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Elizabeth Shaw Truffles Cointreau and Amaretto

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Brand: Elizabeth Shaw / Type: Truffle

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    2 Reviews
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      09.04.2009 22:24
      Very helpful



      I would definitely recommend these chocolates!

      I never used to have a sweet tooth, I definitely used to be a more savoury type of person but over the past year or so I have started to want sweet things a bit more. I hate sweets so it's got to be chocolate every time.

      I used to have to worry about my weight when I was younger so I knew the calories and fat in almost every food imaginable and I got in to the mindset that if I was going to eat treats like chocolate it might as well be the best quality or the nicest tasting stuff I could get my hands on.

      I don't really have to think about my weight as much these days but I still try to eat healthily and have that mindset. Truffles are one of my weaknesses and I love anything 'almondy' (Mmmm, marzipan!) So I was really drawn to these chocolates. There are two boxes to choose from: Cointreau or Amaretto. Obviously I went straight for the Amaretto.

      It is quite a small, neat box with a flap up lid and inside you will find a plastic tray - the kind you usually find in choc boxes. The only difference is that this one has a sealed foil lid for freshness, which is a nice touch.

      Inside you will find 10 perfectly round chocolate balls of about 3cm diameter with a kind of ruffled pattern to the chocolate.

      ~The taste test~

      The chocolate covering is a very lovely tasting chocolate, it is creamy and rich and tastes quite good quality. When you bite in to it, the chocolate will come away without denting the creamy inside, this is because the covering is quite a good thickness.
      This is espcially good for nibblers who like to play wih their chocolate (like me!), I like to bite all of the chocolate off (which is pretty easy with these truffles) then eat the inside whole!

      The inside, as you can now imagine, is not the sloppy, thick liquid centre that you sometimes find. It is kind of like thick caramel with creaminess rather than stickiness.

      The centre is made out of condensed milk, Amaretto and probably some kind of thickener. As you can imagine from the ingredients it is a very creamy, sweet taste. The Amaretto taste is quite strong but not overpowering.

      The only problem with these chocolates is that the centre can be a litle rich for some people and may be a little sickly - I am feeling this now after consuming five of them (for research purposes, of course!). Although this could be an advantage as you will not want to scoff the whole box in one go!

      I bought these from a discount shop near me for £1 although I have heard that they usually retail for around £1.29. This is quite a reasonable price as it is not a huge box but they are of a nice quality.

      Overall, I would recommend these truffles to any chocolate lovers, although probably not if you don't like your chocolate too sweet or sickly.


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        17.02.2009 17:16
        Very helpful



        Nice for an occasional treat....I preferred the Amaretto flavour

        COST: £1.29 per 4.4oz (125g) box from my local pound shop

        NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION (per chocolate):-

        CALORIES: Cointreau = 66 : Amaretto = 63
        KJ: Cointreau = 275 : Amaretto = 264
        PROTEIN: Both 0.6g
        CARBOHYDRATE: Cointreau = 6.9g : Amaretto = 6.3g
        - OF WHICH SUGARS: Cointreau = 5.8g : Amaretto = 5.4g
        FAT: Both 3.9g
        - OF WHICH SATURATES: Cointreau = 2.5g : Amaretto = 2.4g
        FIBRE: Both 0.1g
        SODIUM: Both trace


        Sugar, cocoa butter, milk powder, butter fat, Cointreau, cocoa mass, glucose syrup, condensed milk, whey powder, lactose, ethyl alcohol, maltodextrine, concentrated orange juice, soya lecithin, E476, flavourings, invertase


        As for the Cointreau flavour, but minus the concentrated orange juice, and contains Amaretto instead of Cointreau

        ALLERGY ADVICE: May contain traces of nuts (including peanuts), gluten and egg


        A very kind person gave me these boxes of Elizabeth Shaw chocolates the other day, and I was thoroughly delighted. Over the space of 4 days, I have gradually scoffed all the chocolates from both boxes, and felt review fever descending, so....here goes!

        Both of these varieties of chocolates come in a mostly brown, cream and blue coloured cardboard flattish box - the brown on the Cointreau one having more of an orange hue. Most of the lettering is brown and gold, and the whole effect looks rather tasteful and classy. On the rear of the boxes is the ingredients list, nutritional information and storage instructions, printed in a few different European languages (including English).

        Inside each box there is a gold plastic seal protecting the chocolates inside, and I personally found it a little tricky to remove - so had to resort to scissors. Underneath the seal is a gold coloured plastic tray containing ten chocolates.


        I opened the Cointreau flavoured box first (as I love Amaretto and chose to save those until last), and was greeted with the sight of ten rather dark coloured, knobbly-shaped milk chocolates. There was quite a strong orange smell, blending with a rich, chocolatey aroma that got my mouth watering. Despite the picture on the box which shows a halved chocolate with a truffle-type paste inside, for some reason I expected the centre to be that gooey liqueur which though I will eat, I'm not overly fond of - so I was pleased to discover the centre of the chocolate was firm and solid, yet soft to chew and rather creamy in texture. I bit into one of the chocolates, and almost immediately a gentle, yet powerful orange buzz permeated my mouth, and I got that little tongue-burn sensation which indicated to me that what I was eating contained at least a little alcohol. The flavour of the filling was so strong, that it more or less drowned out the chocolate, but still utterly delicious all the same. Somehow or other I managed a degree of restraint which is totally out of character for me, and made the box of 10 chocolates last 4 days. Highly recommended to anyone who loves Cointreau and orangey flavoured things in general.


        The Amaretto variety has the same appearance as the Cointreau ones, except that the chocolate is just a smidgeon of a shade paler in colour. There was a faint almond smell which wafted up as I broke the seal to get to the chocolates, and as I bit into one, there was the same truffle-like filling inside which was lovely and firm, yet soft and creamy to chew. On biting into the first chocolate, the flavour of Amaretto was very present, yet not as overpowering as the Cointreau ones, and I could actually taste the chocolate; not the very best chocolate in the world, but of a quality brand all the same. The little burning sensation was absent from this box of chocolates, and made the whole experience of eating them somewhat more pleasant. I confess to having eaten these a little faster than the Cointreau ones, as overall, I preferred them and couldn't make them last any longer. After I finished all 10 chocolates (which didn't take very long), for quite some time, I had a lovely almond flavour left in my mouth which made me wish I had another box. If you love the taste of almonds/Amaretto, then these chocolates are a luxury to be indulged in, and I recommend them strongly.

        Overall verdict:

        COINTREAU - Very good and strong-tasting, but more suitable for people who like that alcohol zing in their mouths. The worst part was that I couldn't really taste the chocolate. I give these an overall 7/10.

        AMARETTO - A far gentler sensation, yet with a definite almond flavour. Better for those who love almonds and prefer the alcohol sensation not to overpower the taste of the chocolate. My favourite out of the two varieties, and I award these an overall 9/10.

        All in all, these are delicious chocolates and well worth the £1.29 per box my friend paid for them. OK, there are only 10 chocolates in each box, but they are very substantial and just one or two at a time would be ample for most people. The only general thing I'd point the finger at is though the quality of the chocolate is very good, it's not the cream of the crop.

        Thanks for reading!


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