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Fruitus Chewy Raspberry Bites

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Brand: Lyme Regis Foods

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    2 Reviews
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      26.10.2009 00:02
      Very helpful
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      A nice occasional treat but too expensive for every day.

      Fruitus Chewy Raspberry Bites are a dried fruit snack that you can buy in some supermarkets and most health food shops. I paid 69p for a 25g pack in Holland & Barrett so they're quite expensive. I tend to just buy these as a treat rather than as a daily snack.

      This snack is suitable for vegetarians, vegans and those with gluten allergies (they're gluten free) however they may contain traces of nuts.

      The plastic-foil packet is very easy to rip open although usually in a way which means I have to tip them into a small bowl to eat or risk dropping them on the floor.

      They smell like any other dried fruit snack, they don't really have a raspberry smell.

      Each one is a small, uneven rectangular shape with a brownish colour and slightly covered in powder.

      They taste a bit powdery when you first put them in your mouth but when you start to chew you discover they're very sweet, a bit like sweeties! They taste strongly of raspberries with no bitterness. They're fruity but have a dry-powdery aftertaste.

      It's definitely not the same as eating fresh raspberries but I think they're very nice anyway!

      Of course, a whole pack isn't enough to fill that "snack gap" so I would say these would go nicely in a packed lunch or would help to curb a sweet tooth craving. Each packet contains one portion of fruit towards your five-a-day so they're a bit healthier than just grabbing a bar of chocolate!

      Apple purée, pear purée, raspberry purée (8%), oat fibre, pectin, palm oil, elderberry juice concentrate, natural flavour.

      Nutritional information:
      (per 25g)
      Energy 304kj/72kcal
      Protein 0.25g
      Carbohydrate 18.9g
      of which sugars 14.1g
      Fat 0.2g
      of which saturates 0.08g
      Fibre 1.65g
      Sodium 0.04g


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        16.01.2009 15:33
        Very helpful



        Not going to land in my trolley again.

        Fruitus Chewy Raspberry Bites by Lyme Regis Foods are in my opinion disappointing. I wish I could say I loved them because they have no added sugar, and each little bag contains one of your fruit portions, but for me they are like eating rubber-a nice flavour but rubber just the same.

        At 55- 65p per bag they aren't cheap either so in order for me to purchase them again something would have to change. It's a pity because Lyme Regis foods make a lot of healthy snacks and I have been buying from them since they started in 1986 with Grizzly bars. A very well respected British company they are ethical and well respected.

        I love raspberries in fact they are my favourite fruit. It stems from my childhood when my parents took me on holiday to a guest house near Inverness. The owner served home made scotch pancakes warm from the griddle with home made raspberry jam and the flavour was out of this world. Even now I made crumbles with them and often serve them plain with just cream.

        As a teenager I went to Norway on a field trip and we sat in a farmhouse there eating freshly picked raspberries and the flavour of these was divine. Nestled in a valley 200 miles north of Oslo this farm was tucked away from the world and was the spot of dreams!

        So when I saw these raspberry bites I thought I was going to love them but sadly no. The bag itself looks lovely with pictures of juicy raspberries and the words my dentist adores-"no added sugar". Inside are little oblong pieces of what looks like candied peel- colour is not a rich mulberry red but a faded once wine shade and quite frankly the product looks dead. They are chewy and when you bite into them the flavours bursts into your mouth and are tart, but in a moment the sour taste melts away and you are left with weird peel in your mouth which isn't really pleasant.

        To be honest I would rather buy some fresh fruit and a bag of sweets- instead at least then you'll have one fruit portion but not have to eat these which I feel are not much fun.

        The ingredients are:
        Apple puree,
        Raspberry puree,
        Pear puree,
        Oat fibre
        Pectin, -this is E-440; it is a natural carbohydrate that occurs in ripe fruits and vegetables, and is used as gelling agent. This is why they get that candied texture.
        Palm oil, this is from sources in Colombia which are non hydrogenated.
        Elderberry juice,
        Natural flavouring

        A little bag would cost you 76 calories. They are vegan, gluten free, dairy free, and they have nothing artificial added. They come in three flavours raspberry, apricot and blackcurrant. Part of a wider group of Fruitus products including bars these are fairly new onto the market.

        Who are these aimed at? Well I think the target consumer must be children as a adult would munch their way through these in a minute and feel very unsatisfied, but a young child who is maybe requesting sweets could be given these instead and for that I think they would be worthy of consideration. Tesco have them on the kids' sweet aisle so I think there is your answer. I think that for an infant school child they could have a place in a lunch box especially if the child sees others with less healthy treats in their picnic.

        For an adult counting calories I would say have an apple and a sweet afterwards -it's the same calories-not great for teeth but at least you have enjoyed it!

        If you like them you can mail order them from www.lymeregisfoods.com but you will find them in most supermarkets and health food stores.

        I wish I could be more positive as I love seeking out natural good for you snacks, but for me these are a lot about nothing.


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