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Continental Selection

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Brand: Tesco

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    1 Review
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      08.07.2009 00:02




      You may have noticed my last couple of reviews have been on boxed or tinned chocolates, such as _Mars Celebrations_ and _Cadburys heroes_.
      This review may be slightly different as many of you who are reading this will not have tried these chocolates before.
      Neither had I untill new year, when relatives from another part of the country came over for dinner and brought a present for each of my family.
      Obviously knowing how much of a sweet tooth I had, I was presented with a huge box of _THORNTONS CONTINENTAL BOXED CHOCOLATES_.
      I was thrilled, and over the next few weeks I devoured every single chocolate in the box!

      _Before I begin my review, I will give you a bit of information about the shop who make and sell these; Thorntons._

      I'm sure everybody has either visited a thorntons before, or at least of heard of the shop. If you havent, Thorntons is a confectionast shop selling chocolates and toffe galore.
      Thorntons was established by Joseph William Thornton in 1911. Thorntons today is a £180million turnover company with nearly 400 shops and cafes worldwide.
      Thortons offer a very large variety of chocolates, toffees, fudge and sweets, and they are sure to provide something for everybodys tooth.
      Some of the things they sell are;

      *_Thorntons classics- A range of traditional milk, dark and white chocolates with various fillings and fondants._
      *_Organic chocolates- Organic chocolate truffles and chocolates, with granache centres and some with fondant fillings_.
      *_Dessert chocolates- A fine selection of chocolates, including, sherry trifle, treacle tart, and apple and blackcurrant crumble_.
      *_Thorntons toffee- Traditional toffee, fruit and nut toffee, brazil nut, chocolate, orange, banana, mint and various more types._
      *_Thorntons fudge- Vanilla fudge, rum and raisin, blueberry, raspberry, chocolate, butter tablet, and praline are among the delicious collections._

      Thorntons also do a collection for children;

      *_White chocolate buttons, milk chocolate buttons, vanilla fudge cubes, chocolate raisins, chocolate lollys and chocolate footballs are among the childrens range_.
      *_Hollow chocolate shapes- teddys, cars, princess etc._
      *_Individual slabs of chocolate with a design on, eg- princesses or trains._

      Thorntons are also very popular for there hampers and gift sets they provide, and are very popular for christmas, birthdays, mothers day and valentines day etc.


      Moving back to the topic I am reviewing.

      The box i received was extremely posh looking and very attractive. It was above the standard of your typical box of chocolates. Not surprising really as it was from Thorntons after all.
      The box was a sqaure shaped and quite large, it was a shiny golden colour and looked very _royal_. The box was very appealing and made me want to dig right into the chocolates straight away- but I examined the box some more and waited.
      The box of chocolates that I received was 1060g, and contained a tummy churning 80 delicious milk, white and dark chocolates! (It did take me a few weeks to finish these let me tell you).
      On the front of the box, it was quite minimilistic and in my opinion this added to the "posh looking" of the box. _Thorntons_ was written in swirly black writing near the top of the box, obviously so that we can see where they have been bought. Underneath there was a thick golden ribbon surrounding the box, holding it closed. All you had to do was simpley un-tie it and slide off to reveal the lid of the box.
      On the golden ribbon, there was a deep brown satin bow, all adding to the classy look of the box. And finally next to the bow there was a cardboard tag stating _CONTINENTAL_.
      Over all I think the box these chocolates came in was extremely attractive, and definitly would stand out to the buyer on the shelf.

      Altough these chocolates were made by Thorntons, they are also avaliable in other places such as supermarkets; I have seen them going for the same price in Tesco.
      As for the price, it depends on what size of box you are buying. As I received these as a gift from a family member I didnt buy them myself so therefor I had to do some research in to how much they costed.
      I was quite shocked when I looked up the prices of these on the internet. The large 1060g box that i received had cost my dear great "Aunt" a huge £25. I did my homework (?!) and found out some of the other prices of the other sizes of _Continental_ chocolates.
      *1060g (80 chocolates)- £25
      *1500g (112 chocolates)- £50
      *740g gift box- £25
      *365g (22 chocolates)- £10
      *Cascade (800g, 400g, 195g)- £30

      There are many other variations, and the price depends on how many chocolates and what type of box you are purchsing.
      On first glance these look very expensive for a box of chocolates, however, the truth will really be in the taste test.

      The box of chocolates that I recieved had a huge variation in side. Inside there were 20 different tempting varieties of milk, dark and white chocolate truffles and chocolates with various centres and fondant fillings.
      I was lucky enough to polish off all of these myself- minus afew to visiting friends and a couple to my mum while watching a film. But I did manage to try one of every type, and I was, on the whole extremely impressed, though some of them I wasnt to keen on and fobbed the remaining off to my grandad who likes the weird tasting ones.
      I have dug out the tag that came with the chocolates to remember what each chocolate was like, and now i'm going to give a little detail about each one.

      _APLINI_- This was one of the first chocolates I tried. On first impressions, it looked like it was covered in a dusty coating of icing sugar and the chocolate underneath looked quite pale and faded. All round not the most attractive chocolate. This chocolate was a fairly nutty one, as the milk chocolate coating secreted hazelnuts, and smooth praline. The nuts were surrounded in a chocolate type granach and it was really smooth and the taste was extremely nice.

      _BRANDY TRUFFLE_- My mum wasnt too thrilled to see i'd tried this chocolate. The brandy truffle was a sort of dome shape and had some cocoa powder on top. This chocolate wasnt a favourite of mine, infact I didnt like it at all. The milk chocolate was still delicious and creamy, however the brandy flavour was quite powerful, and as i dont like brandy I didn't enjoy it too much- one for the grown ups.

      _VIENESE TRUFFLE_- This one was delicious. It was a light brown chocolate, with a sprinkle of sugar on top to create the Vienese look. Inside there was a deliciously light mousse and on the outside a delicious shell of milk chocolate. I ate all of these and each time I munched into it, not savouring it any way because waiting for the delcious creamy taste to run down my throat was too much.

      _CAPUCCINO_- Im not a fan of coffee flavoured chocolate, however this one was quite a pleasent surprise. This chocolate had a white chocolate shell, however inside there was milk chocolate, coffee mousse. The coffee taste wasn't too strong, so this is why I enjoyed it. The mousse was light and fluffy, much similar to that of the vienesse chocolate.

      _CATALANA_- This one was a definite favourite of mine. It was a darker looking milk chocolate with swirls of dark chocolate ontop. Inside however it was a different story. There was a yummy caramel mousse, and crunchy honey comb peices. The 3 tastes and textures worked together beautifully and provided a wonderful taste sensation- yum.

      _MOUSSE AU CHOCOLAT_- This was a very pleasing chocolate, and my mum liked this one too. The mousse was hidden inside a milk chocolate shell, and the shell was decorated with white chocolate.

      _CHOCOLAT RICHE_- This was a smooth truffle which hidden inside was a creamy yet sweet caramel truffle. This was a taller chocolate, and had a "swirl" finish on top.

      _DIPLOMAT_- Another nutty sweet. This chocolate was wrapped in a gold wrapper. It was a delicious milk chocolate shell, which secreted a centre of almonds and hazelnuts. Im not usually a fan of almonds but the almond flavour isnt too strong in this chocolate and I quite enjoyed it- though not a favourite of mine.

      _CHAMPAGNE TRUFFLE_- I didnt like this chocolate at all, and so I gave the rest to my grandad- who enjoyed them apparantly. This chocolate had a creamy white chocolate shell, drizzled in dark chocolate. Howver the inside wasnt as nice; a champagne flavoured truffle, reminded me of my aunties wedding.

      _SEVILLE_- This was another chocolate which was wrapped up, this time in an orange wrapper- suggesting perhaps an orange flavour - i was correct. When unwrapped I was presented with a milk chocolate shell, drizeled in dark chocolate. Inside however it was a whole different story, there was a crispy wafer, and little orange peices. It was quite enjoyable and very zesty- one for the people who like Terrys chocolate orange!

      _CARMAEL TRUFFLE_- I really liked this one. A milk chocolate shell with a sort of spider web drizzle of dark chocolate around it. Inside the milk chocolate shell, there was a creamy caramel truffle, not only that, but there was a deliciously sweeet caramel sauce.

      _SICILIAN LEMON MOUSSE_- This was a different looking chocolate. It was a smaller, rounder one, a white chcolate drizzeled in milk chocolate with a milk chocolate base. Inside there was a zesty lemon puree, with double cream, almost as if it was mousse. It was quite sickly and I could only manage one of these at a time.

      _VANILLA TRUFFLE_- Another yummy one. This was again a different looking chocolate, it was almost pure white chocolate on the outside, with the milk chocolate inside peeking through. Inside there was a dark chocolate vanilla truffle, which was smooth and creamy and very moreish.

      _APRICOT PARFAIT_- When I first saw this one, I didnt really want to try it. Partly to do with the fact it was dark chocolate, and I dont normally like dark chocolate. Secondly because it was apricot flavour. But i got over my fear and tucked in. The centre was a very orangy/yellow colour and contrasted well with the dark chocolate. Wasnt too much of a fan of the taste, and i could detect a slight almondy-ness to it. Not a fave!

      _TURIN_- The name of this one didnt give me any ideas to what it would be. This was a dark chocolate, with a liquer truffle centre, and a hazelnut and praline filling. I didnt really like this one either as it tasted of alchahol.

      _HAZELNUT SLICE_- This chocolate was a milk chocolate with a rippled effect on the to of it. Inside there was turkish delight type stuff, and italian hazelnuts. Wasnt a fan of it as i didnt like turkish delight, howevr it wasnt unpleasent and I happily tucked into 2 or 3 of these ones.

      _CARAMEL CREME_- This one was perhaps one of my favourites. It didnt look overly exciting but it tasted delicious. It was a milk chocolate shell, drizzled in white chocolate, however inside there was a delicious caramel mousse. Only got 3 of these in the whole box and was quite upset about this as it was so yummy. I loved letting it sit on my tongue and melt away leaving a creamy taste in my mouth. Mmmm.

      _sTRAWBERRY CRUSH_- This was one absoloutly devine . I could have eaten 80 of these alone (maybe?!). This one was a white chcolate, with light pink sprinkles of chocolate on top. Inside the chocolate was a delicious creamy light strawberry mousse, it was a delcious combination and there was no way my mum was getting one of these.

      _PARIS_- Enjoyed this one very much aswell. This one was a round chocolate with a "rippled" effect on the top. It was beautiful and creamy, and the hazelnut mousse inside was nutty yet subtle and was more chocolatey than anything. There was crispish coating to the outside, and the combination of three tastes and textures was georgous.

      _WHITE CHOCOLAT RICHE_- As you can see from the name this was a white chocolate. It was the same shape as the regular CHOCOLAT RICHE and had a swirl finsih on top. The centre was extremely similar to that of the CHOCOLAT RICHE aswell, however the inside of this one was a caramel and chocolate mousse, it melted deliciously on my tongue, and the sweet yet creamy taste of the white chocolate mixed perfectrly together creating a wonderful taste sensation.


      Overall I was extremely impressed with the chocolates and the chocolate and fillings were of a great high standard and provided plenty of selection.
      My top 5 (in no order) would have to be;

      *_Strawberry crush
      *Vienese Truffle
      *caramel Creme
      *Caramel Truffle
      *Mousse au chocolat_.


      Obviously, due to the fact some of these chocolates contain nuts, this particular box of chocolates is totoally unsuitable for those with a nut allergy.
      The back of the box states that these chocolates are infact suitable for vegetarians- so all is not lost!
      Obviously, you cant expect any chocolate to be low in fat or in calories- and boy oh boy, these are no exception. On average, 100g of these chocoaltes contain 31.6g of fat and 519 calories. These arent the worst in terms of calories and i have come across chocolates with higher values, however if you are on a calorie controlled diet or watching your weight- i'd only eat these in moderation- unlike moi!

      '''5 Sense summary'''
      *Sight- very attractive box, attractive looking milk, dark and white chocolates, delicious, mouthwatering
      *Sound- None
      *Texture- all different; some smooth, some rippled, some crunchy, some bumpy.
      *Smell- Not overly powerful, subtle smell of fruit, nuts and chocolate
      *Taste- over all very delicious, some are not for me, some are absoloutly georgous.

      At £25 a box, I wouldnt buy these for myself. Id probably opt for a smaller box, or a box of other chocolates. However I'd be happy to receive these as a gift on any occasion.
      These sweets can be very versatile; some things you could use them for are;

      *Valentines present (Heart shaped box)
      *A treat when watching TV
      *A bribe for the kids
      *A welcome home/thankyou etc present
      *For a buffet at a Birthday/Wedding party
      *Engagment present

      So as you can see these are extremely versatile chocolates, and if you are UNLIKE me they will most probably last you a month or so, depending how many people are consuming them.
      Id definitly reccomend them to chocoholics, however to people who like plain chocolate with no fancy flourishes, i'd say that these probably wern't the ones for you, and you'd be wasting your money as the majority of the chocs would be left over.


      Okay so its all well saying these chocolates are amazing, and so on! However I must point out some of the bad points to you;

      *Calories and fat
      *Very addictive
      *Some people may not like some of them
      *Not suitable for people with nut allergys
      *Some sweets dont taste as nice as they sound.

      However weighing up the pro's and con's of this box of chocolates, Ive definitly found there are more pro's and I will be perhaps asking for these for my Birthday.

      SweetTooth 93 x


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