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Galaxy Liaison

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  • I can live without it
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    1 Review
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      28.11.2002 18:17
      Very helpful



      • "I can live without it"

      Now, it’s not often that I stumble across a new chocolate bar on the shelves - at least, not unless it actually IS new new, and not just something I haven’t noticed. I mean, me not notice a choccie bar? It just doesn’t happen! But, well, actually it looks as if it does. At least once: with this Galaxy Liaison. It must have been hiding under all the other varieties, knowing that if I spotted it the poor thing was doomed! ;) Anyway, better get on with telling you what it’s about. Here we have lovely galaxy chocolate wrapped around a smooth hazelnut praline, all in a bar form much like, say, a Cadbury’s caramel (oops - cross manufacturer example. Naughty Sarah!!). Only in a brown wrapper. Lovely. Better trying to eat it: The first problem I found was that the bar is very soft. I kept mine in a slightly cool room, and yet I found it very difficult to break off one of the six sections. Galaxy chocolate always seems soft and creamy, and the thin layer over the soft truffle just makes the whole bar every so slightly… squishy. So, more a case of tear a chunk of than anything near a clean break along the line! That said, the chocolate does melt very easily in the gob - very smooth and silky, as you would expect from Galaxy. The taste is that slightly perfume-y taste of hazelnut praline, and - duh! - Galaxy chocolate. I can’t explain what chocolate tastes like, and quite frankly even on a site like this I shouldn’t have to - chocolate: creamy and melty and lovely. Eat some if you want to experience the flavour! Obviously the praline goes very well with the Galaxy choc - it’s quite a subtle combination, and I have to say that I think the praline flavour here would be drowned a bit had it been Cadbury’s chocolate. I’ve always found Galaxy chocolate to taste ‘creamier’ than Cadburys, and this is no exception. The praline only adds to that feeling o
      f having swallowed a carton of cream with a teeny bit of the pie (so to speak)! Oddly, this does manage to feel quite light and rather rich at the same time. Ah yes, ‘rather rich’, she says. Well, I must confess to being a complete chocoholic (who isn’t?!) and so it’s a very rare chocolate that I can eat just one square, or leave half the bar for another time. With this I can - one square feels like a treat, half the bar is starting to get a little sickly. Actually, if you’ve ever tried the Galaxy Silk Collection, you’ll know just how this tastes - like one of those truffles, only with a thinner layer of chocolate. And to be honest, I think the combination works better in an individual-sweet version. Still, if you have self-control, there’s nothing to stop you eating just one square at a time. Yeah, right! Talking of truffles, I would say that that’s the other major problem: compare this to other truffles - and to me, that will always mean Thornton’s - and you’ve got high standards to live up to. This kind of chocolate bar is just never going to stand up to that. In comparison, the Liaison comes away feeling slightly cheap, which is a shame, really - even though it is significantly cheaper! That said, without making unrealistic comparisons (let’s face it, nothing is going to taste as good as Thornton’s truffles!) I do quite like this bar (it’s chocolate, go figure!), although I doubt it’ll ever be one of my favourites. After trying them out, and buying a few just because they were ‘new’, I must admit I haven’t even thought to buy any more recently. It’s just not a chocolate that looms large in my ‘ooh, I must have one of those’ feelings. A Galaxy Liaison bar costs around 35p each for about 48g, and if multi-packs of four or eight are available I can’t say I’ve spotted any. Overall,
      I'd say it’s definitely worth a try - it tastes quite lovely, and I’d more than happily eat another even if I haven’t been craving more.


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    • Product Details

      Silky Galaxy Chocolate with a Praline Centre.

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