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Kinnerton Advent Calendars

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Brand: Kinnerton

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    6 Reviews
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      16.10.2013 11:45
      Very helpful



      Fun way for the kids to count the days till Christmas

      Chocolate advent calendars are a bit of a tradition in our house, my daughters and I have one pretty much every year. Whilst in my local Poundland a few weeks ago I picked up three advent calendars, it may seem a little early but I do remember a few years back leaving it a little late and not being able to find one anywhere which was rather disappointing, so in my basket they went to be put away in the kitchen cupboard till December the first.

      The large majority of advent calendars I have bought over the years have been these Kinnerton ones, this is not because I am particularly brand loyal to this company but I simply find they have the best character designs and are cheap, I usually pay around £1 per calendar. These are really easy to find and I have seen them stocked in all the major supermarkets and discount stores.

      This year I picked up a Peppa Pig one for my four year old daughter and two Hello Kitty ones for me and my ten year old daughter. They do have quite a big variety of characters, so far I have also seen Skylanders, Despicable me, Simpsons and Thomas the tank engine.

      The Hello Kitty calendar is really cute, it has a classic Hello Kitty on the front she is winking and is surrounded by multi coloured holly and Ivy. My younger daughters Peppa Pig calendar shows a lovely snowy picture of Peppa and George playing in their garden all wrapped up warm in their hats, scarves and gloves.

      Each advent calendar has 25 numbered windows, one of which should be opened up each day during December. The numbers are all muddled up, so it can be quite fun having to find the correct date, it is well worth the hunt though as a small piece of festive shaped chocolate is waiting behind each window. My four year old daughter is getting quite good with her numbers now so I think this year she will have lots of fun looking for the correct number by herself, previously she has relied on me or her sister helping her.

      On the back of each calendar is an activity for children, this year the Hello Kitty one has some cute bookmarks and the Peppa Pig one has Christmas tree decorations. Unfortunately, these need to be cut out and to do so would ruin the advent calendar so we never really take much notice of them. Of course, you could cut out the activities after the 25 th of December but by this time most of them would seem pretty pointless, plus I am sure most kids would be more interested in their actual Christmas presents.

      General information is also given on the back including ingredients, nutritional tables and Kinnerton contact details. Kinnerton are clearly trying to be a responsible company, the advent calendars are made in UK factories, the packaging is 100% recyclable and they encourage children to be healthy, active and look after their teeth. They are also part of "Quality Cocoa for Better Life" which aims to grow cocoa in a more sustainable way and help the farmers who produce it to "improve their incomes and families livelihoods."

      The chocolates are suitable for vegetarians and come with the Kinnerton Nut Safety promise. Each calendar contains 40g of chocolate. A full list if ingredients is given but I still think it is worth noting that the milk chocolate contains a minimum of 25% cocoa solids and 14% milk solids. The chocolate itself isn't the greatest, personally I find it to be a little low quality, still its nice enough and my children seem to like it, they have never complained about its taste anyways. If you are after a daily high quality chocolate treat then these Kinnerton advent calendars are probably not for you and I would recommend buying another brand or a more expensive calendar. If however you want something cheap and cheerful for the kids to countdown Christmas with then I think these Kinnerton calendars would be the perfect choice.




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        29.09.2013 12:44
        Very helpful



        A cheap advent calender in many different themes

        Dispicable Me 2 Advent Calendars

        Purchase Price £1

        Like most advent calenders this one has been purchased for the weeks leading up to Christmas. So I do have to admit I haven't sampled the whole of the calender - however I have nibbled one of the chocolates to ensure the chocolate contents are fit for human consumption (they are, we'll ll be glad to know).

        The calendar has a cardboard sleeve, which has 'doors' on the front to allow access to the chocolates, which are housed in a plastic sleeve covered in tinfoil. Overall the chocolate content is 90g, which has not been evenly shared over the days, as the chocolates for the five days leading up to Christmas day are larger than the others.

        The thing that attracted me to this product was the theme of it, as my boyfriend is a huge fan of the minions. The product depicts a group of minions looking up to the 'camera' and cheering. Personally I feel the image on the front seems to work well with the branding of the movies, and he was quite chuffed with my purchase.

        Now to the most important aspect of any chocolate filled advent calender - the goodies inside. I have tried one of the chocolates in the name of reviewing writing - it was about average size for an advent calender, and was relatively tasty. It was a little waxy, and 'cheap' tasting, however for my boyfriend this won't be an issue, as he loves anything sweet.

        Overall I do recommend these to anyone looking for a cheap advent calender for Christmas as they come with some great themes, such as Hello Kitty, The Simpsons, and Thomas and Friends. They lose on star for the slight waxiness of the chocolate.


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          13.12.2012 18:20



          I'm unfortunately an annual recipient of a Kinnerton Advent Calendar from a friend who knows no better. The chocolate is absolutely revolting as you would expect for the price. Kinnerton sell their products on the 'no nuts' bandwagon which is a smokescreen to disguise just how horrible their products are. This year I've told my friend they are awful and the Peppa Pig Calendar went in the bin :-(


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          03.01.2011 11:19
          Very helpful



          Advent calenders to avoid.

          Last Christmas I brought my daughter a Winnie the Pooh advent calender by Kinnerton. I was so disappointed I vowed never to buy another Kinnerton advent calender again, however a few weeks ago I visited my local supermarket and got caught up in the Christmas rush. Somehow I made the same mistake when I purchased TWO Kinnerton advent calenders!

          --Who are Kinnerton?--

          Kinnerton Confectionery are a chocolate manufacturer that have been designing novelty confectionery since 1978 and include the most well known character names from TV, film and music within their products. They have a range of everyday confectionary (lollies, chocolate bars etc) but are most well known for their seasonal confectionary (Easter eggs, advent calenders etc).


          Kinnerton Advent Calenders come in lots of different designs to suit both sexes and all ages. No matter what your childs favourite television character, Kinnerton will have it. All of the advent calenders are bright, eyecatching and child pleasing.

          However I do find that none of them are particularly christmassy - usually there are snowflakes in the background or the characters are wearing Christmas hats etc, but some of them have no Christmas references to them at all. There is nothing classic or traditional about them.

          Designs include Ben 10, The Simpsons, Hello Kitty, Winnie The Pooh, Toy Story, Waybuloo, My Little Pony, Barbie, High School Musical, Spiderman, Peppa Pig, Numberjacks, Doctor Who, Transformers and Mr Men. Designs vary each year.

          Our 2009 Winnie The Pooh calender had Tigger and Pooh wearing Christmas hats. Our 2010 Toy Story 3 and Hello Kitty calenders have snowflakes in the background. On the back of the calenders are activities for when you have opened all of the doors. They aren't the most exciting activities but they are better than nothing. Our activies are 'make your own Hello Kitty' photo frame and 'make your own Toy Story character colouring card'. There is also a hanging hook on the back.

          They are made from cardboard and plastic so can be recycled after use.


          Most children might argue that chocolate is the best part of an advent calender but I firmly believe the pictures are what makes an advent calender. The countdown to Christmas should be exciting and extremely festive, so imagine my surprise and my daughters disappointment when we realised there were NO PICTURES inside these advent calenders!

          Each door has a small number printed on it (there are 25 of them) but when you open the door there is nothing but brown cardboard on the inside of the door. There isn't even a picture behind the chocolate. Not even on Christmas day!


          You would think that the chocolate would make up for the lack of pictures, but you would be wrong.

          Most advent calenders have foil sealed over the chocolates to keep them fresh but Kinnerton advent calenders have no foil. Consequently the chocolates taste really stale. They don't taste like quality chocolate and leave a really bad taste in your mouth.

          The chocolates are festive shaped but they are quite small and many of them are quite hard to make out. Nine times out of ten my daughter has to ask me what the chocolates are. Shapes include a wreath, snowflake, stocking, toy soilder, angel, bell and reindeer.

          The chocolate shapes and positions of the door numbers are the same in all Kinnerton advent calenders. There isn't a special shaped chocolate for Christmas Eve or Christmas day.

          The chocolate is suitable for vegetarians and comes with a nut-free promise.

          --Price & Availability--

          Kinnerton Advent Calenders are widely available and can be found in most shops and supermarkets. They are reasonably priced - usually between £1.00 - £3.00 and quite often have deals on (we got 2 for £3.00).


          In my experience Kinnerton advent calenders aren't very festive and are very disappointing. They have no pictures and revolting chocolate. I have made the mistake of purchasing Kinnerton advent calenders 2 years in a row and definitely won't be making the same mistake again!


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            20.12.2009 16:12
            Very helpful



            Poor value for money, no pictures behind the doors. Not good enough.

            This is a Review of Kinnerton 2009 Advent Calendars in General- not just the High School Musical one:

            I always buy an Advent Calendar near Christmas (I'm 29...) as it is a ritual part of Christmas for me and it wouldnt feel right without one. With the closure of the Woolworths store in Leicester last year, I struggled to find a decent range of advent calendars. This year the only calendars I could find were Dairy Milk (£3), Top Gear (£4-£5 in M&S) and the Kinnerton ones (£1.99 each or 2 for £3).

            The Kinnerton Advent calendar range this year included Disney Fairies (TInkerbell etc), Toy Story, Transformers and High School Musical. I bought the Transformers one for my husband and the Disney Fairies one for myself as it was the only girly one I could see. You can tell if it is a Kinnerton product by looking at the back where it says "Kinnerton" on it.

            Now we are 20 days in to the calendars, I am disappointed with these advent calendars. Both our Kinnerton calendars are the same- the numbers are in the same places and the chocolates are the same (which is fair enough as I appreciate Kinnerton have a template design in the factory and this is how it is) but the main "beef" I have with these calendars is they feel cheap- when you open the doors the perforations are poor so the card tears, the chocolate is tiny inside and there are absolutely no pictures behind the doors either on the back of the opened door itself or underneath the chocolate. All you get is the brown cardboard to look at. The chocolate is not creamy it tastes cheap and oily too.

            At £1.99 each of 2 for £3 (even in WIlkinsons which tends to have lower priced things) I wouldn't say this was a particularly "cheap" purchase- had I bought one of these from the £1 shop, I could have expected some cheapness but not for £1.99 each. I thought we would be getting a decent advent calendar with little pictures behind the doors and under the chocolates.

            The only advantage is on the back of each calendar you get an activity- like a cut out and keep door hanger or a trinket box (which I got on the Fairies calendar- I have tried to make this to check it works and the resulting box would not hold anything bigger than a debit card as it is less than 1cm deep- still, it is something to make using the box so I suppose it is promoting "recycling" in some way).

            Seeing as the whole point of an advent calendar (even the ones you used to get without chocolate) was there was a Christmassy picture behind the door, this is a real let down. I will not be buying Kinnerton Advent calendars again. It is disappointing this has the Disney logo on it- I'm not sure how Disney letting companies use its logo works exactly, but all in all its not the sort of product/ quality I would have expected from Disney.

            I hope next year the chocolate companies produce more advent calendars as I used to love Milky Way Stars advent calendars, Kinder calendars and Cadbury Celebrations ones- I could not see any of these on sale this year, next year I'll be checking online for better (non Kinnerton) ones!


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              11.12.2009 15:50
              Very helpful



              A Poor Advent Calendar!

              I got this High School Musical advent calendar 1 week before December on offer in Tesco. At £1 I thought bargain and put it into the trolley.
              Now you may think this advent calendar is for a child? That child would be me! I have an advent calendar every year, and this year I left it a little late and they only had High School Musical or Ben 10 calendars in stock.

              This product is based at children and with the HSM design I would say ages 4 years - 14 years old. I would say children are sometimes hard to impress and that little extra detail can improve a product.
              So down to the Advent Calendar.

              - Appearance -

              It has a red background with added stars and what looks like a few snowballs / flakes.
              The eye catcher is the 4 main characters from the film- Zac Efron (Troy), Ashley Tisdale (Sharpay), Corbin Bleu (Chad) and Vanessa Hudgens (Gabriella.)
              Of course pretty boy Zac Efron is in front row and your eyes will probably focus in on him first.
              I wouldn't say the appearance of the calendar is particularly christmasy the only real christmas thing is 'Have A Star Dazzle Christmas.' Which is located at the bottom in the right hand corner. So not that noticeable.

              Obviously for children or fans of HSM the calendar would be great and I think they'd really like the appearance. Which is good for Kinnerton as they made the product for the fans.

              On the back of the calendar is a back to school list & bag tag.
              The back to school list has 5 lines and a tick box. The bag tag has a picture of Zac Efron (Troy.)
              You simply cut them out when your done with the calendar. I think this is good for children although a little cheesy for the older fans.

              - Chocolate & Door Flaps -

              Now from an eye catching cover to a poor inside!
              As I opened the number 1 flap I was expecting to see a picture on the flap, but no just plain brown cardboard!
              I could understand if it was a calendar more for adults (though I'm sure people like Mars, Maltesers & celebrations put pictures inside), but for children (and me) a picture on the flap makes a lot of difference.

              I find an advent calendar with no christmas picture when you open the flap is just not that christmasy and takes a bit of fun away!
              Ever since I was little my sister & I would compare notes on what shape chocolate we got and what the picture on the flap was!
              It's just boring having no picture.

              The chocolate itself is the usual size of an advent calendar and does come in christmas shapes such as trees, trains, snowflakes etc.
              The taste is what you'd expect, chocolatey and not to hard so no complaints there.

              Now, as I got to about door 3 I opened it to find no chocolate!! I was a little shocked and thought if a child opened it how disappointed would they be.
              On door 4 as I opened the flap the chocolate fell down, I figured this is what must of happened to door 3 too.
              I managed to tip the calendar slightly so the chocolates would come back up.
              Ever since this now on door 11, only about 3 chocolates have stayed in place, the rest have fallen either while I've opened the door or before I've even touched it the calendar.
              I've now given up hope with this advent calendar and just get a chocolate when I feel like it.

              - Overall -

              If I found this advent calendar poor I wonder how excited children would have found it?
              The appearance is faultless for HSM fans except it's not that christmasy but then as I've said HSM fans wouldn't care about that.

              The fact that the chocolates aren't held in place properly ruins the fun, as you have to try and get your finger down inside the calendar or tip the calendar to retrieve a chocolate.
              And I think you know about the flaps with my moan.

              I can't say I'd buy it again especially at full price which I believe is £2.49. For £1 I can't complain to much as I got what I paid for.
              But still as a child's product I think it's poor quality!

              The Milk Chocolate advent calendar is free from artificial flavours and nut free.
              Suitable for vegetarians.
              Contains- Cows Milk & Soya.

              - 2*'s I don't really recommend it.
              December 2009.


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