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Dove Chocolate Hazelnut Truffle

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Brand: Dove Chocolate / Type: Truffle

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    1 Review
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      03.10.2009 08:45
      Very helpful



      I hope it's here to stay

      So many things in the world come in twos or fours, from cupcakes to seats on theme park rides, but we were always a family of three, which could sometimes make things a bit tricky. As a child, one thing I loved was the large Galaxy Truffle Eggs that came out around Easter in very special three packs, but sadly these went off the market years ago. It wasn't just the packaging I liked - they were darned tasty, too. The other week, I was talking to my sister about how I'd been scoffing Celebrations on one of the wards at work, and how they really should do a full sized Galaxy Truffle bar too, and lo and behold the very next day I spotted these in my local shop.

      We may call it Galaxy, but in the US and in many other countries in Europe and around the world, plus in the lines they sell in airports, the same chocolate is called Dove. For some reason, they are selling these with the Dove packaging all over Greater Manchester at the moment (I chocolate shop wherever I am).

      This bar is, plain and simple, a milk chocolate with a hazelnut truffle centre. It is a 39g bar made of 6 pieces, and is, therefore, a larger, bar-shaped version of the Galaxy Truffle chocolate you get in the Celebrations mix. Sort of.

      The nearest comparison currently on the market is the Guylian Seashell bar, and this one is really remarkably similar. For example, the Dove version has a fancy raised design on the top of each piece too, though rather than a shell it is more like a tear-drop or flower petal. I don't think it adds all that much (apart from an uneven surface) and it also throws the chocolate/truffle balance a bit by adding extra of the former, but then the chocolate is Galaxy/Dove and you can never have too much of that really.

      Each piece has a thick, milk chocolate shell which hides the truffle interior. There's not quite enough truffle in there to fill it, so you do find small gaps between the outer and the inner bits. The chocolate part is smooth and creamy, and melts in your mouth the way Galaxy/Dove always does. The truffle part is thicker but also smooth: though it tastes slightly nutty, there are no pieces of hazelnut in there that you can detect. Combined (i.e. if you don't carefully nibble off the chocolate part first) they taste like those old Truffle Eggs used to. I'm not sure you'd want to eat this truffle on its own, and probably compared to high class truffles it would taste a bit thin and cheap, but as a filling for a chocolate bar it is spot on.

      The bar is slightly less rich than a normal Galaxy (and a lot less sweet than Dairy Milk) so a good bet for those who prefer their milk chocolate without a sickly taste, and with a bit of a nice added flavour 'kick' to it. I eat this one a bar at a time (but then I do that with most chocolate) and while I wouldn't necessarily want a king-sized version of it, the 39g 'portion' (bigger than a Guylian bar) is just right for a decent chocolate infusion without feeling over the top for the middle of the day.

      Years ago, Cadbury did their Marble bar over here (still available in Australia) which had a massive amount of truffle compare to the thin, marbled chocolate coating. I think I prefer this Dove version because you do need to get the ratio of chocolate to truffle right. Compared to the Celebrations version, the bar also has more chocolate and less truffle, even before you consider the chocolate design plopped on top. That said, it is very different to your ordinary Galaxy bar both in texture (the smoothest truffle in the world is still not as smooth as pure chocolate) and in taste.

      A few years ago, Galaxy sold a short-lived Liaison chocolate bar, which also had a truffle core. I'm not quite sure what happened to that one, but the Dove Truffle is really an improved version of it. For example, one of the problems with that bar was that it was soft and squishy, even at room temperature, but I was loathe to keep it in the fridge even though it was the only thing that would stop it bending. That problem has been resolved with the Dove Truffle, and it is a solid bar which travels well and does not need to be kept in the fridge. It's not a nasty, tough bar, or thick like a Yorkie, but it does retain its shape and form.

      This has quickly become one of my new favourite chocolate bars because of all of the above, but also because of something I've failed to mention so far: the price. This one is currently selling for 4 bars for £1 in pretty much every pound shop locally - there must be something going on with the Manchester cash and carrys because fab products like this and the Milka Eggs I just reviewed are all over the place at embarrassingly low prices. Even at a more usual price, like 50p a bar, I would still buy this, as it is extremely tasty, and brings back all sorts of memories. I just hope this one lasts longer than its predecessors. Highly recommended.


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