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Hannah's White Mice Bar

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Type: Mice / Brand: Hannah's

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    1 Review
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      16.07.2010 16:07
      Very helpful



      These mice are nice

      My mother always believed that sweets were bad, but chocolate was ok. So while I never had cola bottles or jelly rings or other penny sweets, I had a good knowledge of the contents of chocolate shelves by the age of 7 ¾. Fast forward to now and there's nothing stopping the 27 ¾ year old me from eating whatever I want...except my vegetarian principles. White Mice are one of the few pick and mix sweets that are veggie-friendly (no gelatine, y'see), and my local newsagents usually has them in.

      These mice, however, are not pick and mix sized. They are massive, radio-active monster sized mice. While Hannah's White Mice have been around for ages, selling little pick and mix style ones already picked and mixed for you and sealed in a neat plastic packet, these giant ones are something new.

      This is, rather uniquely, part penny sweet, part chocolate bar. Size-wise, it's the latter. In contrast to a totally shaped bar such as a Freddo, the White Mice Bar has a flat, rectangular design with a picture of a mouse imprinted on the top. This is no cheerful, friendly Disney creation, however. It's more an evil, scheming, Roland Rat style one, as confirmed by the smirking grin on his face. The bar also, confusingly, has the word 'Mice' stamped beneath it. Confusing, because there is only one mouse on the bar. Educational, this is not.

      The bar is slightly bigger than a Freddo. It's the same colour as a Milkybar, and the texture is almost identical, but it tastes nothing like one. This is, after all, a 'candy' bar rather than a chocolate one. The taste is almost chalky, and very sweet, but essentially has an inoffensive cream flavour. It melts easily on your tongue in a silky way but you cannot escape the slightly artificial aftertaste. In other words, it's simply delish, and great for calorie control as you'd never want more than one in any 4 or 5 hour period.

      The question is, why would you buy a White Mice bar when you could buy a Milkybar instead? For a few reasons. They are quite different products, so really it's like saying why would you drink apple juice instead of orange juice. Answer, because you like one more than the other, or are just more in the mood for one right now. I like these because they are chunky, and think they're easier to have than lots of the small ones (although at the same time it means you only get to bite the head off - such a satisfying thing, even for a vegetarian - once per snack). The taste is a bit unusual but not unpleasant, and I do think these are creamier than generic non-brand versions, plus they're much more likely to be intact than the smaller ones, which is not an automatic given the larger surface area and more chance for bits to snap off.

      The fact they're 15p each (or 10-for-£1 in my local cheap shop) means they're competitively priced, and you get a bit more for your money that with the Nestle alternative. Slightly gross, but what treat aimed at children isn't? They might not make it onto my list of 'Things I'll Miss When I Move to Africa' but if I come across them in a mountain hut in the sierra (and stranger things have been known) I very much doubt I'll turn them down.


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      Hannah's / Type: Chocolate

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