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Canderel Silky Milk Chocolate

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Type: Milk / Brand: Canderel

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    2 Reviews
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      15.05.2008 20:26
      Very helpful




      I am always trying to cut down on calories, fat and sugar, most women (and some men, I know!) are. When I saw an offer for a free sample of Canderel sweetener tablets in a slim line case I jumped at the chance to give them a try. I used to use them a few years ago, to be honest I can't remember why I stopped using them now. I thought it would be better to try them and find out if I would be able to use them all the time than buy some and find that I now hated them for some reason.

      I ordered my free sample and thought nothing more about it. A few weeks later I had a little padded envelope come through with my slim Canderel pack in and a leaflet with a small sample bar of chocolate too. I had not known this was going to be sent.

      As a bit of a chocolate lover I was more than happy to give it a try. I didn't even know about the chocolate they do before I received this sample and have seen nothing about it since either.

      As it happens they do three different varieties, Rich Dark, Whole Raisins and Almond Milk and Silky Milk. I was sent the latter and had I been given a choice it is the one I would have chosen so that was rather lucky.

      The Canderel website has this to say about their chocolate "For many of us, chocolate is vital to our wellbeing, yet sometimes we feel bad after treating ourselves to our favourite chocolate snack. Despair no longer! Canderel has launched a new range of luxurious chocolate with no added sugar! Made with quality ingredients, it tastes delicious, making it the perfect low-calorie treat for all chocolate lovers wanting all the pleasure and no consequences."

      The little sample bar I was shown was 11 grams. Only small but enough to get a good idea of the taste I can assure you. It was wrapped in a deep purple wrapper with two chunks of chocolate shown on the front and the red round Canderel logo clearly shown on the front.

      The back says "Canderel's delicious new chocolate range has no added sugar- so go on, indulge yourself" There is also the table of nutritional values which had nothing too different to any other chocolate, per 100 grams it contains 445 calories. 100 grams worth of Mars bar would be 466 calories, so as you can see the calorie content isn't really any less for it being no added sugar and a load of chemical sweeteners instead.

      There is a full list of ingredients that lists two sweeteners Maltitol and Aspartame. That doesn't really mean anything to me but I know some people have issues with certain sweeteners or allergies to them.

      As there are sweeteners rather than sugar in this chocolate it is of course an option for those with diabetes. If you are diabetic I would suggest finding out more about it possibly from Canderel, their contact details are at the end of this review.

      Under the list of ingredients was something I had never seen written on chocolate packaging before "Excessive consumption may cause laxative effects" so be warned people!

      Now I can tell what you are all wondering, how does it taste? Right? Well it tastes OK, not the nicest chocolate I have ever had but fine. The texture is the same as almost any milk chocolate you can find. The taste was not affected by the replacement of sugar with the sweeteners. Well not while you were chewing it anyway, but after swallowing it the aftertaste kicks in! Chemical is the only way to explain it. A slightly bitter nasty chemical taste was left behind, not that usual creamy chocolate taste you get which just makes you want more.

      The bar I had was divided up in to eight little squares, I shared this with my other half who agreed about the after taste and we both agree that it completely spoiled it and meant that we would not buy this chocolate.

      I have of course tried to find out how much this sells for, I can't find it anywhere! I have looked in Asda and on the Tesco and Sainsburys websites. Canderel's website says that it is "available Sainsburys now and at Tesco from mid June onwards" so it should be available in both now, so why can I not find it??? I will keep looking for the price and update this as soon as I can find out. As it is supposed to be a premium chocolate bar I doubt it will be very cheap!

      It is fine while you are eating it but not after so I don't recommend it but if you want to give it a try for yourself feel free, just don't say you haven't been warned!

      I am going to give this two stars as the idea is great but I don't really see what benefits there are for those who are not diabetic seeing as the calorie content is just about the same as with normal chocolate.

      If you would like to find out more about Canderel and their products a good place to do that is on their website. www.canderel.uk.com
      Contact details for Canderel;

      0800 731 3500 (UK)
      1 800 535 677 (ROI)
      (Lines are open from 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday)

      Or email; canderelenquiries@essentiagroup.com


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        14.05.2008 00:05
        Very helpful
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        Its okay

        Canderel silky Milk Chocolate

        Canderel is more commonly known for sweetners which are a sugar substitute. Candarel is available in a large jar and has the same taste and appearance as sugar but is generally lower in calories and fat content than sugar. Candarel contains artificial sweetners such as Aspartame and Maltitol. Candarel chocolate is a new product that is a bar of chocolate that has not been made with sugar but instead artificial sweetners.

        Canderel Chocolate is available in a share size bar and the recommended portion is 30grams for an adult. It is available in three flavours- Silky Milk Chocolate, Whole Raisins and Almond Milk Chocolate and Rich Dark Chocolate. Each variety is well packaged in brightly coloured wrapper sporting the Candarel Logo.

        I have tasted the Silky Milk Chocolate bar only and found it to be very tasty. The chocolate was very smooth and silky and tasted very rich, seet and creamy but I did notice a slight after taste that I cannot explain. In general it is very like regular chocolate. I could eat this and not notice much difference.

        Nutritiously per 100 grams the chocolate contains 445 kcals and 31grams of fat.
        I have compared this to a leading brand of regular chocolate that contains 530 kcals and 29.9 grams of fat.

        This shows that although the calorie content has been reduced some, the fat content has actually increased slightly.

        The chocolate is suitable for veggies but not suitable for Vegans. The chocolate is reccommended only in very small quantities for children due to the fact that the artifical sweetners used can affect the digestive system. It can also affect the adult digestive system for the same reason. The chocolate is deemed not suitable for diabetics

        The chocolate is currently available at Sainsburys only and is not suitable for cooking

        I liked the taste of this product but the calorie an fat content was not reduced significantly enough for me to consider buying it on a regular basis. I am also unsure exactly what the benefits of removing the sugar and replacing it with artifical sweetners are other than a very slight reduction in calories etc. I have checked the website and no futher explanations


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