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Brand: Cholive / Type: Truffle

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    1 Review
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      05.02.2009 15:47
      Very helpful



      Go and try some!

      From the makers of the Cholive comes the Chruffles!
      Created in 16 tempting flavoured ganaches, and enrobed in 55% dark chocolate, the Chruffles have been launched in time for Valentines Day. The flavours are Coffee, Hazelnut, Amaretto, Butter Pecan, Caramel, Raspberry, Irish Cream, Champagne, Black Forest, Chocolate, Cappuccino, Mint, Orange, Rum, Toasted Coconut and Tiramisu. My mouth is watering just reading those flavours! Time for some tasting, don't you think?

      These chocolates are encased in the same 55% dark chocolate as the Cholive, which I really like - not to dark, not too light.
      The Chruffles are even pretty to look at! Nicely decorated with either different coloured stripes, depending on the flavour, or coloured flakes. The only thing that puzzles me slightly so far, is why, if they are all ganaches, are they called Chruffles? Although I have to say, it does sound better than Chranaches..

      Ok, first up is Cappuccino. A lot of companies seem to struggle with any coffee flavoured chocolates - A few I have tried recently hardly had any coffee hit to them at all. This Chruffle is delicious - a good coffee hit in perfect balance with the dark chocolate. The coffee flavour lingers in the mouth for a while, and finally you end up with the bitter/sweet taste from the 55% chocolate. Not bad at all!
      Next is Mint. I happen to love the combination of mint and dark chocolate, so this one should go down well. Mmm.. again, a really good balance between the flavour of the ganache and the dark chocolate - neither overpowers the other. I could possibly do with a little bit more of a mint hit in this one as it kind of disappears too quickly, but it's still good!

      Caramel is next up - generally I am not a huge caramel fan, as I find it too sweet - but on the other hand, caramel is often paired with milk chocolate, so the dark might balance the sweetness for me. Let's see.. Not bad, but it wouldn't be my favourite so far. I don't think the sweetness of the caramel and the bitterish taste of the dark chocolate blend as well together as the other two flavours. But certainly not bad. I think I was a bit prejudiced against this one before I started!
      Next is the Raspberry. Now I think this will be good - Thornton's do a range of chocolates called Eden, and one of them is a raspberry mousse with dark chocolate, and I really liked that one, so I have high hopes for this Chruffle. Yes, lovely combination! The raspberry blends very well with the chocolate, and leaves a delicious lingering taste in the mouth.

      Orange is next in line. Wow, that is good! There is a real strong orange taste - and it is perfect with the dark chocolate. Great balance and combination. This one is jumping up into my top 3 I think!
      Next is.. Butter Pecan. Mmmm.. not as intense a flavour as the orange, much more delicate. You get the creamy, buttery taste first, and then the pecan flavour creeps up on you, fading away to leave you with the dark chocolate flavour, and a slightly sweeter aftertaste.

      What's next? Hmmm, how about Black Forest? Ha - that's exactly a Black Forest taste! A good, strong black cherry hit - not too sweet, slightly alcoholic flavours. Like taking a big fat spoon of a Black Forest gateaux! Yum!
      My next victim is Irish Cream. Surprisingly strong, yet soft flavour. I was expecting more of an "alcoholic" taste (like the Lir Baileys truffles, or the Butlers irish Cremes), but this is actually much nicer than I expected. Its a really smooth, velvety taste. Very good with the dark chocolate.

      I am saving the Toasted Coconut till last. I am curious about the combination of coconut and dark chocolate as I am used to it with milk chocolate (ie Bounty bars!!). I could taste the toasted coconut flakes decorating the outside first, and that gave me a hint of what was to come. Then the dark chocolate hit me, and a few seconds later, I got more of a coconut taste from the ganache. It's not strong when you first eat it, but the flavour grows more intense in the aftertaste.
      So I think my newly revised top 3 are...
      Orange, Cappuccino and Irish Cream.

      A totally delicious experience!
      So you can buy these Chruffles online at www.thecholive.com. The come in various sizes, and are beautifully packaged in little boxes tied with a ribbon. The prices range from $18-$32 depending on the box size.

      (Review also on Ciao)


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      ...... spells truffle, in Wisconsin.

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