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Cadburys Pure Chocolate Treatsize Pack

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Brand: Cadburys

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    1 Review
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      06.05.2010 11:54
      Very helpful



      Yummy Chocolate Treats!

      This is a wicked idea for a chocoholic like me, I don't know if everyone else thinks the same but sometimes I just want a plain bar of chocolate without nuts, raisins, biscuit or anything else to spoil the taste and smooth texture.

      When I saw this pack of treatsize chocolate bars in Sainsburys I brought some even though they cost £3.99 and that's usually more than I'll spend on junk food in one go. You get 22 small bars of chocolate, it's called the Pure Chocolate selection and that means each bar is JUST chocolate with nothing added to it.

      There are Flakes, Twirls, Dairy Milks and Buttons in the pack and they are all just like their full sized versions only in miniture. I'm not mad keen on the treat sized packs of Buttons because the bags are so small and you don't get all that many Buttons. What you do get are still yummy though and bags this size are perfect for little kids who might not be able to eat a full size pack.

      I think this is a brill idea because there are loads of different reasons why people can't eat chocolate that has got BITS in it.... I do love nutty chocolate and stuff like that but like I said sometimes I get a craving for chocolate on it's own and it's nice to have this multi pack in the house so I can pick something I fancy. Another reason is that I'm waiting for my dentists appointment to come round because I've got a little hole in one of my back teeth and if I have any nuts they always end up getting stuck in the hole and that does my head in! lol

      I recommend this pack but when you tip all the chocolate bars into a pile it doesn't look like there is a lot there for nearly £4.00! It would deffo be cheaper to go and buy a couple of bars of each chocolate bar but then you wouldn't have the fun of eating treat sized bars!

      Recommended..... expensive but worth it!!!


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