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Dr Oetker Chocolate Hearts

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Brand: Dr Oetker

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    1 Review
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      17.08.2011 18:17
      Very helpful



      Good value for money and provides a lovely finishing touch to cakes and desserts.

      Baking cakes was something I did on a regular basis when my daughters were younger and I had more time at home, but since going to work full-time I have less time to spend doing some of the things I used to enjoy.
      However, after endlessly promising my youngest daughter that I would bake a cake 'like I used to', I finally got round to it and baked not one, but two large cakes in the space of a week!

      It was when I was shopping in Morrisons and purchasing flour etc that I noticed these chocolate hearts on the top shelf amongst the cake decorations and seeing that they were on a promotional offer priced at 75p instead of £1.39, I decided to buy some to decorate one my cakes with.

      These chocolate hearts are made by Dr. Oetker and come in a small box containing 48 milk chocolate hearts and 24 white chocolate hearts.
      My only experience of Dr. Oetker products up until purchasing these hearts has been yoghurts and I was surprised to discover that Dr.Oetker began as a family business back in 1893 in Germany after developing 'Backin' which was a superior from of Baking Powder and became a huge success. Dr. Oetker are still operating as a family business today.

      The chocolate hearts are designed to be the perfect decorative finishing touch for chocolate cakes as well as desserts. The hearts are made from premium quality milk and white chocolate and are moulded into heart shapes ready to decorate your cakes and desserts.
      Allergy sufferers please be aware that these chocolate hearts contain milk and soya. They are suitable for vegetarians and contain no artificial fats, colours, flavours, sweeteners or preservatives as well as no hydrogenated fats, so you are assured of purchasing a quality product.

      I decorated a chocolate cake I had baked with melted chocolate on the top and decided to place some of these hearts around the edge of the cake on top of the melted chocolate. For best results you must place these hearts on icing or chocolate just before it sets and on ice cream or desserts just before serving.
      I found using these chocolate hearts to decorate my cake very easy, the only tricky part was extracting them from the box without them falling out of the moulds, which they do very easily I found!

      Although they are packed well, contained in moulded thin plastic sheets then covered with a padded paper layer, the trick is to try and remove all the three sheets of plastic containing the moulds and protective paper layers from the box in one go, keeping them straight and together, otherwise the hearts will fall from the moulds onto your kitchen worktop or wherever it is that you are removing them from the box. Maybe if a sealed bag held the packaging, it would make this task easier and prevent the hearts from falling onto the floor or worktops.
      There is no doubt care has been taken to protect and pack these chocolate hearts to prevent them from becoming broken, but be aware that they fall easily from their moulds when you are removing them from the box.

      Once I was over this minor hurdle of extracting them from the box without them falling out all over the place, then placing the hearts on my cake was easy. I stuck them on as the chocolate began to set and they added the perfect finishing touch to my cake. The hearts taste nice too and are good quality chocolate. They are only small, measuring about 1cm in width and length, but are the ideal size to decorate all cake sizes and cupcakes too and I will definitely be purchasing these milk and white chocolate hearts again.

      Dr.Oetker also provide recipe ideas. For more info visit www.oetker.co.uk


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