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Cadbury Wispa Easter Egg

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Brand: Cadbury / Type: Egg

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    4 Reviews
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      19.04.2012 10:08
      Very helpful



      Wait until near to Easter before you buy!

      This year we had a couple of (adult) guests over the Easter holidays and, despite our somewhat strained finances, hubby came home with Easter eggs ready to be given on Easter Sunday.

      The ones that he bought were Cadbury's Wispa eggs as he knows that Cadbury's milk chocolate is my favourite of all chocolates! I was initially a bit cross due to the lack of cash in our house as I assumed, being Easter eggs, they would be all packaging and poor value for money. However, once I knew all the facts, I was very impressed with hubby's purchase, especially as it was all Cadbury's milk chocolate!

      The eggs had been £5 each when they were first being sold but, by the time we got ours, they had been reduced to just £2. Now the whole thing is looking better value altogether.

      The cardboard packaging contained a good sized Easter egg made from thick Cadbury's milk chocolate and three (yes, three!) full sized Wispa bars! If you consider the fact that a Wispa bar costs 59p from Tesco's (and probably more from your local newsagents) this means that the three bars alone would be worth a minimum of £1.77. So, providing that the egg itself provided at least 23p worth of chocolate, the whole thing is good value! As I said earlier the egg was a fair size and the chocolate was thick so there was considerably more that 23p worth there!

      The Wispa bars were, naturally, delicious and the nutritional content per bar is as follows:
      Calories - 210
      Sugars - 21.1g
      Fat - 12.9g
      Saturates - 8.1g
      Salt - 0.09g

      The egg was wrapped in foil displaying the Cadbury's colours and the egg had the Cadbury's logo on the side. It was pre split into two pieces and fell apart easily. As the chocolate was fairly thick it took a bit of pressure to break the egg into pieces and a young child would probably need a bit of help here.

      The box was blue, red and purple - traditional Cadbury's colours and on the outside there were various puzzles and games for children to play but we didn't bother with these. There were also details of a website where you could find our more information about the Easter Egg Trail that Cadbury's were running in conjunction with the National Trust and the Make a Wish Campaign

      In our case, even the packaging didn't go to waste - we recycled the foil which had covered the egg and the bits of plastic that had held the Wispa bars in place in the weekly recycling bag and the cardboard box provided fuel for our log burner. The only things thrown away were the three Wispa wrappers.

      I have always thought that value for money and Easter eggs were mutually exclusive but now I know that, if you wait until just before Easter before you buy them you can get real value.

      Of course the other big advantage is that we got lots of Cadbury's milk chocolate too!


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        08.04.2010 19:35
        Very helpful



        Nice egg

        For easter this year I was blessed with twio eggs in total, a rather luxurious Thorntons easter egg which I have yet to sample and this Cadbury Eispa Easter Egg which is now on its last legs as there is only one of the wispa bars left to eat and that will be lucky to see the weekend. The only thing I really object to when it comes to easter eggs is all the packaging that comes with it however at least with this one the outer blue cardboard box can go in the recycling with the paper and the plastic insides can go in with the other plastics, whether or not it actually gets recycled I have no idea.

        This comes with three standard wispa bars and a medium size milk chocolate egg. I do not know what it is about the cadbury milk chocolate used in eggs but I love it especially when you get a slightly thicker area as it feels like you are getting some extra chocolate. It has a nice crisp shell although I did find it a bit hard gto seperate the two halves as they were pretty much stuck together, the chocolate is nice and crisp and creamy smooth with that wonderful Cadbury milky flavour.

        The Wispa bars are pretty standard and have a nice texture as you bite into them and agin that lovely creamy chocolate taste. This is a pretty good chocolate bar, I know that Tesco were selling these at 2 for £8 in the weeks before easter.


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        05.04.2010 12:14
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A great egg to receive, lots and lots of chocolate.

        Me and my husband have received copious amounts of easter eggs this year, and when I saw this one, I wasn't too excited about it. To be honest I had sort of forgotten that Wispas existed. However I was soon very grateful when I saw the amount of chocolate inside the box.

        With this egg you get a fairly large sized cadbury chocolate egg, and 3 full sized wispa bars. Which I was really surprised about, I only expected one or two, but three was great.

        The chocolate egg was just normal dairy milk of cadburys usual high standard.

        I had to have a wispa before the egg, as I haven't had one for years and wanted to see if they were as good as I remembered. The wispa was harder than I remembered, I expected it to be as soft as an aero but it was a bit harder, but it still melted in the mouth when I ate it, and I really enjoyed it.

        The only thing that I feel has really let cadbury down this year (I have said this about every cadbury egg I received this year) is the packaging. It says that they have cut down on the packaging but, there is still loads of plastic in there. We also received a couple of nestle eggs and they had completely got rid of the plastic so the whole package was completely recyclable. I really think if one company can do it, surely they all can, it can't be that hard, and with all the easter eggs that are sold, it would really benefit the environment to completely get rid of all the plastic, as clearly (proved by nestle) it's not necessary.

        A good egg, I'm not sure how much it cost but with an egg and 3 wispas, it was a great amount of chocolate, and it was really tasty. Just a shame about the packaging.


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          23.03.2010 09:44
          Very helpful



          See review!

          ***ABOUT CADBURY***
          Cadbury is a British based confectionary company, whom make a great range of sweets, cakes and other treats and their products are well known all over the world. Cadbury are well known for their Dairy Milk bars and other chocolate bars which can be found in local shops and super-markets world-wide. Cadbury are always conjuring up new ideas and recipes and some of these include yummy chocolate bars such as Flake, Double Decker, Wispa, Crunchie and more. Cadbury also do a yummy range of Cakes, Drinks, Ice Cream and Desserts, some of these include Cadbury Fingers, Mini Rolls, Biscuits, Yogurts such as Flake, Fudge, Mousse, Chocolate Trifle and Ice Creams which include Flake and a Dairy Milk ice Cream treat which comes on a stick.

          ***WISPA EGG***
          The Wispa egg will cost you about £5.00, how-ever I got this when it was on offer in Sainsbury's for £2.50 which I thought was a bargain. Prices may vary in different stores and supermarkets. The egg comes in a blue box and has the words 'Wispa' on the front, and top of the box in big, red bubble style writing. There is also an oval shape cut out the front of the box so you can see the actual egg inside of the box. On the back of the box there is a pair's game where you can cut out the different cards and use them to play pairs.

          On the side of the box you will find nutritional information and a list of ingredients whilst on the other side you will find information about their Easter Egg Trail and it also says that they are working with The National Trust and Make A Wish Charity. As well as a chocolate egg, you also get 3 standard sized Wispa bars as well. There is a total of 313g of chocolate in the box which includes the 3 standard sized bars and the eggs itself.

          When you open the box you will see that the egg sits in a plastic tray which prevents it from moving around and form being squashed or damaged. The bars are just placed in the bottom or side of the tray, next to the egg. There is a note on the side of the box stating that they have reduced their packaging which has enabled them to remove over 2290 Cadbury lorry loads from the road.

          ***EASTER EGG TRAIL***
          For more information about their Easter Egg Trail you have to visit their website which is www.eastereggtrail.com. On the website there are Easter games, Competitions, Cadbury information and you can also look up to see where your local Easter Egg Hunt is as well. The Easter egg trails contain extra fun activities and things such as face painting. Each child who completes the Easter Egg Trail will receive a Cadbury Egghead reward. On the website it also gives you information about Easter Eggs and why we give them to children at Easter.

          By attending an Easter Egg Trail you help The National Trust which helps the properties to maintain a safe and picturesque environment for families and children to indulge in a fun Easter and spend the time together outdoors.

          ***CADBURY WISPA***
          Wispa was first launched in 1981 as a trial version and after the bar's success it was introduced nationally in 1983. In 2003 Cadbury re-launched this product as Dairy Milk Bubbly and the well known Wispa bars disappeared off our shelves. The new bar looked just like a standard dairy milk bar but was bubbly like a Wispa bar. In 2007, a campaign was started on the internet to bring back Cadbury Wispa and in 2008 the bar was returned to shops in the UK due to the bar's popularity as a limited period release. This bar is well known for the tiny aerated bubbles in this bar and for its well known packaging which is easily recognisable.

          The bar comes in a bright blue wrapper with big, red, bubbly writing across the front which says Wispa. The red writing is also out-lined in a gold colour which makes the name stand out more. On the back of the bar you will nutritional information and a list of ingredients and contact information for Cadbury. The wrapper is plastic and can be torn open easily at either end of the bar. As you open the bar you can see a nice smooth looking bar which is just over 1cm thick. The chocolate smells very creamy and mouth-watering. The top of the bar feels smooth, yet the under-side of the bar is flat but also looks a bit bumpy and uneven which must be due to the aerated bubbles inside the bar.

          ***TASTE TEST***
          As I bit into the bar my teeth sank into the chocolate and easily bit off a nice chunk off the end of this bar to reveal lots of tiny bubbles which gave the chocolate a nice texture and feel to it as it melted in my mouth. The chocolate was nice and creamy and the tiny bubbles in the chocolate made the texture more interesting, rather than just a plain solid bar of chocolate. I thought the texture and taste to this bar was lovely and it was very satisfying. Although the bar is made by Cadbury and it's similar to Dairy Milk it did taste completely different to a Dairy Milk bar.

          Each Bar contains the following:

          * Calories - 210 (10.5% RDA)
          * Sugars - 21.1g (23.4% RDA)
          * Fat - 12.9g (18.4% RDA)
          * Saturates - 8.1g (40.6% RDA)
          * Salt - 0.09g (1.4% RDA)

          (Please note that you do get 3 standard sized bars with the egg and the information above is for one bar only!)

          The egg comes wrapped in a purple foil wrapper which has Cadbury in swirly writing all over the foil in white writing. The egg is a nice size and will definitely keep me going for a while without having to buy any chocolate for a few weeks at least! As you open the purple foil you can smell the milk chocolate which smells creamy and mouth-watering. On the egg Cadbury is engraved into the chocolate on both sides. I was quite disappointed by this as on the smaller sized egg's there is an Easter picture of a chick on the egg. The chocolate egg looks nice and smooth and also looks quite solid as well.

          ***TASTE TEST***
          I thought this egg would break into 2 halves quite easily how-ever it didn't. I couldn't break the egg in half with hands and didn't have a knife to hand so instead I decided to bite the top of the egg. As I bit into it the chocolate broke underneath my teeth and little piece of chocolate fell inside the egg. The chocolate was quite soft even though it has been kept in a cool place to avoid it from melting. The chocolate has a nice thickness to it but isn't too thick. The chocolate is very creamy and just melts in your mouth. It fills your mouth with a lovely sweet taste and leaves a slight sweet after taste in your mouth. The chocolate made me very thirsty and I couldn't eat a lot of it as it is very sweet and I can imagine it would get very sickly as well.

          The following information is per ¼ of the egg shell.

          * Carbohydrate - 28.4g
          * Protein - 3.8g
          * Fat - 15.0g of which saturates 9.4g
          * Fibre - 0.4g
          * Sodium - 0.05g

          ***OVERALL OPINION***
          This is a great value Easter egg with the added bonus of 3 standard sized Wispa bars which comes with the egg. I was quite disappointed with the egg as there was no fancy picture on the front and it just didn't taste as nice as the Wispa bars. I think even a dairy milk bar would have tasted better. Although the chocolate egg was yummy, it just didn't taste yummy enough. I think a smaller egg would be more exciting as you do get a picture on the chocolate egg how-ever they don't do the Wispa egg in a smaller size and is only available in this size. This was well worth getting in terms of value but in terms of taste I would have preferred more Wispa bars!

          (Rewiew also on ciao)


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