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Cote d'Or Experiences Raspberries

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Brand: Cote d'Or

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    1 Review
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      07.06.2008 14:16
      Very helpful



      A great tasting chocolate

      I had a bit of a chocolate craving yesterday so I was just on my way down to the shop to buy some chocolate when I checked my mailbox at the bottom of the stairs. To my delight my mum had sent me a parcel.. I could hardly contain my excitement when I looked at the customs declaration note and there was 'confectionary' written there in my mums hand writing. "Yes!" I thought to myself, "some wonderful Cadburys milk chocolate!" (currently being in Norway I am really missing British chocolate) I ripped open the parcel and in there was some.. dark chocolate. I don't know how many times I have told my mum that I don't actually like dark chocolate. I think she gets mixed up since my sister likes it, but it is the third time she has sent some to me. It was a brand that I had never tried before from a chocolate makers called "Cote d'Or" and the chocolate was called "Experiences 70% & Raspberry". It is quite sweet of my mum really, but I felt that I had to continue my journey down to the shop to get some milk chocolate to properly satisfy my craving, because I just didn't think that dark chocolate would do it.

      When I got back to the flat after devouring my bar of milk chocolate, I thought that I would try this anyway (I guess it was more than a 'slight' craving for chocolate I had!). I figured I might like it and it might not be as bad as I thought since it had raspberry mixed in which might mask the bitter flavour.

      The packaging looks really fancy. It has 'Cote d'Or" written at the top of it in a red box with a picture of an elephant on it, and underneath that is written 'Since 1883', so I guess they have been making chocolate for a long time!

      This is only one of the types of chocolate from the 'Experiences' range but the only one I have tried. It is also available in Dark Orange, Milk Intense, Caramelised Almonds, Dark 70% Cocoa and Dark 86% Cocoa.

      The chocolate bar is called "70% & Raspberry" because it is made from 70% cocoa solid dark chocolate which raspberries in it.

      In the middle of the wrapper in gold writing is 'Experiences 70% & Raspberries" and then a picture of some raspberries at the bottom on the wrapper with a picture of a square of chocolate with an elephant on it (I like all these elephant pictures!) The outer wrapper of the chocolate is actually made out of thin cardboard, which you have to completely open up in order to get to the chocolate inside. Once you open up the packet, the chocolate bar is wrapped in silver tin foil.

      There is ten squares making up the 100g bar, and each of them has a little picture of an elephant on them which is really cute. The squares are quite large, I would say around 3cm long and 5cm wide. They are quite thin though, compared to say Cadburys Milk Chocolate, and are only around 3mm thick. You can't really see the pieces of raspberries in the squares, they look really smooth, but you can definitely taste them.

      I was actually surprised that I really liked this. It wasn't too bitter, which is my normal hang up with dark chocolate, I quite like my chocolate sweet and milky! This was a really nice change to what I normally have. It still tastes slightly bitter (but I guess that's what lots of people like about dark chocolate), but not too bitter that I didn't like it, and the raspberry compliments it perfectly. I have never really thought about raspberry and chocolate going together but its actually really good! The raspberry flavour isn't too strong, but is a wonderful subtle flavour, too much more and I think it would have spoiled it. I could only eat a couple of these squares at a time because it is rich.

      The chocolate comes in 100g bars and is made in Belgium for Kraft Foods. It also says on the back of the packet that it may contain traces of nuts. Per 100g there is 580 calories and 47g of fat. So this is meant to be regarded as a treat, as all chocolate is!

      I was thinking that this was a really fancy chocolate bar for my mum to send, but when I turned the wrapper over it had a reduced tag from Tesco which read "Now 32p", so I guess that's why! The original price was £1.29, so I am guessing that this is around the normal retail price at most shops where this is available.

      I surprised myself with how much I liked this. If I bought something from the 'Experiences' range again I think it would be this one. I don't really like the sound of dark orange chocolate (but I am willing to try!), and I think the other plain chocolates may taste a little too bitter for my liking. The milk intense one and the almond one sound wonderful though! I think the normal price of £1.29 isn't too much to pay for such a nice looking chocolate, and one that tastes really luxurious as well. I would recommend this product for a nice change, and something different to normal chocolate.


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