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Type: Nuts / Brand: KP

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    1 Review
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      20.11.2006 13:27
      Very helpful



      a treat for nut lovers

      I'm nuts about nuts in all shapes and sizes. I love Brazils, cashews, and peanuts. I will have them in sweet in chocolate or caramel or savoury roasted with salt and even cracked black pepper. They make the ideal snack to nibble on. They are high in all the good fats you need and apparently are fairly low on the GI scale. Bearing this in mind I thought I would buy one of KP's new nut bars

      The KP Nut Bar is a new snack that at first glance looks like a cereal bar as they are the same size and shape. The difference is there are no oats or barley in these bars just pure nutty heaven with a hint of sticky sweetness to bind the nuts together in a bar shape (a bit like a MR Tom but not as solid or as swet). I think there are two varieties. There is a nuts and raisin one but I went for the purist's choice the plain nut bar. This contains peanuts, almonds and cashew nuts.

      I am not sure what to expect. The bar once unwrapped looks very inviting. It certainly is nutty with half peanuts and four or five large chunks of almonds. I can not identify the cashews as easily but then again they do look a little like the peanuts. All the nuts are coated in glossy syrup which is not too sticky to the touch. I am desperate to nibble the bar but patiently give it a good sniff. I want to use all my sense to savour this treat. It is nutty but not overpoweringly so.

      I gently tease the bar apart with my fingers. The syrup gently gives way. It is pliable but not ultra sticky to the touch. I'm glad. I do not want it to be a sweet gooey mess.

      The nuts are less crunchy than I imagined. The taste is very pleasant and the sugar does not over power at all. Yum. It's not salty either. The nuts blend together quite nicely. My first mouthful contains quite a lot of almond but subsequent mouthfuls are peanuttier. It's one you can munch on for quite a wh9le due to the large bits of nuts and it is just chewy enough. This bar really works for me as it gives my nashers a real workout grinding the nuts down into a sort of peanut butter.

      The bar is not particularly low calorie. The 30 gram bar contains 183 of the little devils. It's also not low fat as it is 37% fats but luckily only 6.5% are those nasty saturated fats.
      Just one thing before I leave you. This product may contain nuts!!

      I bought this in a local newsagent for about 60 pence.


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