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Cadburys Milk Chocolate Coated Raisins

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Brand: Cadburys / Type: Milk

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    2 Reviews
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      28.07.2009 17:20
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      Good little snack.

      I am a huge fan of Cadbury's confectionary products. The taste of their chocolate is the best out there (in my opinion) and they seem to be able to wave that magic wand over everything they do. I love the taste of dairy milk, so I was most excited to see this bag of cadburys chocolate coated raisins for sale as a grab bag in the shops. I purchased these as a large bag int he petrol station at quite an inflated price. I have since seen them cheaper on various offers in a few supermarkets, so if you have a look around you will get the best price.

      The coated raisins come in a large purple bag, which is nice and easy to open without squashing the raisins or spilling them everywhere. The only downsides are that I am not sure if the bag is recyclable, and it is not resealable, so if you dont eat them all in one go you do risk them spilling everywhere or not staying fresh. The bag is traditional Cadburys purple, with a logo in, which shows the quality in my opinion.

      You open the bag to reveal lots of small raisins coated in Cadburys chocolate. They are all quite small, but have a very generous coating of the delicious cadbury coating.

      Cadburys chocolate and the raisins go quite well together and the two tastes are very complimentary. It gives a nice chewy taste, and the raisins dont taste stale like you get in some cheaper brands.


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        14.05.2009 11:04
        Very helpful



        Plump, yummy raisins covered in yummy Cadbury milk chocolate.

        As everyone knows Cadburys have made many sweet treats and yummy chocolate bars and are always trying out new ideas and making more yummy treats and products for us to try. They have recently bought out new Cadbury coated raisins, Coated Peanuts, Cluster and also Giant Buttons as well.

        ***CADBURYS RAISINS***
        Cadbury have made these yummy sweet treats which are juicy, plump raisins covered in yummy Cadbury milk chocolate. I first saw these in shops about 3-4 weeks ago along with Cadbury Giant buttons and Cadbury chocolate coated peanuts as well.

        These raisins comes in a pink foil looking bag with the Cadbury purple colour across the front saying Raisins and on the packet it also states that these are a new product. The bags are quite big and you get 200g of raisins in a bag, which makes them great for sharing. The bag is also reclose able as well which is handy to keep them nice and fresh.

        This is the following nutrition information for each 25g.
        * Calories 100 (5.0% RDA)
        * Sugars 15.8g (17.6% RDA)
        * Fat 3.6g (5.1% RDA)
        * Saturates 2.2g (11.0% RDA)
        * Salt 0.05g (0.8% RDA)
        This product contains milk and may also contain nuts, which is does state clearly on the back of the packet.

        These look just like any other normal chocolate raisins you would by. You definitely can't tell by looking at them that they are made by Cadbury. They vary in shape and some are bigger than others. If you smell inside the bag you can definitely smell the lovely aroma of Cadbury chocolate which makes my mouth water.
        When putting one of these into my mouth the texture of the chocolate covered raisin is smooth and soft and the chocolate just melts off the raisin into your mouth. These raisins are really plump and juicy and the Cadbury chocolate on them makes them really more-ish.

        After eating a few hand-fulls of these they can get quite sickly and very filling, which is good because it means I can't go through eating the whole packet as yummy as they are!

        I have seen these in stores such as Tesco, Sainsbury's and WHSmith. These were on offer at Sainsbury's along with the other new products such as the Peanuts and Clusters and were 2 packets for about £2.00, or they may have been a bit more expensive.

        ***OVERALL OPINION***
        These are a really yummy treat and are also great for sharing when watching a movie or going to the cinema. I tend to have a hand-full of these when I'm craving chocolate and they not only help my chocolate craving but they fill me up until lunch-time as well. A hand-full of these as a treat would be great to put in a children's lunch-box as well.


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