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Dove Milk Chocolate Orange & Cinnamon Bar

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Brand: Galaxy / Type: Orange

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    1 Review
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      04.10.2009 15:05
      Very helpful



      Hmmm, so-so chocolate bar that had more potential

      My favourite Stockport Pound Shop that keeps me in Milka and Dove Hazelnut Truffle bars has added a new treat - these Dove Orange Cinnamon bars. They're also on 4-for-£1 and you can mix and match with the Truffle ones, so of course I had to try them.

      Orange and cinnamon alone sounds like quite an odd combination but really these bars have even more than that going on. And the result -

      Orange + cinnamon + caramel + truffle + chocolate

      - makes for one busy little bar

      Dove bars are really Galaxy by another name, and so the chocolate part of this one is nice - the usual silky, creamy, smooth melt-in-your-mouth chocolate you'll already be familiar with. The filling, however, is a different matter.

      The inside of these bars houses a 'wet' truffle. In other words, it is a caramel truffle filling that is stickier than a normal truffle and sweeter, too. There is no real reason for this, as flavoured truffles can be either dry or wet, and to be honest I prefer the former, such as you would find in Guylian seashells or indeed in the Dove Hazelnut Truffle bars.

      This is not a bar where you are searching to identify the supposed flavours. While you can't smell them as such, you can certainly taste the different parts. It has an obvious, boozy orange taste. It may not contain alcohol, but it tastes a bit like it does. I don't think a pure truffle with just this flavour would be nice on its own, but here it's reasonably ok as it's dampened down by the chocolate.

      The cinnamon flavour is less pronounced, but you can still taste it. It makes the bar taste a bit warmer - just what you need to cheer up a runny, sort of wet truffle centre - and, well, to me it tastes like Christmas. This is definitely an autumn/winter chocolate bar with a 'sharp' taste that will appeal only to adults, I think, and not even to all of those.

      This bar is let down by the strong flavours (which totally overwhelm the luscious Galaxy/Dove chocolate) and the way they've scrimped on the chocolate. The shell is quite thin and the filling a bit too much, so the balance is off. I think in general they've tried to put too much into this bar, but it's the sticky truffle that really pushes it too far and makes it a strange taste sensation. I will give them credit for trying something new with milk chocolate, though, as so many 'exotic' flavour combinations these days use dark chocolate. That said, this one might have worked a bit better with a higher cocoa content to take the edge off the sweetness of the truffle centre.

      I probably wouldn't pay more for them, but at 25p each they're cheap and edible, and contain a few fewer calories than a normal bar of this size ('only' 208). Plus, you get 6 pieces, so even though the weight is the same, you still feel like you've been gifted an extra bit compared to normal 5 piece bars. It's an unusual bar that takes some getting used to, but is worth a try if you can find them cheap somewhere.


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