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Cadburys Flake Moments

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10 Reviews

Brand: Cadbury

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    10 Reviews
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      13.05.2010 21:56
      Very helpful




      Flake Moments

      I have bought this box of delightful flake moments one day just to treat myself. The second you look at the colours of the box you immediately think that its flake, and it was. A selection box of all your mini flake treats.
      The box decoration was very appealing, pretty, professional and the little image of the chocolate surprises inside make you really want to buy this product.
      Unbelievably, where i bought this selection box, it was round about £4.20 and I thought it was very high priced, maybe thats because I think of myself as a cheapo!

      I took off the plastic covering and read what you could get inside. 6 little chocolates all different and all looking very yummy.
      Escape, Dream, Delight, Indulge, Charm & Classic. Pretty names for pretty looking chocolates.

      There were two trays of chocolates. Both trays had 11 chocolates, so overall you get 22 mini chocolates. After having a taste session, I immediately picked out the ones I really loved, and of course there were 2 that i actually hated.
      The classic is obvious a mini flake on its own. Gorgeous, Chocolately and creamy. It was delicious.
      The Indulge had a mini flake covered in milk and white chocolate. It was also gorgeous tasting as you could really taste the white chocolate.
      A similar chocolate, Dream was a white chocolate smothered flake. As before you could taste the white chocolate And it was excitingly creamy. It was delicious!
      Next was the delight, milk chocolate covered flake... By now I was getting bored.. It was the same taste.
      Then came the worst, DARK CHOCOLATE!!!!
      Escape & Charm were both dark chocolate smothered and it was disgusting. I hate dark chocolate as it really takes away the creamyness of the flake. I did not enjoy it but I knew I had to eat it because I couldnt leave it.

      Of course one of the disadvantages to this selection box is that you dont get equal amount of chocolates. The box I bought had numerous dark chocolate ones and I was really annoyed. Considering you pay 4.19 and you dont really know what you expect.
      I have only bought this product once and I think I will stick to my normal flake buys.
      Thanks cadburys..


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      04.04.2010 14:59
      Very helpful



      A box of different types of Flake chocolates

      For Easter this year, my husband bought me a box of Flake Moments, made by Cadbury. I am (usually!) on a diet and eat quite a few Flakes, as they are only 8.5 Syns each on the Slimming World eating plan. I am allowed around 10 Syns a day, so can easily have a Flake every day if I want to and still lose weight, as long as I stick to the plan, of course! For a chocoholic, this is a good deal!

      The box of Flake Moments is a classic looking gift, with an elegant swirling design in yellow and cream, with the usual Flake logo in purple. Flake Moments is described on the front of the box as "a selection of the crumbliest, flakiest chocolates in the world" and inside, there are six different types of Flake. These are described in a flap inside and are as follows -

      ESCAPE - Flake dipped in dark chocolate, drizzled with white chocolate

      DREAM - This is the opposite of Escape, being dipped in white chocolate then drizzled in dark chocolate

      CHARM - Flake smothered in dark chocolate with little pieces of milk chocolate on the top

      DELIGHT - Flake in hazelnut praline and milk chocolate

      CLASSIC - Your standard Flake, just smaller pieces

      INDULGE - Flake dipped in milk and white chocolate

      The box contains two layers which each contain eleven chocolates. These are the usual thickness of a Flake, but about 1.5 inches long or maybe 1/3 to ¼ of a standard Flake. So they are a good size, as there is enough to get a good taste, but not so much you get fed up of the flavour.

      I ate the entire first layer earlier today, which was a bit too much, to be honest. I left the second layer until now, so I could try them again to describe here (and because I was already feeling pretty sick!!). The eleven chocolates here consist of three normal Flake bits (Classic), two Dreams, two Charms, two Indulges, one Escape and one Delight.

      They do look quite pretty, but not as expensive as a box of Thorntons, for example. Some of the lines of chocolate drizzle are a bit wonky and they just don't look as premium as some other boxes of chocolates. But they do the job for Flake fans like me.

      I think most of us know what to expect from the Classic Flake - crumbly, melting, gorgeous little strands of chocolate squished together into something looking like mini-logs. As for the other Moments, my favourite was probably the Dream, which looks like a kind of truffle in some ways and is a good mix of white and milk chocolate.

      My least favourite was the Charm. It looks a bit like a mini Feast lolly with the chocolate bits stuck onto it, but it is dark chocolate (my least favourite kind of chocolate!) and I found it quite bitter and cheap-tasting, a bit like that nasty chocolate you get in advent calendars or Christmas tree decorations.

      The Delight is quite nutty, so this is an acquired taste. I don't mind nutty ones, but I think one of these is sufficient and I would prefer to swap these for another flavour. The Indulge is better - sweet, creamy, rich, but a bit sickly. The Escape isn't as sweet, but the dark chocolate is still a bit harsh for me.

      Well, I still have four chocolates left and cannot eat another one!! Maybe this was just an evil ploy by Hubby to cure me of my Flake addiction? Anyone fancy a Moment with me? I'll swap for a nice plate of pasta with onions and garlic... Something savoury...

      Anyway, I'm not sure how much these cost, as they were a gift, but British Supermarket Worldwide lists them as £5.99, which sounds about right to me, or maybe slightly cheaper. They would make a good gift for birthdays, Mothers' Day, Valentine's Day and yes, a good alternative to an egg at Easter.

      The box contains 185g of chocolate and is 530kcal per 100g and 31.5g of fat, so definitely a treat only, not a regular snack! The ingredients include milk, hazelnuts and soya for anyone with allergies to those, but it is suitable for vegetarians (as I am).

      So overall, Flake Moments are good for anyone who enjoys Flakes, but best to spread the box over a few days or to share amongst family or friends.


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        15.03.2010 21:53
        Very helpful



        Flakey Chocolate Selection

        One of my all-time favourite chocolate bars is the good old Cadbury's Flake - so on paper I should enjoy 'Flake Moments', a selection box which contains six different varieties of the crumby chocolate. The 185 gram yellow box contains twenty-two of the chocolates spread over two levels. In terms of the price, you can pick up a box of these chocolates for around £3.99, which I feel is pretty reasonable. The chocolates look pleasant enough, and the six varieties are titled; 'Escape', Charm', 'Delight', 'Indulge', 'Classic', and 'Dream'.

        'Escape' is a milk chocolate flake dipped in dark chocolate, and then drizzled with white chocolate lines. it's probably my least favourite of the selection, as i'm not really a dark chocolate fan, and it's a bit too bitter for my liking. 'Charm' tastes similar to Escape, although it has tiny pieces of milk chocolate encrusted on its surface. Again, it's not my cup of tea, but i'm sure others will appreciate its richness. 'Delight' once again comprises a standard flake interior, but this time it's nestled in a hazelnut praline and milk chocolate coating - very tasty. 'Indulge' is a flake dipped in both dark and white chocolate - It's probably the most interesting looking of the selection, although it's a little sickly. 'Classic' is exactly what you would expect - the old-skool flake as you would find stuck into your 99 ice-cream - perfect! Even though it's the most simple of the selection box, Classic it tastes great on its own, and doesn't need any fancy coating to make it delicious. 'Dream' is the token white chocolate offering, although it's only the outside which is white, as the Flake inside is still made from milk chocolate.

        - - - - - - -
        The chocolates contain;
        Milk, Sugar, Dried Skimmed Milk, Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Mass, Vegetable Fat, Dried Whole Milk, Hazelnuts, Emulsifiers (Soya Lecithin, E442, E476), Lactose, Dried Whey, and Flavourings.

        Final Word
        - - - - - - -
        All in all, Flake Moments are an average selection box which will probably appeal to hardcore Flake fans only. All of the chocolates taste too similar, and could do with some variation in terms of having differently textured centres, rather than just different chocolate coatings. My favourite is probably the standard no-frills Flake 'Classic' variety, which suggests that Cadbury haven't managed to improve on the original.

        Nutritional Info Per 100g
        - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
        Calories: 530
        Fat: 31.5g
        Sugar: 54.2g
        Salt: 0.25g


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          14.02.2010 02:20
          Very helpful



          Not a real box of chocolates!

          As with every product these days Cadbury`s Flake has started to lend itself to other flake related products and the latest one or one of the latest ones is the box of chocolates known as Cadbury`s Flake Moments.

          There are five different chocolates in a box of flake moments and they are as follows:

          THE CLASSIC:

          A chocolate about one inch long which is essentially a very small flake so it tastes like a flake and is nice enough but to me very pointless as if i wanted this i would simply buy a flake.


          This is again about an inch long and is a piece of flake wrapped in dark chocolate which is then sprinkled with milk chocolate, Looks nice enough and tastes ok too but nothing special in my opinion.


          Again a piece of flake, this time surrounded by a solid layer of milk chocolate with a centre of hazelnut praline, not my favourite but I guess if you like hazelnut you will enjoy this sweet more than I did.


          Taking after the Cadbury dream bar this one incorporates white chocolate, it is again (you guessed it) a piece of flake and this time it is (you guessed it) covered in white chocolate, it has some dark chocolate decorations that help to give it a bit of a richer taste but I dislike white chocolate really so this didn't do it for me.


          This is my favourite, again it is of course a piece of flake this time covered in rich dark chocolate and than a drizzled pattern of white chocolate added to it, this time you get mainly a dark chocolate taste but the three different chocolates (milk, white and dark) come together well to create a rich creamy chocolate taste.

          My over all opinion of these as a box of chocolates is that they are pretty poor, an excuse for Cadbury`s to abuse the name "Flake" and try to entice people to buy these over a traditional box of mixed centre chocolates but give me Black Magic, Roses, or Quality street every day over these and you get more for your money with them.

          A box of flake moments costs around £4 and has about half the chocolates you would get from a £3 box of Quality Street so do not be fooled, if you want a flake then buy a flake, if you want a box of chocolates, do not buy these.


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          13.02.2010 20:38
          Very helpful



          Not the best box of chocolates

          Now there is a new way to enjoy the delights of Cadbury's Flake, in a box of chocolate. The Moments box of chocolate sells for around £3 for 22 little bite sized chocolatey morsels presented in a nice yellow box, the chocolates come in little plastic trays with two layers of sweets.

          There are five different kinds of sweets in the box:

          Classic, an inch long piece of original cadbury's Flake. Nice enough but because it was not individually wrapped it felt a little dried out and lacked the crumbly charm of the bigger bar.

          Charm, a piece of flake wrapped in dark chocolate and sprinkled with little pieces of milk chocolate. Ths is the most atteractive chocolate of the bunch and there is a really nice contrast between milk and dark chocolate tastes.

          Delight, a piece of flake surrounded by milk chocolate and hazelnut praline. I could detect a slight hint of hazelnut taste but there was no softer praline and it was all the one texture. An ok chocolate but not one to knock your socks off.

          Dream, a bit of flake covered in white chocolate with dark chocolate decorations. An attractive looking chocolate but the white chocolate is too sweet making it a bit sickly.

          Escape, this is the reverse of the dream ie dipped in dark chocolate and then drizzled in white chocolate. Again the dark chcolate tastes nice and rich and blends nicely with the milk chocolate making a nice little bite.

          I can't say that Moments is the best box of chocolates that I have ever had, to be honest I would have prefered a multipack of flakes. Some of the chocolates are too sweet but overall they are nice enough, Cadbury's chocolate is not the best but is good for a quick sugar and cocoa fix. The good thing about this box of chocolates is that there will be very few people who dislike them so they make a safe if impersonal gift and there will not be the yucky ones like coffee creams left at the bottom of the box. The range of sweets is a bit unimaginative and for the same price something like Heros would be a better buy.


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            21.01.2010 02:15
            Very helpful



            Would be cheaper just to buy a Flake bar...

            My mum received a box of these 'Flake Moments' for her birthday, and she being the generous person she is, and me being the chocolate addict I am, I accepted her offer to sample a few of the chocolates.

            The box is very attractive; unmistakably Flake with its signature yellow and purple colours. The box looks elegant and makes a good looking gift. The contents are described on the box as: "A selection of the crumbliest, flakiest chocolates in the world". Of course the name Cadbury on the front doesn't do their image any harm!

            On opening the box, there are a few flaps inside covering the chocolates with descriptions of each one (more on this later!).

            However, we were both slightly disappointed with the contents. Inside are two trays of chocolates, each layer containing 11 individual chocolates, which is a nice amount. The downfall here is that at least four of these chocolates on each layer are just a mini Flake, nothing special, it's as if they've just cut a Flake bar into quarters, or even into five. What's more, the rest of the chocolates are simply Flakes covered with more chocolate. Some have a thin layer of white and some milk chocolate, while a couple even have a sprinkling of nuts or chocolate chips on them, but certainly all in all, these chocolates are just over-simplified mini Flakes. Here are the descriptions of each chocolate, which although wordy with fancy names, can't disguise the fact that these chocolates are simply glorified Flakes:

            "Escape - Milk chocolate Flake, dipped in dark chocolate, the drizzled with white chocolate (translation, a bit of a Flake covered in dark chocolate and decorated in white stripes).

            Charm - Milk chocolate Flake, smothered in smooth, dark chocolate encrusted with tiny pieces of milk chocolate (translation, a bit of a Flake covered in chocolate and chocolate chips).

            Delight - Milk chocolate Flake nestled in rich praline and milk chocolate.

            Indulgence - The complete indulgence of milk chocolate Flake dipped in milk and white chocolate.

            Classic - Simply a mouthful of the crumbliest, flakiest milk chocolate.

            Dream - Milk chocolate Flake, dipped in white chocolate, then drizzled with dark chocolate."

            Ingredients: This is for a 185g box - milk, sugar, dried skimmed milk, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, vegetable fat, dried whole milk, hazelnuts, emulsifiers (soya lecithin, E442, E476), lactose, dried whey, flavourings.

            Now while Flakes might be very nice chocolates, I was expecting something just a little more interesting, special and with a little more effort on the part of Cadbury. For example, perhaps chocolates with fillings, such as strawberry creams, etc, or maybe nut or caramel centred chocolates, or just something a little different.

            These chocolates can cost around the £4.00 mark, which I find quite shocking really! Although the packaging probably costs quite a bit more than the chocolates! To be honest, you might as well save your money and go and buy some Flake bars as, while these chocolates were nice, I felt the whole idea behind them was immature, like something a school child might produce as a project in a home technology class, etc.

            The packaging leads you to expect good quality, but in my opinion, that's not really what you get with Cadbury moments, although some may disagree.

            In conclusion, yes they taste nice, but disappointed my expectations and if you like Flakes, you'd save yourself a lot of money by buying a standard bar (2 for 80p at Sainsbury's online at the moment) and even buy a bar of Cadbury's Dairy Milk too and drizzle some on top; it'd still be cheaper! This venture for me was a bit of a wasted opportunity...



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            14.01.2010 13:30
            Very helpful



            Far too pricey for what's essentially a glorified flake

            Writing this review feels a bit like looking a gift horse in the mouth. A friend was kind enough to give me a box of these a few months ago, and much as I appreciated it, I'm now going to pick holes in them. Ah well.

            This smart looking, flake yellow coloured square box contains 22 chocolates in 2 layers. So far, so good. The chocolates boast tantalising names like 'Escape' and 'Indulge', and look basically like stumpy pieces of flake, covered in different types of chocolate. Which is exactly what they are!

            There are 6 different chocolates to choose from, all of which are classic flake pieces, coated in chocolate. The varietes are:

            - Escape: Flake dipped in dark chocolate with a drizzle of white chocolate across it.

            - Charm: Flake dipped in dark chocolate with little chocolate bobbles attached.

            - Delight: Flake in milk chocolate and praline.

            - Indulge: Flake in milk chocolate drizzled with white.

            - Classic: Flake on its own.

            - Dream: Flake in white chocolate drizzled with dark.

            You get the idea. Bit of flake, covered in a bit of chocolate with a poncey drizzle of contrasting chocolate over it. Nothing really special there. The only one that tastes a bit more interesting is the praline one.

            If you're a massive fan of flake, you'll probably love this. And it's got the added bonus of not crumbling all over you, thanks to the solid chocolate coatings. But with a box of chocolates, I'm looking for variety, and to be honest this didn't deliver. While these little flake pieces would look great on top of an ice cream, or to decorate a cake, on their own they're quite samey and boring.

            I see the box costs £4 on the Cadbury's website. If I was buying a box of chocolates for someone, I certainly wouldn't choose these, but I'd spend the £4 on a bigger box of something with a bit of variety!


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            03.01.2009 18:05
            Very helpful



            A lovely gift.

            This Christmas seems to be the first year where I haven't received obscene amounts of chocolate.... Boo!

            One of the very few items I did receive is the product I will now review.

            The chocolate I will now review is - "Cadbury flake moments"

            When the flakes first started being "dipped" and messed with in various different methods I was desperate to try them... all, but this is a box of all the different ones available, perfect you might think, well we see!

            The box is very pretty looking, it is the colour of the bog standard flake, I shouldn't say that really as I prefer the original one's to all the others.
            The top of the box features a picture of all the different miniature bars enclosed in the box, all piled seductively just waiting for you to gorge on them, oh dear, I have a problem, I know!
            There is very little information on the front of the box itself, aside from the brand name, the product name and a short description about the " crumbliest flakiest chocolate......", ok I,m salivating at the thought!

            As you open the box the smell of the Cadbury's chocolate hits you, it is probably the most perfect of smells making your taste buds perk up instantly.

            Once the box is open and the protective sheet is removed from the box, you will see that there are two identical layers of "moments", with there being 11 on each layer.

            I will give you a brief description on each one, followed by my personal opinion on each.

            Escape - This is a miniature milk chocolate flake, dipped in dark chocolate and drizzled with white chocolate.

            My opinion - Quite nice, I am not a huge fan of white chocolate with my favourite being darker and more bitter tasting delights, this offers a nice balance of bitter and sweet and always the Cadbury creaminess - 4/5

            Dream - This is a miniature milk chocolate flake, dipped in white chocolate and drizzled with dark chocolate.

            My opinion - This is the opposite to the afore mentioned one, with this having a higher proportion of white chocolate this just doesn't appeal to my taste buds - 2/5

            Classic - This a miniature bog standard flake, in all it's crumbly deliciousness.

            My opinion - The original and the best, the delicate flaky chocolate that seemingly melts instantly on the tongue, yet leaves the creamy and velvety taste and texture behind...perfect! 5/5

            Indulge - This is a miniature flake ½ and ½ dipped in milk and white chocolate, with a final flourish of a white chocolate drizzle over the milk chocolate part.

            My opinion - Again not my favourite, more than edible but far too much white chocolate for my tastes. 2/5

            Delight - A miniature milk chocolate flake encased in delicious hazelnut praline and dipped in milk chocolate.

            My opinion - Yum yum, a delicious blend of creamy chocolate and rich and tasty praline, because of the size of it, it isn't sickly but just enough to get the taste buds zinging. 5/5

            Charm - This is a miniature milk chocolate flake smothered to within an inch of it's life with dark chocolate, then encrusted with tiny pieces of crunchy milk chocolate.

            My opinion - Again a delicious addition to the collection, with my tastes veering towards the darker side this is perfection personified! 5/5

            Now the depressing part, the nutritional information,
            Per 100g (just over ½ a box),

            530 kcal
            7.4g protein
            54.9g carbohydrate
            54.2g of which sugars
            31.5g fat
            19.2g of which saturates

            There are also a few allergy notices listed, these being that this product contains milk, hazelnuts and soya.

            These are a lovely thing to receive, but I am not so sure I would buy them myself, there is not enough difference between the chocolates for my liking, I still enjoyed them though..... All in one go, I am such a pig!

            These, as I mentioned earlier were a present from my mother in law, after a quick browse on the Asda website - www.asda.co.uk
            I found these to be available for £3.39 a box.

            Thanks for reading x


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              22.12.2006 10:42
              Very helpful



              A wide variety of flakes in a box

              Christmas just isn’t the same without the giving and receiving of chocolates for me. Every shop you go into has a huge variety of boxed chocolates in every conceivable shape ad size to lure you into buying them. Now for me chocolate has to be good, a known brand, not cheap and not too sickly, I know I don’t ask for much, but when it comes to chocolate you can keep you cheap chocolate covered nuts and raisins and present with something by Thornton’s or Cadburys.

              Every year my secretary and I exchange gifts and every year it is the same… boxes of chocolate which is her defence is the only time of year she eats it and she doesn’t even celebrate Christmas. So whilst browsing through Asda and becoming more and more incensed by the children running riot whilst seemingly deaf parents continued their shopping in a daze I found myself in the boxes of chocolate section which seemed to have been designated the Christmas Chocolate section… the Tinsel gave it away!!

              Anyway, after a full half an hour of being deafened by the little people I was drawn to the brightly purple and yellow coloured box of Cadburys Flake Moments, something I have seen advertised on the television rather a lot during the adverts of Coronation street and something I have always meant to buy but have not yet found A) a good reason too and B) the inclination and excuse too but voila it’s Christmas and I now no longer need one… an excuse that is. Now to my very surprise they were on offer at £1.98 a box which is two whole pounds cheaper than they would normally have been and with only two boxes left on the shelf, I bought them both. One for my Secretary and one for…erm…me!

              So what do I get for my £1.98? Flake Moments come packaged as I have said in a bright yellow and purple box and it contains 185 g of chocolate which is 22 individual mini chocolates. On the front of the box you will see the Flake and the Cadbury logos. The chocolates are described as "a selection of milk, white and dark chocolates” and then in a kind of circle design are images of what these chocolates actually look like and there are six different ones. When you remove the outer box you will find in front of you what conforms to be four flaps of cardboard which seal the actual box containing the chocolates in but it is here we find the description of each chocolate.

              So coming in at number one is ‘The Classic’

              This is a miniature version of the original milk chocolate Flake and as most of you know it is one of the crumbliest pieces of chocolate around which when put into your mouth melts into a heavenly sludge of chocolate which is absolute heaven. There are six Classic Flakes in every box.

              Following on from that we have a chocolate known as ‘Heaven’ which to me would mean it has to be better than the classic to have earned that title so what is it like?

              The description on the box says ‘This miniature white chocolate Flake is encased in milk chocolate and decorated with white chocolate sprinkles’. Now for me this is Heaven, for those of you who have ever tried the Cadburys Snowflake will see a similarity in what this chocolate actually is although the Snowflakes doesn’t have the white chocolate sprinkles on the outside. Again this chocolate is very crumbly but as soon as it is in your mouth it does again melt into a wonderful choclately sludge. In each box you will find two of these chocolates.

              Continuing clockwise around the box we have ‘Obsession’ next. Now Obsession is a miniature white chocolate Flake encased in dark chocolate and running across the top of this Flake is dark chocolate pinstripes. Now this Flake so far differs from the two I have already described because when you bit into it, it does actually break rather than crumble and it doesn’t melt instantly, which gives it an odd feel on your tongue as it sits there slowly dissolving. However it does taste just as nice as the other two so once again I am happy with said chocolate. In each box you will find four of these chocolates.

              Next we come to a chocolate called ‘Delight’ and already the name has filled me with dread because usually when the words Chocolate and Delight run in tandem it usually means that horrid Turkish Delight thing but has to be the foulest chocolate known to man, so I am not actually looking forward to tasting this one.

              However, this miniature Flake is described as being ‘encased in hazelnut praline and milk chocolate’ so thankfully it is not going to be anything like a Turkish Delight but when you bite into it, you will not be surprised to find given the description that it is a miniature version of the Praline Flake which can be found in most shops. Now to describe this chocolate you would have to imagine a Toffee Crisp because to me that is what it looks like but it does taste far superior and so far this has become the favourite chocolate in the box. In each box you will find only two of these chocolates.

              Continuing round we come to ‘Reflection’ which is described again as being a ‘miniature chocolate Flake encased in milk and white chocolate’ and what we have is a reversal of ‘Obsession’ in that this time the white chocolate is on the bottom with the milk (instead of dark) chocolate is on the top and again we have the pinstriped top in white chocolate. For me this did taste very similar to Obsession and the texture was also very similar in that you bite into it and it actually doesn’t crumble and melt it just stays there. In each box you will find four of these chocolates.

              SO moving swiftly on we come to the final chocolate in our box which has been named ‘Midnight’ and the description reads “miniature milk chocolate Flake encased in dark chocolate and decorated with miniature milk chocolate chips. On first site, you will not recognise this piece of chocolate as a Flake. Now for me this again looks similar to ‘Heaven’ in that it is all bobbly, the best description one would use to quickly compare it but the texture is nothing similar in fact for me this is my least favourite chocolate in the box because you have to bite and chew, I know lazy, but a Flake is supposed to Flake and crumble, it isn’t supposed to be chewy and uncrumbly, so needless to say I am not impressed and would leave these ones until the very last. In each box you will find four of these chocolates.

              So am I happy with my purchase? On the whole I would happily buy another box for the same price of £1.98 but I would not pay £3.98 for them which in Asda are what they usually retail at. I would prefer it if Cadbury took it upon themselves to change the percentage of chocolates around so the ones like I like – Heaven, Delight and Obsession appeared more frequently than the likes of Midnight and Reflection. However, should someone wish to buy me a box then I would happily accept them.

              Renowned for the phrase “The crumbliest, flakiest chocolate in the world” they seriously need to take a look at these chocolates and work out why they do not fit their slogan which as a marketing tool has made them one of the most bought chocolates in the world.

              ***Extra information***

              Cadbury Limited
              PO BOX 7009
              Bournville, Birmingham B30 2PX

              Tel: 0800 818181


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                01.07.2005 22:29
                Very helpful



                Some are excellent, others not so much.

                ***How I came to buy a box of Flake Moments***

                One day, when my fiance picked me up from work, it was raining cats and dogs. We walked 20 minutes through the rain to the train station, becoming increasingly wet and annoyed. By the time we got to the station, my boyfriend indicated to me that he could really do with a sugar rush. I completely agreed and headed straight for WH Smith, hoping that they would have my favorite Flake, Praline Flake, on display. How disappointed was I to see that the only Flakes on display was the ordinary boring milk chocolate Flake and the dipped Flake, none of which appealled to me. I went into my little sulk and decided not to buy anything.

                My fiance headed to buy some other treat. As I followed him around the corner, I saw this huge yellow and purple box on display. It said "Flake Moments" and had interesting pictures of all sorts of different milk, dark and white chocolate Flakes. I picked up the box and grinned like a little child. But then, having decided it was neither worth the calories nor worth the money, I put the box back on the shelf. How surprised was I to see, however, that when my boyfriend went to the cash register to pay for his treat of choice, I realised that he had managed to sneak the box past me!

                Retrospectively it was the best thing he could have done, as we soon got stuck on a train for over 45 minutes for a journey that would normally only take 15 minutes. It was time to attack the box of Flake Moments!

                ***The product***

                Flake Moments come in a yellow and purple box and contain 185 g of chocolate (this amounts to 22 pieces of Flake). The box is wrapped in cellophane. On the front of the box you will see the Flake and the Cadbury logos. The chocolates are described as "a selection of miniature milk chocolate and white chocolate flake pieces."

                Surrounding the writing are pictures of six very different looking Flakes and apart from the original milk chocolate Flake in the bottom left hand corner, all look rather new and exciting.

                The downside of the description on the outer box is that it does not tell you anywhere what kind of Flakes these are. You can see the colour of the coating on the Flakes, but this is no indication of what you will find inside the Flakes. In addition, the box does not contain any warnings about nuts. I can assure you, if you are suffering from nut allergies, you will not want to buy these. At least one of them contains hazelnut pieces.

                ***My experience***

                The minute I got on the train, I tore of the cellophane paper and removed the outer packaging of the box, which as I discovered, is nothing but a paper sleeve.

                I was immediately greeted by the inner box, which contains 4 rounded flaps at each side. On the flaps, I could see the familiar pictures of every Flake. And unlike the outer layer of the box, the pictures contained clear descriptions of what to expect from each Flake.

                I opened the flaps to find a piece of white paper. Underneath was a purple tray, containing 11 assorted Flakes. Underneath this tray was another tray of Flakes, containing 11 assorted Flakes. 22 moments to remember? Or 22 moments to forget?

                Each Flake gives you about two bites of chocolate. But in itself, every single one of these little chocolate treats tastes amazingly different. I tried them all, and here is what I think:

                This Flake is merely a miniature version of the original milk chocolate Flake. As most of you know, the texture looks a lot like the bark of a tree. It is this texture which gives the Flake the one property that some of us hate and some of us love: The crumbliness.

                Sadly, this little Flake is nothing special to me in taste, as it is very similar to any ordinary piece of chocolate. The texture does make it a little more attractive to the ordinary Dairy Milk, though. Take a bite from the Flake, and you will instantly feel the creamy smoothness of milk chocolate melt on your tongue. There is no need to chew the chocolate, it will simply dissolve without any further effort.

                There are six CLASSIC Flakes in every box.

                Rating: 2/5

                This is a miniature milk chocolate Flake which is encased in dark chocolate and decorated with miniature milk chocolate chips. On first site, you will not recognise this piece of chocolate as a Flake.

                Take a bite from the chocolate, and you will be surprised to find that it is actually quite solid and hard to bite down on. When looking at the inside of the Flake, you will still see the texture that you would expect from an ordinary Flake, but will find that many of the "air holes" have been actually filled up with chocolate. As a consequence you will find that this chocolate will not instantly dissolve on your tongue. Instead you will find yourself chewing it. In my opinion, this defeats the whole purpose of a Flake.

                The taste is even more disappointing. If you hate dark chocolate, like me and my boyfriend do, you will not like this one. The coat of dark chocolate is as bitter as 70% dark chocolate. And the middle part turns out to be nothing more than a piece of ordinary boring milk chocolate with no smooth properties whatsoever. You might as well buy a solid bar of Dairy Milk chocolate for less money.

                There are four MIDNIGHT Flakes in every box.

                Rating: 1/5

                This is a miniature milk chocolate Flake which is encased with milk chocolate at the top and with white chocolate at the bottom. In addition, there are lines of white chocolate running across the top of the Flake.

                Like the MIDNIGHT Flake, you will be disappointed when you bite down on this one - as you will find that this Flake has lost a lot of its flakiness and has indeed become more of a solid milk chocolate piece coated with a little bit of milk chocolate. It is really nothing to get too excited about. Again, you would have been better off with a solid bar of Dairy Milk chocolate.

                There are four REFLECTION Flakes in every box

                Rating: 2/5

                This miniature Flake is encased in hazelnut praline and milk chocolate. Again, it does not look at all what you would expect a Flake to look like. It looks like a cluster of milk chocolate with bumps.

                For those of you who think they know what this one tastes like by virtue of having tried the Praline Flake, think again! This praline is entirely different and really trumps the Praline Flake by a level. I would probably crown it the "Emperor of English chocolate".

                When you bite into this Flake, you might expect it to end up being solid like the previously described Flakes. But it is not! For some bizarre reason, the Flake has retained its usual crumbliness and thus melts on your tongue in a lovely way. But not just that - the coating is out of this world! While the Praline Flake has nut pieces in it, the DELIGHT flake has crunchy hazelnut pieces in it. Thet taste like honeycomb and in combination gives the ordinary boring milk chocolate Flake an edge of luxury.

                There are only two DELIGHT Flakes in every box.

                Rating: 5/5

                This is a miniature white chocolate Flake encased in dark chocolate. Across the top, this Flake has some milk chocolate lines. It is the only other Flake besides the classic Flake, that actually reveals the bark-like texture on the outside.

                Biting into this Flake I quickly found that this was the crumbliest Flake I had ever eaten in my life. About a quarter of it ended all over my coat. When the chocolate meets the tongue, you are instantly surprised by its feel. It does not have a smooth feeling to it and it does not melt instantly. In fact, it feels rather dry on your tongue. I found myself simply wanting to chew the flaky particles.

                The taste of this Flake is alright, the dark chocolate is hardly noticeable, as it is overpowered by the sweetness of the white chocolate. The white chocolate tastes buttery and creamy, kind of like a dry version of whipped cream. Overall I did enjoy the taste.

                There are four OBSESSION Flakes in every box.

                Rating: 4/5

                This miniature white chocolate Flake is encased in milk chocolate and decorated with white chocolate sprinkles.

                Again, one might expect all the Flakes that have been entirely encased with chocolate to be solid in the middle. But just as DELIGHT had surprused me, so did HEAVEN. When I bit into this one, I felt the chocolate crumble instantly and bits of it started to fall onto my coat to join the other bits of the other flaky Flakes.

                This Flake is probably my second favorite one. The milk chocolate and white chocolate sprinkles lend this white chocolate Flake an edge of luxury. The milk chocolate coating compliments the buttery, dry whipped cream taste of the white chocolate well.

                There are two HEAVEN Flakes in every box.

                Rating: 4/5

                ***Price and Availability***

                So far, I have only seen these Flakes at WH Smith. At £4.59 a box, they are rather pricey.

                ***The verdict***

                I am glad I tried these, but I am not sure I would get these again. The main problem I see with this box is that three of the six flavours were not to my liking. Sadly, these three flavours are in the majority presence in the box, 14 out of 22 chocolates are therefore a waste of calories and money in my opinion.

                I really enjoyed the DELIGHT praline and if only they had four of instead of two in the box, I might very well consider buying this box again. But as it stands, I would rather grab myself a Flake with Praline for 45p from the supermarket.

                I will still recommend these for a try, as many of you are fans of the classic Flake and may therefore enjoy the experience a lot more than I have. To me, however, the box contained very few moments to remember and a lot more moments to forget.

                ***Further information***

                Cadbury Limited
                PO BOX 7009
                Bournville, Birmingham B30 2PX

                Tel: 0800 818181

                *Thank you for reading. If you do decide to give these a go, I would love to hear what you think.*


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