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Co-op Fairtrade Crispy White Chocolate

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1 Review
  • Nice Texture
  • Tasty
  • Individual crispy bits are quite small
  • Makes a mess when you break it into chunks
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    1 Review
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      26.07.2007 00:09
      Very helpful



      A nice tasting, reasonably priced way of eating chocolate and doing you bit of saving the world!

      Due to a mistake by me this review was placed in the wrong place, and has been moved to the right place. I have contacted Dooyoo to have this removed completelly. I've added my review to the place it should be - under Co-ops Fruit and Nut Milk Chocolate!

      Product: Fruit and Nutt chocolate bar
      Producer: Co-op
      Weight: 150 gr
      Price: 99p
      Other: Fair-trade

      When I discovered that all the Co-ops own brand chocolate bars were Fair trade I was delighted! Having recently seen a documentary about the cocoa industry had frechened upp my resolve to by fair trade products when ever possible, and here was a completelly affordable oppertunity to make my decision reallity!

      For those of you not familliar with the Fair trade mark, it is all about a label that will ensure the consumer that the producer of the raw material in the product has been fairly paid for his or her work. The label can be attached to food, mainly coffee, tea and chocolates but also a growing number of other products. Another usual product to be labeled fair trade is cotton, making some clothes of cotton fair trade. To get the label the finished product must contain more than 50% fair trade goods. There are also standars to how the product is produced. All this is done to make sure that the primary producers, for example the cocoa bean farmers, are given a fair price for their products, ensuring that they can support their famillies on their wages and stop their children from stopping school to help work for the familllies living. I cannot go into detail about the fair trade label in this review, but for the interested there is a home page, www.fairtrade.org.uk, where you can read about the label and also about all the products labeled.

      Back to the chocolate...

      The bar of chocolate I bought was the Fruit and Nut Mil Chocolate of Co-op. It contains milk chocolate, with raisins and nuts. The bar is 150 gr big, which is quite a lot for fair trade chocolate, which tends to come in smaller pieces due to the higher prices. What hit me straight away with this chocolate was that the price was just the same as any other chocolate. 99p for 150 gr chocolate is a very good price, fair trade or not!

      When eating the chocolate, I found that the taste was much sweeter than with many fair trade or organic chocolates. The chocolate has a creamy texture and really melts in your mouth (well, what chocolate doesn't, come to think of it...). The raisins are soft and juicy, and the nuts provide the crunchy feeling.

      In comparing the chocolate to other brands of the same fruit-and nut bar, I found that this chocolate had a slightly roasted taste. It seemed to come from the actuall chocolate, and not the added fruit and nuts, and was a very surprising but nice twist to the expected taste. This unexpected and ncie twist in taste made all the difference to me, and made me fall head over heals in love with the chocolate.

      For me, fair trade products is a way of showing through small, everyday things that I care, and I want a change in the pollicies of the big companies that don't tread their farmers well. To be able to do so at an affordable price, for a product that stands upp to comparison against other simillar products is quite unúsual. That Co-op have chosen to do all their chocolates as fair trade is a very good step in the right way. To make it affordable, and to also give the consumer no choice in chosing a non-fair trade product instead will make a difference in the long run. With international companies striving towards reducion production costs to nill, it will take some time before this world is a fair place to trade in. Mean while, doesn't it feel good to be able to do a good dead by eating chocolate? ;P


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    • Product Details

      150g. White milk Chocolate with crisped rice.

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