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Hershey's Reese's Fast Break

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Brand: Hershey's / Type: Nuts

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    1 Review
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      20.03.2011 18:03
      Very helpful



      Like a peanut butter Milky Way

      Though launched in 2001 I've only recently come across these. And it wasn't on a holiday to the USA, or while working over there, or even on my (multiple) trips to Cyber Candy in Birmingham, Brighton and London. It was while passing through an airport on Colombia. Go figure.

      Part of the Reese's brand, these not surprisingly combine peanut butter and chocolate in yet another new combination. This time it's with a nougat middle, so there's a layer of peanut butter topped with a layer of nougat, all covered in milk chocolate.

      According to Wiki these were conceived (and named) for the idea of having one as a Fast Break(fast). This seems a little mad to me as they are still a proper chocolate bar even though they contain the oft-associated-with-a-morning-meal bread spread. If you wouldn't eat a Mars bar for breakfast, I'm not sure why you'd have one of these. It's all about the pairing, y'see. Chocolate (e.g. Nutella) on bread is fine, but peanut butter in chocolate? Not so much.

      These are really soft bars which get most of their texture from the nougat. They're a lot like Milky Ways (the UK version...US and Latin American Milky Ways are what we would call Mars. To Americans these are a bit like the 3 Musketeers Bar ). The layers are quite easy to see, and there's about twice as much nougat as peanut butter, but the flavour of the former is much subtler than the flavour of the latter, so they don't taste unbalanced. In fact, I think having equal quantities of these would be too much.

      The chocolate layer is thinner than you would find on Peanut Butter Cups - I would have liked a little more, especially as I got these in the tiny treat-size version, so there really was next to nothing.

      They're also a tiny bit chewy but pleasantly so, and after the amount of chocolate is the main difference between these and the more common Peanut Butter Cups. The Cups melt in your mouth but these require a smidge more effort.

      I like these for two reasons. The first is the flavour - even with the limited chocolate, these still do have the signature peanut butter/chocolate combination. The second is the texture. I'm not a fan of cheap Milky Way knock offs as sometimes they can be too tough or too soggy, but these are right in the middle with a nice, fluffy texture that's not too gloopy. I especially like that, though nutty, this is a flavour more than a texture. I don't really like peanuts in chocolate (as in some of the Reese's products) so enjoy this one as it's smooth peanut butter, rather than peanuts per se.

      These bars come in mini and full sized versions: I got a set of 8 small ones which were only 90 calories each and great for snacking although I always wanted more than one, so he full sized, self-contained ones might have been a better bet.

      These are sold wholesale on Amazon which makes me think you should be able to find them in the UK on the high street. They also can be found on Cyber Candy where they sell for £1.19 (search without the apostrophe to find them). It's a lot for a chocolate bar, but like with the Reese's sticks, I think they're worth a try for ardent Reese's fans.


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