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Iceland Rocky Road Fingers

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4 Reviews

Brand: Iceland

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    4 Reviews
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      16.02.2010 22:41
      Very helpful



      just okay, but good for the price

      *Price & Availability*
      I bought a pack of 7 Chocolate Rocky Road Fingers just yesterday from Iceland (the frozen food store) for £1.00. AS they are an Iceland product, they are not available anywhere else. This box was with two extra free, 7 for the normal price of 5. A bargain not to miss out on!

      *Nutritional Bits*
      Each 'finger contains 149 calories, 1.8g protein, 18.3 carbs, 7.6g fat. This is so scary, particularly considering my box purchased yesterday is now empty!!!! Arghhh

      *What Did I Think?*
      I really like these... hence 7 gone in two days.

      The biscuit base is chocolately and very crumbly, almost like a cheap shortcake. Although this is the worst part about the biscuit as a whole it is still acceptable and actually quite nice.

      The rocky bit of the road is a thick chocolate base with mini marshmallows and small pieces of glace cherry melted in. Biting into the chocolate requires firm teeth by the way!! It is very thick. The chocolate is not of the best quality, but thick enough to get a good bite. The marshmallows still manage to be squishy. This could do with a few more bits of cherry as there are very few.

      Overall, these are okay, fair value. There are nicer rocky roads out there (ahem, Starbucks) but these are much cheaper!


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      10.11.2009 14:40
      Very helpful



      It's 3 out of 5 stars from me!

      ~ The Product ~
      Made exclusively for Iceland - Chocolate Rocky Road Fingers by

      Johnstones Just Desserts Ltd
      Email: info@johnstonesbakers.co.uk


      The Rocky Road Fingers are housed in a vivid purple box with a visual of the product on the front. This shows that there is a small layer of biscuit on the bottom and this is topped off with thick milk chocolate with mini marshmallows and small cherry pieces encased inside. Rocky Road Fingers is labeled in white across the box with 'Chocolate Flavour biscuit topped with cherries, marshmallows and chocolate flavour topping. The fingers sit in seperate compartments in a plastic tray and wrapped in cellophane. The back carries all of the nutrional information, company contact details and ingredients.


      I feel the packaging falsely represents the product inside. The biscuit is almost three times as thick as on the box and the chocolate is just a very thin layer on top. Yes the marshmallows and cherries are covered in chocolate but the marshmallows just sit on top of the finger instead of being completely inside the chocolate as the visual suggests. They do look very delicious though.


      These fingers just sound like the ultimate comfort food. Full of chocolate lovelyness and filled with chewy mini marshmallows, cherry pieces and biscuit. The fingers are firm, not moist as you would have thought it to be. The biscuit base tastes like the insides of a Penguin bar but a little crumblier and is not very sweet - it has a slightly salty taste. The chocolate is quite bland but the cherry pieces and marshmallows are a nice touch. I thought that the cherry pieces seemed a bit of an odd ingredient but they work well. The most I have eaten in a sitting is two as they can be quite sickly.

      Nutrional Information

      With around 149 calories per finger they are not too bad to eat every now and then. The breakdown of ingredients are as follows: 5% Cherries, 9% Marshmallows, 36% Biscuit and 50% Chocolate (This was not the case in my packet unless somebody had nibbled away some of the chocolate before I purchased them!) They have been made in a factory that contains nuts so not good for anybody with allergies to them.


      Originally priced at £1 for 5 fingers, they are currently on offer with 2 free. If I saw these in a bakers for 20p each I don't think I would find them very good value for money but against Mr Kiplings prices they are not that bad value.


      I wanted to like and enjoy them as they sounded so yummy - I just didn't think that they were to die for. I would have rather purchased Mr Kiplings Mini Battenburgs for the same price.


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        09.11.2009 09:52
        Very helpful



        see review, thanks for reading

        Oh my goodness, where do I start when reviewing Iceland Rocky Road Fingers? Until yesterday I didnt even know they existed and was in Iceland stocking up on milk for the week when I set eyes on them. On the opposite asile to the milk Iceland have their biscuit/cakes selection and a box of these caught my eye.

        Housed in a rectangular purple box the illustration on the front is of a plate of these goodies. Iceland descrbe them as "Chocolate finger biscuit topped with cherries, marshmallows and chocolate flavour topping" The picture on the box reminded me of nougart but rather than almond pieces you can see generous blobs of marshmallow and cherry all contained in a rich brown chocolate coating.

        Taking the pastic tray out of the box "fingers" give the impression that they are going to be long and thin (I was thinking like Cadburys Fingers) when in reality they are about an inch wide and 3 inches long, so definitely fat fingers!

        The taste is divine! the chunks of marshmallow and cherry protrude from the bar and as you bite into one the biscuit base crumbles and the marshmallows start to melt. Presumably like a rocky road its the texture that gives them the name as these are not smooth like other biscuits but bumpy and jagged (but not sharp) I dont know how I have never seen these before, but now that I have they will be making a regular trip home with me.

        Im sure it wont come as a shock to discover that these arent exactly good for you, but for those brave enough to want to know the nutritional information 1 finger will provide:

        149 kcals
        1.8g protein
        18.3g carbs
        15.2g of which sugar
        7.6g fat
        3.5g saturates
        0.1g fibre, sodium and salt.

        The list of ingredients is extensive so wont repeat here, but allergy sufferers need to be aware that they do contain Wheat, Gluten, Milk, Soya, Sulphur Dioxide and may contain traces of nut. Reading through the ingredients Gelatine is included so wont be suitable for veggies either...

        In conclusion then, these are an incredibly moreish chocloate treat that is different from other biscuits on the market place, the inclusion of marshmallow and cherry gives them an added dimension and they taste absolutely gorgeous. As with all chocolate and biscuits they are high in all the nasties you would expect them to have, but as with everything I wont feel guilty having these in moderation.

        They get an outstanding 5/5 from me, if you have an Iceland near you I would definitely recommend you calling in even if its just to buy a box of these! Oh, and at the moment Iceland are generously giving you 7 for the price of 5 at the bargain price of £1.00 per box.


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          05.11.2009 10:25
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Very moreish even if you haven't a sweet tooth!

          As I've mentioned before, I don't have a particular sweet tooth except when it comes to these Rocky Road fingers from Iceland. They are delicious and very moreish!

          I first discovered these when I went to visit my Son in Marbella, when we went to their Iceland for some groceries and we grabbed these. I'm glad to say they sell them here as well.

          These fingers come in a blue cardboard box with a picture showing you what to expect when you open the packet. The picture show's the Rocky Road fingers sitting nicely on a white plate. I've never had mine on a plate long enough to take a photo, in fact I can't remember them even getting to a plate, because once they are opened that's it they are gone so you have to get in quick!

          There are usually only 5 in a box, but at the moment you get 2 extra free giving you a total of 7 for the price of £1, which is great value.

          Now where to start, at the bottom I suppose. This is made from a chocolatey soft biscuit base, when I say soft I don't mean floppy soft it's a firm soft without being crunchy. Next it has been topped with chopped cherries and marshmallows, there's plenty of these. Then a thick chocolate has been poured over the top making them into nice thick fingers. From the top they look all bobbly as the cherrries and marshmallows try to poke through the chocolate, but the chocolate is thick enough to cover them.

          These are very tasty indeed, even for the most savoury toothed person. I tried one just out of curiosity and was amazed how nice they tasted. I only ate the one, but I've noticed that when ever I buy these everyone else eats two. So normally it's a 2 box session we get through!

          Now these weigh 210g and the sell by date is 25 Jan2010, not that would make any difference in my house they don't even last 24 hours in the cupboard.

          Each finger contains;

          ~~~Calories 149~~~
          ~~~Protein 1.8~~~
          ~~~Carb 18.3~~~
          ~~~of which sugar 15.2~~~
          ~~~Fat 7.6~~~
          ~~~of which sats 3.5~~~
          ~~~Fibre 0.1~~~
          ~~~Sodium 0.1~~~
          ~~~Salt 0.1~~~

          The biscuit base is 36%, the cherries are 5%, the marshmallows are 9% and the milk chocolate topping is 50%, so this gives you some indication of how each finger is made up.

          These fingers do contain, Wheat, Gluten, Milk, Soya and Sulphur Dioxide. They might also contain traces of nuts.

          These are a must for the Christmas cupboard, as they make a change from all the Christmas pud and rich Christmas cake. Iceland also do a Rocky Road Dessert which I always buy at Christmas for the non Chrstmas pud lovers, again this is really delicious as well.

          5 stars for a real chocolate treat!!


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