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Hotel Chocolat The Sleekster Christmas Luxe Selection

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Brand: Hotel Chocolat

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    1 Review
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      23.03.2011 23:07
      Very helpful



      Honestly speaking, i would pay the full price, given its variety

      Typical Hotel Chocolat to offer its end of season chocolates exactly 2 weeks after the festive period - in this case, January / February 2011.

      This box had a large variation of chocolates - white, milk, dark, alcoholic, fruity; i suppose this justifies its price as you're able to sample a large variety of Hotel Chocolat's offerings.

      Quality of chocolate was exceptional - luxurious melts of outer shells; while ganaches were heavy-going, both flavour and texture-wise.


      Milk / Dark Crunchy praline - Milk or Dark soft shell; luxurious mouthfeel, smooth praline interior with mild hazelnut aroma and HIGH milk-nut sweetness - crispy bits resemble rice crispies / cornflakes. DISAPPOINTING as milk or dark exterior simply swapped!

      Alternative Christmas Pudd - thick non-sweet dark shell quick melting; then medium boooze kick; could tell whiskey liquer centre, but not choc liquor in shell

      Pear Frangipane - Dark shell specially thicker at top with luscious melt; interior slightly grainy with perfect pear colour, eminent light booze bordering pleasant sourness

      Coffee Liquid Caramel -semi-thick dark shel; breaks to yield strong coffee aroma with light hazelnut liquid with gritty coffee bean dots

      Christmas ball - 2 variants"
      (dark choc with orange) - thick heavy dark; VERY light orange taste, more on bitter peel than sweet citrus akin to Maya Gold by G&B
      (hazelnut milk) -milky fragrance, OVERLY-SWEET hazelnut kicks in after milky sweetness

      Florentine Dream - SWEET milk bottom with praline filling + toffee; topped with mild caramel & almonds; hazelnut went well with almonds & caramel; toffee was akin to caramel

      Single Malt Smoothie - Dark medium thick shell, light nutty overtone; interior STRONG Whiskey kick - specifically, a true single malt!ganache was thick couverture which melded well; rich non-creamy feel. could not taste caramel in ganache though. PERFECTO!

      Dark Liquid Caramel - THICK, higher quality Dark (>70%) shell with RUNNY caramel - tangy-sweet matched sophisticated bitter mild tannic of lasting dark

      Milk liquid caramel - Soft but thick milk shell, breaks to release runny caramel - immensely short-lived.

      Rum Ingot - dark shell, internal mild rum (from St. Lucia) kick slightly too "springy/flimsily mellow" for dark chocolate

      Milk Mulled Wine - SWEET BERRIES artificiality with light cinnamon spiciness hits you IMMEDIATELY before milk creaminess settles in. Interior truly tastes christmassy!

      Cranberry & Apple - dark, light hazelnut with coloured lashings; yield top thick Grannysmith apple filling, and bottom sour-sweet cranberry; too SOUR


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