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Green & Blacks Dark & Gingerbread

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Brand: Green & Black's / Type: Dark

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    1 Review
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      30.12.2008 12:08
      Very helpful



      The best Green & Blacks bar yet!

      I am a big fan of Green & Blacks chocolate so was beside myself just before Christmas when I saw my local discount shop was selling two of the large 150g bars for just £1.25, this being an absolute bargain as in Tesco these retail at around £1.49 each. I carefully checked the date and was surprised to see they still had almost five months shelf life (typical for the same bars in the supermarket), so once I'd ascertained that these weren't being sold cheaply because they were out of date or anything like that I set about choosing what flavours to buy.

      The decision was actually made for me as the shop only had two flavours available; Hazelnut & Currant or this Dark & Gingerbread which I'm reviewing here. I cannot abide currants in chocolate bars, although eat them by the handful from a bag, so into my basket jumped ten bars of this Gingerbread variety which I hadn't come across before. They weren't all for me, most of them made cheap stocking fillers because everyone I know loves Green & Blacks!

      I think perhaps this Dark & Gingerbread is a special Christmas release, which could be why I have not seen it before. The bar looks very festive and is decorated with an impressive Christmas tree design on top of a rich chocolate and spicy orange coloured wrapper. I unwrapped this carefully as it always seems such a shame to rip through the lovely Green & Blacks wrappers and saw the usual gold foil encasing my chocolate, the bar feels very chunky and substantial now the thick wrapper has been removed and I'd say it's one of the thickest bars I've tried from Green & Blacks.

      The reason for this becomes apparent when I rip away the foil and see that the underneath of my bar of chocolate is absolutely covered with small lumps which can only be chunks of gingerbread. I'm not sure what I had been expecting from this bar but I didn't think I'd get lots of pieces inside like this, more I had been expecting a gingerbread flavour to the chocolate similar to the way they flavour their Maya Gold bar. This chocolate bar smelled absolutely delicious with a strong dark chocolate aroma which is subtly mingled with touch of gingeriness, actually as I opened it I had to get up to answer the phone and I could smell the chocolate from across the room - I've never gotten my brother off the phone so quickly!

      The bar is typically segmented into rather small squares, but I soon found that it was impossible to actually break this one into the segments provided as the gingerbread pieces get in the way! The best way to eat the Dark & Gingerbread bar was to break it into larger pieces and then bite off as much or as little as you want.

      The first mouthful is an absolute revelation, it instantly replaced Maya Gold as my favourite Green & Blacks bar because it has such a delicious and luxurious flavour. This chocolate is 60% Minimum Cocoa Solids and the taste of the dark chocolate is absolutely wonderful, it has a rich and creamy flavour that melts beautifully in my mouth. The chocolate melts to an almost cream consistency and slips down my throat leaving me with a few large gingerbread pieces to crunch, the two very different textures in this bar makes it feel extremely special and so much more interesting than a plain chocolate bar.

      I couldn't really detect the flavour of the gingerbread in the chocolate, but the pieces that had separated from the bar in my mouth were delightfully crunchy and was obviously a spicier traditional gingerbread from that we tend to buy from Greggs in this country. It put me in mind very much of German gingerbread which gains a little element of sweetness from the ginger itself but is quite savoury when compared to the sugary gingerbread men you can buy in the supermarket. The pieces of gingerbread (actually miniature solid cones when I took a piece out of my mouth to examine it) have retained their crunch and have not gone soggy in the slightest, unlike a similar bar I bought recently containing shortcake pieces which went horribly stodgy when the chocolate melted around it.

      The chocolate itself has the trademark Green & Blacks bitterness, being a dark chocolate it's very heavy and rich and there was absolutely no way I could finish a whole bar. I ate around a quarter of a bar at each sitting and looking at the nutritional information it was a good job I did as the entire 150g bar contains an amazing 755 calories and (sit down!) over 46g of fat! Goodness me, I knew it wasn't exactly a salad sandwich but that is shocking!

      I haven't seen this bar in the shops and really hope it's not a limited edition because it's so delicious I would want to eat this all year round. It certainly has a very festive feel to it though and everyone I gave a bar too said how much they had enjoyed it, well apart from my sister who said it made her sick but that's probably because she ate the whole bar within about 10 minutes so it's her own fault!


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