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Divine Coffee Chocolate

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Brand: Divine

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    1 Review
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      23.05.2007 23:32
      Very helpful



      Coffee flavour fairtrade chocolate.

      When I recently visited the Eden Project they had loads and loads of fair-trade chocolate and to be honest I just couldn't resist. I ended up buying a 100g block of Divine Milk Chocolate with Coffee and a 100g block of Divine White Chocolate. Well it would had been rude not to.

      ~~~~The Packaging:~~~~

      I must admit it was the packaging that drew me to the Divine range of chocolate above all the others on offer. The packaging is a different colour for each of the flavours in the range with the milk chocolate and coffee being in a dark, (rather fitting), chocolate brown shade. The packaging is printed with traditional Adinkra symbols which were traditional used in Ghana to decorate arts and crafts. Each symbol has a distinct meaning and on the inside of the wrapper of each bar of Divine chocolate is the meaning for one of the symbols.

      Also on the inside of the wrapper is a message from the company which explains there ethics and the ethics of fair-trade. I think this is a particularly nice touch as it gives you an idea of where the money is being spent and why fair-trade is such a good thing.

      ~~~~The Smell:~~~~

      Oooh. Who can resist that mouth watering smell when you unwrap a bar of good chocolate? Not me that's for sure, it's my favourite smell!! Upon carefully unwrapping the luxurious gold coloured foil you are greeted with a magical rich chocolate smell. It really does smell amazing and very chocolaty, nothing at all like a normal chocolate bar which you need to actually sniff to get the smell.

      Underneath the chocolate smell comes the smell of freshly brewed coffee, probably my second favourite smell.

      There is nothing artificial about the smell of this chocolate and I really like that. It is rich and appetising and makes you want to taste the chocolate. (Not that I actually need encouragement).

      ~~~~The Chocolate:~~~~

      The bar itself is quite thin, not too thin, but definitely not chunky either. It is separated into mouth sized chunks, (I cannot remember how many and alas my bar is gone already).

      The chocolate breaks easily and begins to melt as soon as you pick it up, this isn't too convenient but it is a sign that it is good chocolate.

      Now for the tasting. Like all the Divine Chocolate, (how apt is that name?), I have tried this chocolate taste incredible. The chocolate melts easily in your mouth to coat your tongue with the rich creamy taste of chocolate and coffee. The taste is really balanced with neither flavour coming through more than the other. The two flavours are perfect with each other and I think that even people who do not like would coffee could enjoy this as the way they are blended seem to create a new flavour rather than being two distinct flavours is you see what I mean.

      The texture of this chocolate is very fine. There is no hint of a grainy texture and it is smooth as it melts in your mouth.


      One of the things I love about Divine chocolate is how few ingredients they have in them. Some chocolate bars seem to a list as long as my arm and some of the things they stick into our food quite frankly sound scary.

      This is what is in a bar of Divine Chocolate with Coffee:
      Sugar, Fair-trade cocoa butter, dried cream, whole milk powder, Fair-trade cocoa mass, Fair-trade coffee, cocoa mass, emulsifier: Soya lecithin (non GM), real vanilla.

      The ingredients are also honest, by that I mean they don't say things like "colourings" or "flavourings" without stating what they are.

      ~~~~The Divine Range:~~~~

      There are seven delicious flavours in the Divine range and they are:

      Milk Chocolate
      White Chocolate
      70% Dark Chocolate
      Mint Dark Chocolate
      Orange Milk Chocolate
      Milk Chocolate with Hazelnut Pieces
      Milk Chocolate with Coffee

      Divine also do seasonal products such as advent calendars and Easter eggs.

      ~~~~Fair Trade:~~~~

      Fair-trade allows local people in poor economies the chance to get a fair and just price for the products they are producing; whether this is raw materials, crafts etc. Generally there are co-operatives of farmers/growers/producers/crafts people who group together to get a good price.

      Fair-trade products are often but not always more expensive than non fair-trade but if you look at it logically fair-trade products are correctly priced and other products are cheap because someone, somewhere is getting a bum deal and basically being ripped off! Like most people I cannot afford to buy everything fair-trade but I do try and generally buy fair-trade coffee and chocolate. I have to admit I do find that on the whole fair-trade products are higher quality too so the extra cost really is worth it.


      I paid £1.25 a bar which I don't think is too bad seeing as it is a touristy type place.

      Tesco have the milk and dark bars on offer at the moment for 66p, (normally £1.05).

      Asda are slightly cheaper at £1.03.

      I can't find the prices for the flavoured bars but they are available at some posher shops and specialists. I will be buying mine at St. Nicholas's market in Bristol. They have a huge range of Divine and Green & Blacks.

      ~~~~My Thoughts:~~~~

      I really loved this chocolate and will be buying more in the near future. The flavours and textures are just wonderful and the whole experience is luxurious and indulgent which chocolate should be.


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