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GU Puds Hot Choc Lava Tarts

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5 Reviews

Brand: Gu

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    5 Reviews
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      11.03.2009 15:18
      Very helpful



      These chocolate puddings are a must try for all those with a sweet tooth.. delicious!!

      GU mini puds are my absolute favourite pudding.

      They can be purhased in most supermarkets and although they seem a bit pricey at £1.89, although the price does vary in different shops, they are what i`d like to call little pots of heaven!!

      The box is black and very eye catching and inside there is a tray of 3 50g black pots with a lid that peels back.

      The box says 3 cheeky + saucy little pots au chocolat.

      They are double chocolate truffle made with 53% cocoa chocolate.

      Admitedly they can be a bit sickly especially if you are like me and get greedy and sit and eat all 3 in one go but they are definately one for those of us with a sweet tooth!

      The taste is very chocolatey, I know that may sound silly but these really taste like no chocolate I`ve ever tried!

      The ingredients are
      Whipping cream, chocolate (29%)(cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier (soya lecitithin) vanilla), milk chocolate (12%) (sugar, cocoa butter, whole milkpowder, cocoa mass, emulsifier(soya lecithin), vanila), glucose syrup, water preservative (potassuim sorbate).

      Now i`ve written those ingredients I do feel slightly awful for the amount of these I eat, but these are a must try
      The ways in which you can eat these are great.

      I have mine cold, straight out the fridge and when you put the spoon in the chocolate stays in the same place so you have to dig your way to the bottom of the mini pot.. which isn`t too differcult lol!!

      You can also heat these in the microwave for 20 seconds as it says on the box, or a little more or less depending on how smooth you want it, which makes it into a chocolate sauce which is great to pour over ice cream or great to have warm on its own, this was even a bit sickly for me plus i`m not a fan of hot puddings with ice cream but if you like this then i`d recommend it.

      Another way is heating a cup of milk and adding the sauce cold to make a very chocolatey tasting hot chocolate drink.. i`ve not tried this but my sister has and loves it, she adds cream on top and says its the world best hot chocolate drink.

      They have a website address www.gupuds.com where you can go for more tips on how to enjoy these.

      They have the 3 serving options on the side of the box and I read them but after eating so many have found the way i like to eat them which i`m sure you will too.

      They also have a phone number you can phone for more info. 0800 695 1660. I`ve not actually rang this number but i`m sure it could be useful to some!

      GU do alot of other products although I have to get over my adiction to these before I can get round to trying any of the other puddings!

      These are suitable for vegetarians.
      Contain Milk and soya
      May have traces of gluten and nuts.

      I hope you all enjoyed reading this and will now give them a try even if its just the once, they are very morish though...

      Kim xx


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        04.12.2008 00:51
        Very helpful



        Great little puddings

        Today while shopping I came across some deserts by GU. The do a range of chocolate puds and the one I am going to review is the "choc banoffee" Ones.

        I have never tasted these before so as I have just finished one I thought I would review it.

        The puddings come in very handy little glass pots. I get rather exited when I see things like this as I start to imagine all the different things I can do to reuse these glass pots. I know I am sad. The Pudding had a removable lid that you peal back. The pudding has different layers of chocolate, banana and caramel. The pudding looks very attractive and is more than enough for one person.

        I was quite shocked on the price as these were in offer in Sainsbury's. I think that they were well worth the £1.99 I paid but I must add that these were on offer and I think the recommended retail price is usually double that.

        The box states that the puddings are made with 53% cocoa chocolate and lashings of banana caramel. Served in glass ramekins.

        The taste of these were great. Although I didn't think the banana was that strong. I couldn't really taste it but the whole pudding was lovely. The biscuit base was my favourite. The pudding was not too sweet and I was left satisfied that I had received my sugar fix.


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          14.10.2008 01:12
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          every chocolate lover must try this!

          This is a review for the Gu chocolate pots.

          I was walking through Sainsbury's about 2 years ago and I noticed that they had a new range of desserts I'd never seen before. These two new ranges were called Fru and Gu. (There's supposed to be two dots on the u but I can't find that symbol on my keyboard, sorry.)

          The fru range had these fruit desserts that included different fruit flavoured cheesecakes and puddings. The chocolate one had soufflé's, melt in the middle puddings, brownies, tortes and one thing that caught my eye were these little black pots that had chocolate in them. I was quite intrigued by these so I just had to try them.

          These were small, black coloured plastic pots with marching lids. I think you get 3 pots in a box for about 2 - 3 pounds. When you open them, there's just what appears to be a thick chocolate inside that looks a bit like nutella.

          Now, when you taste them, you'll see that these are not just plain nutella! The chocolate is thick, creamy, sweet and just... delicious! I can't stop eating them! They're unlike anything I've ever eaten before. As they're quite heavy, I'd say stick to just the one pot. (I speak from experience here LOL). These are such a wonderful treat, every chocolate lover just has to try them for themselves. It's quite tricky to describe the sensation, it's like entering chocolate heaven and just being carried away on a cloud of chocolate bliss! I love these pots, can't get enough of them!!!


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            05.06.2008 23:56
            Very helpful



            Fabulous occassional treat - even for slimming world dieters :)

            A while back, one of my colleagues told me to try GU pots because I love chocolate so much, but I totally forgot about them until I was in the supermarket last saturday!

            Whilst browsing the chilled section for some yogurts for work, a small black oblong box caught my eye. The words GU mini puds in white writing stood out against the black background. The box was said to contain '3 saucy and cheeky pots au chocolat', made with 53% cocoa.

            The base of the box gives you ways in which to enjoy these little pots of gu.

            1: Serve chilled as a chocolate truffle dessert (which my review is based on
            2: Remove lid and pop in the microwave for 20 seconds to make a rich chocolate sauce (fabulous over ice-cream I am told)
            3: Melt as per option 2 and add to a mug of hot frothy milk to make 'proper' hot chocolate.

            These pots are priced at £1.48 from Asda

            I consulted my friend and 'slimming world' guru at work to see if I could have these as a treat on my diet, and was told that I could but at a large cost of 20+ syns for each one!! A bit more exercise was needed to burn one off! As i had already given up chocolate bars, crisps, fizzy pop and chinese takeaways and lost over half a stone, I decided it was worth saving up my 15 daily syns over a few days to give myself an extra special treat.

            ~~~ The taste test ~~~

            Upon arriving home from my shopping trip, I proceeded to taste-test one of these pots of 'apparently' chocolate heaven. The pot was approximately 2 inches in height, made from black shiny plastic with a pop off lid, which is resealable. The pot seemed a lot smaller than I had imagined but reasoned that if it satisfied my sweet tooth then I would be happy.

            I opened the lid and investigated the contents further. The sweet smell of the almost solid chocolate contents filled my nostrils. Positioning the spoon above the pot, I proceeded towards the solid chocolate, the spoon slipped in without any effort. My senses exploded as I rolled the truffle around my mouth. The taste too good for words. Rich, not too sweet, creamy chocolate flavour coated my tongue. Taste sensational! The chocolate begins to melt at room temperature so the chocolate melts on contact with your mouth too. The taste is incredible and very moreish but too much and it becomes sickly so the 50g pots are more than enough.

            ***Due to my aforementioned attempt at slimming world diet, I find it a lot easier to share a gu pot with my husband as an occassional treat. Half a pot = half the syns and half the calorie intake. They also last longer.

            I recommend trying these pots but a word of warning - They are really addictive which is why I only buy these once in a while!

            Thank you for reading my review.

            Also posted on ciao

            © cheznal 2008


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              12.04.2007 20:01
              Very helpful



              A great chocolate pudding

              At work, one of my colleagues had this tiny little pot of something that she was eating. Every often I heard this sigh of pure satisfaction and the look on her face was one of pure joy. Several of the team were also discussing the contents of the pots and there was much raving going on about how fantastic they were. In the end I had to ask what was going on, just what was in the pot that could evoke such a reaction? This was my first experience of Gu chocolate pudding.

              When I arrived at work I was presented with my own little pot of Gu. My work mates had decided that they were indescribable so I was better of trying one myself. I have since decided that I have the best work team ever.

              So what is this pud that can evoke such joy?

              I was presented with a tiny black pot, about the size and shape of a photographic film container. On lifting the lid, a rich smell of warming chocolate escaped. The pot contains a rich velvety chocolate truffle. Grabbing a teaspoon I couldn’t wait to give it a go. After all what could all the fuss be about? The spoon slid smoothly into the rich chocolate. I put it to my mouth and…..

              Oh my god!

              Trying to describe the sensation will probably make me blush…So I will have to tame it down a bit! Gorgeous just does not do the truffle justice. I have never tasted a chocolate pud like it. The consistency is that of velvety rich extra thick jersey cream. The taste in that small pot of heavenly bliss is one of cocoa rich chocolaty heaven. Not too sweet, not too bitter but just joyous.

              The pot is very small, but perfect. Any more and you just would not be able to eat all of the contents as it is really rich but any less would leave you begging for more.

              So where did this Gu come from? Apparently Gu makes a range of perfectly formed puds that are available in the yoghurt aisles of most supermarkets. I managed to rescue the packet from the bin at work so that I could find out a bit more.

              The Gu mini puds that I tried today come in a box that contains 3 puds. The packaging is quite dark and the writing quite small, so this might be why I have overlooked them in the past. The box states that there are “3 cheeky and saucy little pots au chocolate” within. It does also say that they are double chocolate truffles made with 53% cocoa chocolate.
              On the reverse there are some serving suggestions. Eat them straight from the pot like I did or you can put the pot in the microwave for 20 seconds to make a rich chocolate sauce (I am assured that this is the fantastic when poured over icecream) or why not add the molten contents to hot milk to make the perfect hot chocolate.

              The ingredients are made up of cream and 40% chocolate (which contains 53%cocoa). No wonder they taste like heaven.

              As I did no buy these I really haven’t a clue as to how much they cost, but can you put a price on heaven? I think that they retail at around the £2 mark for a pack of 3.

              Details about Gu cn be found at www.gupuds.com or by calling 0800 695 1660


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