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Euro Shopper Milk Chocolate

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3 Reviews

Brand: Euro Shopper / Type: Milk

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    3 Reviews
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      09.02.2014 21:57
      Very helpful



      Not bad!

      I am not really a fan of chocolate so its something that I rarely buy however the other day I was in a local convenience store and spotted a large bar of this for just 50p and decided it was worth a try as I really fancied some chocolate for some reason!

      The packaging:

      The plastic and oblong in shape pack is mainly red in colour and on the front of it we told that it is Euro Shopper Milk Chocolate and that it is 100g in weight and there is a little photograph of the chocolate shown and then on the back of the pack other information listed includes ingredients and allergy advice being given, there is a full nutritonal chart shown, storage advice is given and contact details for the manufacturer are clearly listed. It does look like a cheap product due to the packaging however its easy to open and informative enough.

      The Chocolate:

      I didn't count the squares in this large bar of a dark rich coloured block of chocolate as I ate it but I would guess it has about 18 squares though this is a hard chocolate to break into squares due the hardness of it so even though I tried to break it into neat little squares there was no chance!

      Smell wise, well it smells nice enough and of chocolate but from first bite this was hard on my teeth and it didn't melt as easily as more well known brands of chocolate.

      Taste wise though its nice enough. It isn't as rich and creamy as I am used to and it is very, very sweet however for 50p for a large bar it isn't bad value. Yes I do prefer richer and creamier tasting chocolate but for 50p this isn't too bad at all and I reckon this would be great for melting and dipping things into or to use when your cooking/baking etc.

      Per 100g of this chocolate provides a whopping 525 Calories and 17.0g of Saturated Fat so not great if you are on a diet and the drawback of this is that its so hard in texture its really very difficult to separate into pieces but if your not bothered....try it cos it really isn't bad compared to shops own value sort of products and it comes in dark and white chocolate options plus milk chocolate with hazelnuts and all retail at just 50p a bar however do Google if you want to try this as I haven't seen this available in many places and certainly not in any supermarkets and I have only seen it in small convenience stores and discounts shops.


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      26.07.2011 16:51
      Very helpful




      So if you're anything like me you enjoy a good chocolate bar now and then.

      Whilst I am a big fan of chocolate such as minstrels and revels as well as munchies i do also enjoy the classic 'bar' type chocolate. You know the one's I mean galaxy, dairy milk etc.

      The problem with the larger bars of these particular brands or more the share bars is they do cost a bit of money and unless you and a few friends are sharing and splitting the money it can become and expensive item if you like to indulge regularly.

      So, I walk into the local corner shop and see this bar of euro shopper chocolate ... 50p! Immediately I thought to myself well euro shopper never let me down before so this can't be bad... 50p for 100grams of chocolate.

      The packaging is very basic with a red and blue background with the euro shopper logo in the centre as well as a very well presented picture of the chocolate. When you open the packet the first thing you want is a lovely smell like the lovely milky/chocolaty smell you get from galaxy or the deep/flavourful smell of a dark chocolate but no when you open this packet you can smell nothing but a cheap chocolate like the one you put on Christmas trees in a Santa wrapper.

      The look of the chocolate is very basic it is a thin-ish chocolate with little star like things engraved in the top of the chocolate I must admit the look is very neat.

      First bite ... do not expect flavour at all it tastes horrible and you defiantly know you've bought cheap it is hard chocolate to bite into and does not at all melt in your mouth like galaxy or dairy milk it just stays there.

      After eating a whole bar ... you won't feel full at all but it isn't very moreish so you will more than likely make a second trip to the shop to purchase a galaxy or dairy milk or even a Twix.

      Types... early this year euro shopper released 2 more types of this chocolate: hazelnut and fruit and nut ... to be honest I haven't yet tried the hazelnut however the fruit and nut is VERY nice it adds a very nice flavour to an otherwise terrible flavour.

      Packaging - 7/10 - very basic but that is sometimes like in this case a good thing
      Taste - 4/10 - horrible waste of money
      Price - 6/10 - even at 50p it is a waste because you can buy a proper bar for a pound anyway
      Variants - 7/10 - fruit and nut is very nice however I do not like hazelnut so I won't be able to make a valid contribution about that particular variant
      Overall - 6/10 - do not waste your money

      Thanks for reading rate comment and friend me :) :)


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        30.06.2011 19:47
        Very helpful



        Not as creamy as Cadbury's - still a good taste!

        I like chocolate. Ok...I love chocolate! Although whilst I love to indulge in Cadbury's, being a student means that the funds are low and so sometimes it means compromising with a cheaper brand.

        Whenver I opt for the cheaper option, it is almost always the 'Euro Shopper' one which you can get for just 50p. I'm not really sure where you can get this chocolate; I get mine from my local shop and the sell a huge range of 'Euro Shopper' products and so it might be worth checking your local convenience store or corner shop; a place which sells 'Euro Shopper' products.

        When opened, there insn't that much of a smell. There is a very vauge smell but nothing major that screams 'eat me'.

        I would describe the taste of this bar exactly like the chocolates you put on the Christmas tree. It has a 'milky' taste which is very pleasant and moreish, yet it isn't as creamy as Dairy Milk. It is very tasty, although isn't as full flavoured as Dairy Milk.

        The texture of the chocolate is quite basic - 'stiff' looking squares, real basic looking. There's no fancy 'shape' like the Galaxy smooth bar. It is quite hard chocolate; not so hard that you'll break your teeth (well hopefully not anyway!), but it's not so soft as the Galaxy-type bars.

        The chocolate melts in your mouth quite well, although I always have to have mine with a cup of tea, which makes it melt quicker!

        Looking at the nutrional information, the chart on the back of the packet tells me that 100g of chocolate (so that's the whole bar!) will provide me with 525 caloreies, 57g of sugar and 17.0g of saturated fat! Crikey!! You can always share it though; I usually buy a bar like this and share ist between four of us; we each get around 6 squares each which I think is good.

        I think that this is great value for money. I mean these days you are lucky if you can find a small bar (around 8 squares) of Cadbury's Dairy Milk and so to have a big bar (100g) for just 50p is great value; especially when you can get around three of these bars for the price of one 'high brand' bar of chocolate.

        If you like chocolate and are on a budget, try this!

        Thanks for reading!
        June 2011
        xd-o-n-z-x (also posted under xdonzx on ciao).


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