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Cote d'Or Expériences Dark

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Brand: Cote d'Or / Type: Dark

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    1 Review
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      11.04.2010 21:46
      Very helpful



      Cote D'Or Dark - a rich, dark chocolate.

      Cote D'Or was founded in 1883 by chocolate manufacturer, Charles Neuhaus. The company are producers of Belgian chocolate and since 1990, they have been owned by Kraft Foods.

      The packaging on Cote D'Or has changed very slightly from the above picture. The word 'Experiences' has now been dropped and in it's place is 'Belgian Chocolate', followed underneath by Dark 70% Cocoa. The lettering is gold in colour and raised and the square of chocolate on the front stands out as it's glossy, unlike the rest of the package, which is matt. The colouring of the packaging remains brown, but there is now a background of cream and gold cocoa trees (or whatever you get cocoa from!)

      The packaging does make this look like a quality product and the cardboard outer wrapper is thin, but sturdy. It is easily opened and inside you find the chocolate is wrapped in silver foil, once again decorated in cocoa trees, with visable cocoa beans.
      There are ten large rectangular pieces of dark brown chocolate inside all bearing a raised elephant on them.

      The chocolate has a strong cocoa smell, it is quite thin and is in two connected layers. There is a thin layer on the bottom, which must have been allowed to set, then there is a thicker layer added, with carries the raised elephant logo. I do not have a clue why it's made this way, maybe it makes the chocolate more brittle.

      This chocolate really does 'snap', when you break it and I do find it hard to break evenly. In fact, if anything the shapes remind me of shards of glass, although thankfully they don't feel like glass! I usually start by crunching into it a bit, then I let all the pieces melt in my mouth. This is not a very sweet chocolate and if you have a very sweet tooth, this may not be for you.
      The flavour is strong, rich and really quite bitter. I personally would not choose chocolate any richer than this and felt that this one was just right. When you allow it to melt on your tongue, it feels very smooth and really does fill your mouth with an intense flavour. I can only eat one piece at a time, so this bar did last me for a few days, which is very unusual for me.

      *Nutritional Value Per 25g Serving*

      Energy - 148 kcal
      Protein - 1.7g
      Carbohydrate - 7.5g
      of which sugars - 6.5g
      Fat - 12.0g
      of which saturates - 7.5g
      Fibre - 2.6g
      Sodium - Trace
      Salt Equivalent - Trace

      This product contains milk, soya and may contain traces of nuts.

      Cote D'Or is available from Tesco in a 100g bar for £1.29

      This is an expensive bar of chocolate, but it is great quality and makes a lovely treat once in a while.

      If you are a fan of dark chocolate, treat yourself to this, you won't regret it!


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