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Le Whif Chocolate and Mint Flavour

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Brand: Le Whif / Type: Mint

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    1 Review
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      16.08.2010 15:49
      Very helpful



      An expensive gimmick, save your pennies.

      As a woman of a 'certain age' I find that my weight is getting more difficult to control and, whilst I am not horrendously overweight, I do feel the pounds creeping up on me, even more so now I have given up the dreaded weed. I think we all long for that wonderful day when those super intelligent professors and scientists invent the calorie free bar of chocolate - I am not holding my breath though.

      I recently decided to take up exercise (well, if you can call hula hooping on the Wii fit exercise) but I have found this makes me rather hungry and I start craving sweet things. I had a whizz around on the internet in the vain hope that those scientists might actually have come up with the unthinkable, that was when I chanced upon 'Le Whif'.


      Le Whif (manufactured in France, hence the name) is a, supposedly, genius invention by David Edwards, a Harvard Professor. He claims that "It only takes a touch of chocolate to satisfy our tastebuds." Le Whif comes in the form of a lipstick shaped tube that is filled with tiny dark chocolate particles, you simply pull the tube out until it clicks and take a sharp breath, the chocolate particles are released into your mouth dissolving immediately and coating the tastebuds then, 'hey presto' your cravings are satisfied - or are they?


      I bought a pack of 3 of these from Prezzybox at a costly £4.95 and had to pay another £3.95 postage (I did have a £5 voucher to use against these though). My pack contained 3 tubes of different flavours: Chocolate, chocolate and raspberry and chocolate mint. From hereon I am reviewing the chocolate mint flavour.

      I have to say the packaging was rather novel, in the form of a cigarette packet with a flip top, flip it open and there are your 3 tubes. The chocolate one being brown, chocolate and raspberry being brown and pink and the chocolate mint one being a rather lovely mint green and brown. On opening the box there is a faint chocolate aroma, but this is disappointingly bland. I took out the mint one and checked the instructions carefully:

      1. Hold Le Whif horizontal, pull both ends until they click into place, simple enough.

      2. Place the longer end in mouth and breathe gently.

      3. You can reuse these and simply click back into place to close.

      OK, this is where the fun part is, you have to work out how hard to suck. Too gently and you won't get anything, too hard and you will likely choke, as I did! I did, however get the hang of it and with a gentle but sharp 'suck' my mouth filled with the tiny chocolate particles - and I gagged. I could feel the chocolate particles sticking to the back of my throat and, on looking in the mirror, I could see it on my teeth, not a good look.

      The taste is not very pleasant, very chemically. Yes, it does taste like chocolate, but somewhat artificial. The mint is nothing short of disgusting, it is bitter and tastes more like you are inhaling a cheap air freshener, seriously! You get the hit of mint after the chocolate hits you, so the taste of the mint is actually dumbed down a bit by the chocolate - just as well! They claim that 'With Le Whif, we inhale food into our mouths and taste it without chewing, to get an experience of the flavour without eating a single calorie.' These little tubes only contain one calorie each, but the taste experience is not one I am likely to be repeating and when you consider that each tube only has about 8 whiffs, then it is not an expense I would like to incur again either.


      In short, no! I had great expectations but was very disappointed to find that after my first puff I found I had a renewed craving for the real thing, they simply left me wanting chocolate even more.


      The makers claim that the particles, although tiny, are too big to get into your lungs making them completely harmless.

      The ingredients are pretty tame as well consisting mainly of cocoa powder, cocoa solids, sugar and natural mint flavouring and all ingredients are derived from organic farming.

      My one concern was the choking aspect. I did choke when I had my first puff and it brough tears to my eyes, but that was my own fault for sucking too hard (a habit I have) Once you get the hang of it I am sure it will be just like riding a bike!


      An expensive waste of the poor Harvard Professors time and money as far as I am concerned. The taste is disgusting and it simply does not do what it says on the tin.

      Just another useless gimmick, but a nice idea.

      And if you don't believe me - Suck it and See !


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