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Gü Chocolate Puds

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Brand: Gu

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    1 Review
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      12.09.2006 12:28
      Very helpful



      Inexpensive little indulgence.

      Whether you're a guide or a regular member, being a part of Dooyoo brings benefits for all. The biggest advantage is being able to stuff your mouth full of wicked chocolately things and claim you're only doing so in the interest of the common good, and helping Dooyoo build up a database of helpful reviews. Some of you, I can tell, think this is a rather dubious claim, but I believe it's valid and I'm sticking to my story and my chocolate!

      One of the latest food products I decided to try (to help you, really!) was a delicious sounding chocolate truffle pudding with a raspberry compote, made by a company called Gü. Now, this was the first time I'd ever heard of these people, so I did a little digging, and apparently Gü make lots of other desserts as well. If I can find any next time I go shopping, I'll try and suffer the hardship of eating them all for you.


      These puddings are meant to be kept in the fridge, and when you take them out, you wonder if the chocolate is going to be hard. However, when you stick your spoon in tentatively, you're rewarded with a soft and creamy texture, and a taste of rich chocolate that stays on your palette after you've eaten it. Unlike some sweet treats, you don't take a mouthful and instantly forget the flavour; something which can lead to you not feeling full and consequently eating more than you should. With these puds, you definitely taste the flavour, which is reasonably strong and lingers for a while afterwards. According to the packaging, 53% of cocoa chocolate goes into this, which might explain why the flavour is so rich.

      When you reach the raspberry compote, you find yourself with a thick, almost "jam-like" texture. You can find whole seeds and bits of raspberry lurking in the compote - it's definitely made with good quality ingredients and isn't just a sauce made up of artificial flavouring. The compote is a bit too sweet and the chocolate a bit too rich, but together, the flavours balance out and both elements really complement each other. I'm not sure if either part would work individually, but together, the pudding really does taste scrummy.


      The chocolate truffles are sold in boxes of two. The side of the box is divided into two parts. The left has a simple black background with the word "Gü" contrasted against it in a simple chunky white text. Below this, in a much smaller gold font, are the words "CHOCOLATE PUDS". Further down, in slightly bigger silver text it reads "2 CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES WITH RASPBERRY COMPOTE". These are the words that are going to draw you in.

      To the right, there is a photograph of a ramekin containing the pud, with a spoon resting against it holding a big gooey spoonful of the desert. There are whole raspberries decoratively arranged beside the ramekin for a bit more visual impact, and rather naughtily, you can see chocolate dripping down the side of the ramekin.

      If you pick up the box and take it out of the supermarket chiller, you can see a blown up version of this picture on top. The way the photographer has arranged it reminds me of the Marks and Spencers "This is not just food..." adverts. Remember those? They were equally tempting too!

      Inside the box, there are two glass ramekins that have a transparent domed plastic lid, with "Güd" embossed on top. I had to fight with my box to get one of these out because some of the raspberry compote had managed to glue the ramekin to the bottom of the box, but it was worth fighting for it!;) The glass ramekins are made out of recycled products, and can be kept and reused. I haven't tried putting them in the oven yet, so can't comment on how strong the glass is, but I would imagine you could use these to make more desserts.

      Alternatively, if you wash and keep the lid, these ramekins would be perfectly sized to store little odds and ends like paperclips or buttons.


      Each individual pudding contains 250 calories and 14.6g of fat, so this product is definitely designed to be more of an indulgence than a regular nibble!

      The puds are gluten free and suitable for veggies. The package advises that the puds "may contain traces of nuts". I didn't detect any when I tried this product (and I'm very good at picking out tiny traces of all nuts known to man), but having only tested this product once, I can't really give you any advice if this is the norm, or if the disclaimer is actually there for a reason.


      According to Gü's website, you can buy Gü puds from pretty much anywhere. All the usual suspects such as Sainsbury's, Waitrose, Asda, Tesco, Somerflew, Co-op, Safeway et al stock them, and some less common stores such as "Shaws", "Nisa-Today's" and "Le Riche" do also.

      I picked up my puds from Sainsbury's for £2.49, which comes to £1.25 a pud. It's not terribly expensive, given that this product is going to be eaten as a treat and not as an everyday food, and you could even serve these up as dessert at a dinner party to avoid the hassle of making individual puddings for everyone. Take off the tell-tale Gü lids and say you made them yourselves. If anyone recognises the dessert, tell them that you're just recycling the ramekins and did in fact manage to recreate the puds perfectly ;)


      When shopping for desserts, to be honest, I'm more likely to pick up something in the WeightWatchers range than something made by a brand like Gü, but I would probably buy this again if I saw it, was feeling thin (ish) and wanted to indulge myself. The taste is spot on, and I'd quite like to collect a few ramekins and bake something myself using them. Recommended.


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