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Kellogg' s Pop-Tarts Go-Tarts

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Type: Fudge / Brand: Kellogg's

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    1 Review
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      14.02.2009 19:04
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      A great food

      During one of my recent trip to the grocery store, I was buying my usual helping of Pop Tarts when I noticed a new product that was sitting on the top shelf. Thos product was called Go-Tarts, and it is made by the same people who make Pop Tarts, Kellogg's.

      I'm always wiling to try anything at least once, so I picked up a box of frosted brown sugar and cinnamon Go-Tarts ( Which I am writing this review about, but everything I say could work for the other flavors). Go-Tarts also come in frosted strawberry and frosted chocolate fudge, maybe even other varieties, but these are the only ones that I have seen yet.

      My initial impression of the frosted brown sugar and cinnamon Go-Tarts was that they looked like a longer version of a fig newton. A Go-Tart is a thicker, softer version of a Pop Tart that is about 5 1/4 inches (13cm) long, 1 1/2 (4cm) inches wide, and 2 cm thick. It comes individually packaged in a blue, yellow, and brown wrapper that is really bigger than it needs to be, about the size of a standard candy bar wrapper. You can buy them individually, but I buy my Go-Tarts in a 10 count box that looks pretty much the same as the wrapper, including the part about being a little bit bigger than it needs to be. Kellogg's could save a little bit of packaging materials and shipping costs if they fit their packaging a little bit closer to the product inside.

      A Go-Tart tastes the same as the Pop Tart of the same flavor, but is a lot softer than a Pop Tart, and has a texture close to that of a donut. Like it's much harder, ddrier cousin the Pop Tart and many donuts, I recommend having something to drink with you when you eat a Go-Tart. Milk is my drink of choice. If you don't have something to drink with you, a Go-Tart will probably stick in your mouth, much like a peanut butter sandwich will.

      Each individually wrapped bar weichs a little more than your average candy bar does nowadays, and fills you up about the same amount as one of those cereal bars that the Go-Tarts sit next to in the cereal aisle of the grocery store. For me, one is usually not enough (i'm A pretty big girl and am happy with it), but for most people, one would be plenty.

      I recommend trying this latest version of Pop Tarts, as an on the go snack that is easy to stick in your purse (it would crumble in your pocket), hence the name, "Go-Tarts." Go-Tarts can be purchased in many grocery stores, and even purchased online (I saw them once on Amazon). I bought mine for $3 (1.5 pounds) for a box of 10 individually wrapped bars. If you want more details on this newer product, visit kelloggsgotarts.com.


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      Frosted Chocolate Fudge. Frosted chocolate fudge snack bars.

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