and more preferable to Quality Street. Just make sure you clean your teeth afterwards, otherwise the dentist may beckon.


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                        28.06.2010 17:38
                        Very helpful



                        A great variety of chocolates

                        Yum Cadburys Roses!! These chocolates really just remind me of Christmas, it seems to be the only time i ever actually buy them! I think that they are great to buy as an addition to a present, a get well gift or just to treat yourself! I remember always buying these for my teacher when i was moving up a class in primary school.

                        Cadbury UK entered the market in 1938 and Cadbury Roses were aptly named after the packaging equipment company that manufactured the machines that made and wrapped the individual little chocolates.

                        The flavours of chocolates in Roses are very famous and are easily recognised by their wrapper and are as follows:
                        Brazilian Darkness - a square shaped in red foil with yellow/gold ends
                        Caramel - now wrapped in blue foil (formerly was gold)
                        Hazel In Caramel - a moon shaped chocolate wrapped in purple
                        Country Fudge - a log shaped chocolate wrapped in gold
                        Dairy Milk - wrapped in a dairy milk wrapper
                        Caramel Keg - barrel shape in a gold foil wrapper
                        Hazel Whirl - wrapped in purple with orange edges
                        Strawberry Dream - wrapped in pink foil
                        Orange Creme - wrapped in orange foil

                        There is a choice for everyone so the majority of people are bound to have at least one or two that they like. Also everyone has their favourite flavour, though i can't decide between two - Brazilian Darkness or Hazel in Caramel. I love how the brazilian darkness is chewy caramel with bits of hazelnut in and its encased in dark chocolate whereas all the others are in milk chocolate. There always seems to be the same chocolates left at the bottom of the tin in our house.....how about yours?

                        There are several different packages of Roses - small, medium and large boxes, large tins and usually around popular gift times there is a large jar available too. Roses really aren't that expensive and are usually around £4.99 for a decent sized box, and at Christmas you can usually find the tins on offer but can range from £6.99 to £9.99 which again isnt really that expensive for the amount of chocolates that are in the tins.


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                          10.03.2010 21:00
                          Very helpful



                          treat yourself.

                          Ahhh Cadbury's Roses. The all time classic box of chocolates! Made by Cadburys and presented in its almost triangular (and distinctly tricky to wrap) box - these are deliciously not overpriced chocolates that generations have enjoyed.

                          Roses have recently had a makeover - but each box still contains most of the old favourites, even if they do come in different wrapping. I know one of my favourites are no longer in the box, so i'll give you a run through of the chocolates that made the cut : -

                          Dairy Milk - the good old milk chocolate is still there. In its purple wrapping it still has that distinct cadburys creamy taste.

                          Brazilian Darkness - Hard (teeth breaking) caramel wrapped in dark chocolatea and in a gold and red wrapper. Not my fave because i dont like dark chocolate - but if you do im sure you'll like this!

                          Country fudge - now in a golden wrapper, the soft fudge is dipped in chocolate so soft that your teeth will glide through it. Delicious.

                          Caramel velvet - green wrapper with soft runny caramel shot through the centre of thin chocolate. Very nice.

                          Hazelnut whirl - a classic. Whipped chocolate with hazelnut pieces. Inoffensive but doesnt have the wow factor. Purple wrapper with golden edges.

                          Hazel in caramel - always one of the first to go! Chunky hazel smothered in gooey caramel and wrapped in chocolate. Gorgeous! And still has its distinct purple wrapper.

                          Strawberry dream - Difficult to identify in the new boxes. No longer in foil wrapper and circular, they are in hot pink cellophane and are almost square. Still taste the same - soft strawberry fondant in chocolate - but i preferred the old wrapper.

                          Golden barrel - they have renamed Caramel Keg (apparently because keg indicates beer, and it may encourage underage drinking!) Still the same shaped chocolate with the same caramel centre - but now in a gold cellophane wrapper and no foil! Bring back the foil!

                          Tangy orange cream - orange fondant wrapped in chocolate. Still no foil wrapping, this is in orange cellophane.

                          So there you have it. Those are the chocolates that made the cadburys cut. Gone are the days when you will have a box rattling with uneaten bournville (they have joined miniature heroes) and gone are the days when you can find turkish delight, montelimar (lovely nougat - my personal favourite, now gone!), or coffee creme (which i dont personally miss). Plus, they no longer show the good old 'Thank You' advert (thank you very much your one in a million, thank you very much, thank you very very very much.... remember?).

                          Still, despite the revamp - these are probably still one of the most cost effective box of chocolates you can buy. They are all nice in their own way, come in a distinct and attractive box, and have the Cadburys seal of approval.

                          They arent expensive - you can easily pick up a 400g box for under £4.00 (and tescos have them on offer for £1.97 at the minute) and they make a perfect gift suitable for male or females.

                          If Thorntons is out of your price range - or if you fancy a trip down memory lane - go treat yourself to a box of Roses.


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                          21.02.2010 17:22
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                          Go for Quality Street I say

                          Cadbury Roses are a traditional gifting sweet which seems in my eyes to sit in the category of Quality Street, Heroes and Celebrations and is designed as a family sweet. It is particularly popular around Christmas time when sales of this sweet shoot through the roof as people grab one to dip into on Christmas day or use as a last minute gift for the neighbours you forgot to buy for.

                          Roses can be bought in a variety of sizes. There are the normal carton sizes, certainly a 400g which costs just over £4 in most places, the tins which are just around the 1kg mark and cost about £9 but often at Christmas time, there is a price war and they can be bought for as little as £5. They also often do barrels or jars which tend to be priced at about £8.

                          Roses are a twisted wrap style of sweets. It has been around for a very long time and the design of the box and content has greatly changed over the years. The latest design is one I rather like. It is bright blue with bright red roses on the front. On closer inspection the roses are just circular designs but from a distance it looks very realistic and the clash of colours really works well.

                          There are currently ten different varieties of sweet which are
                          1. Dairy Milk - I am not sure why this is included as it seems out of place and is more at place in Cadbury Heroes. Roses are all sweets that don't exist in bar form so it seems a bit randomly placed here.
                          2. Brazilian Darkness - This is very chewy caramel covered with dark chocolate. I think this is the only dark chocolate in the whole box so if you're looking for dark chocolate Roses probably isn't the choice for you.
                          3. Country Fudge - This is similar to the pink wrapped one in Quality Street, fudge covered in chocolate, but is just a bit too dry to be that nice.
                          4. Caramel Velvet - This is caramel covered in chocolate.
                          5. Caramel - This is chewy caramel covered in milk chocolate and is probably my favourite.
                          6. Hazel Whirl - This is quite nice and is probably the most posh chocolate in the box.
                          7. Hazel in Caramel - This is the favourite of many people and in fact there is an equivalent in the Quality Street that was so popular, that they now sell a giant version of it.
                          8. Golden Barrel- This isn't bad and reminds me of the Caramel bars but I can't see much difference between this and the Caramel Velvet.
                          9. Strawberry Dream - I really like this one, it is a strawberry centre with chocolate on the outside. Unfortunately, there was only a couple of these in my box.
                          10. Tangy Orange Cream - This is one I tend to leave or give away as I find it too bitter. It's hard to get the mix right, only Terry's seems to have managed it.

                          So overall this is a satisfactory box of chocolates but I don't find there are enough varieties in there that I am really fond of, and there is too much repetition in terms of flavour. If I had the choice, it'd be Quality Street before this.


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                            29.01.2010 18:48
                            Very helpful



                            Cadbury's Roses - a lovely treat

                            Although I no longer eat chocolate on a daily basis, I do enjoy it as a treat at Christmas time. This Christmas we had a selection of boxes and a couple of large tins. One of these was a 975g of Roses chocolates.

                            I have always thought Roses chocolates, in particular, are really pretty. I love to empty them into a big bowl and sit them on the coffee table at Christmas. We all tend to gather round them and watch the telly. The colourful, shiny wrappers seem to add to all the other decorations and look very attractive and inviting.

                            Everyone I know, has got their favourites and I am no exception. My favourites are Strawberry Dream and Golden Barrel. My daughter loves the mini bars of Dairy Milk and if you don't get in quick, she has them demolished in no time at all!!

                            The full selection is as follows:

                            Cadbury Dairy Milk - the basic chocolate bar in miniature.

                            Country Fudge - lovely creamy fudge, coated in milk chocolate.

                            Brazilian Darkness - a chewy toffee, full of brazil nut chips and covered in dark chocolate.

                            Caramel Velvet - smooth, rich, soft caramel in a milk chocolate shell.

                            Golden Barrel - similar to above but the caramel is creamier and the chocolate is barrel shaped.

                            Strawberry Dream - yummy smooth, soft strawberry fondant, covered in milk chocolate.

                            Hazel Whirl - a thick, chunky, chocolate with a whole hazelnut in the middle.

                            Tangy Orange Cream - smooth orange fondant, covered in milk chocolate.

                            Caramel - a basic hard, chewy caramel, covered in milk chocolate and my hubbys all time favourite.

                            Hazel in Caramel - a whole hazelnut, surrounded by smooth, runny caramel and coated in a milk chocolate shell.

                            The only chocolate I do not enjoy in the selection, is the Tangy Orange one. I am not really a fan of orange sweets or chocolate but I love everything else. This makes a tin of Roses chocolates my first choice, when I am looking for chocolates to share, as they do all get eaten.

                            I bought my 975g tin of Roses in Tesco and at the time they were doing a buy one - get one free on all their tinned chocolates. I bought 2 tins of Roses, one of Celebrations and one of Heroes, so 4 large tins for £20. I love a bargain and they make great Christmas gifts!

                            Like all other chocolate, these are not a healthy snack and should be eaten in moderation.

                            100grams worth = 480 calories


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