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Lily O'Brien's Contemporary Collection

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Brand: Lily O'Brien's

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    1 Review
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      27.03.2010 09:22
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      Nice to get but not that good

      Lily O'Briens - The Contemporary Collection Chocolates...........

      Having just had my birthday I got a handful of gifts and included in those was this box of chocolates. I have never before had any of these Lily O'Briens chocolates and because they look so good I was rather happy to receive them. Plus any chocolate is good chocolate.

      Seeing as they were a present I don't really know how much was paid for them but having a quick look on line I can see that roughly you would be looking at paying around £6 for this box which contains 255grams. This price is not bad for a box of chocolates but I think you can get some of the more commercial brands at the same price but perhaps get more chocolate for your money.

      The packaging as I say does look the business and comes with a cardboard sleeve actually over the box which keeps the lid in place but does seem like a lot of excess packaging for the amount of chocolates that are inside. The sleeve is a gold colour with a picture of the chocolates that are inside. It has all the information that you would need to know about the chocolates such as what each one actually is, the ingredients of all of them and al contact details for the company.

      These chocolate are not any good for allergy suffers I am afraid as they contain nuts, milk, soya, wheat and gluten! So sorry but you'll have to steer clear!

      Once the sleeve has been removed the cardboard box inside can easily have the lid popped off to reveal a cushioned cover sheet protecting all the chocolate within. I was pretty annoying when first opening the box with the fact that there was only six different types of chocolate repeated over 5 rows. Okay so 30 chocolates in a box isn't that bad but I think I would of preferred a few more and a bit more choice and variety.

      The six different chocolates are as follows:

      Chocolate Fudge Cake - A cube of milk chocolate is the outer appearance of this chocolate . It has a squiggle of dark chocolate piped onto the top and looks like my kind of chocolate. When bitten into, the outer layer breaks easily and gives way to the soft truffle centre. This is a very sweet chocolate and I am not overly keen on the truffle inside. The outer chocolate is indeed tasty and creamy and on the whole an okay treat. 3/5

      Sticky Toffee - This is a dome shaped chocolate which is made up of mainly milk chocolate on the outside with a centre spot of dark chocolate. The centre is a soft a gooey one which is very rich and highly flavoured. The centre is smooth and this caramel and not at all tough as it slides around the mouth easily and deliciously. The is a very nice one and right up my street. 5/5

      Crispy Praline - Praline is a absolute favourite of mine and this chocolate block looks even more tempting and is is a purely milk chocolate block to look at with a zig zag of white chocolate across the top. But once bittern into the outer milk chocolate shell cracks beneath the teeth to reveal a soft and creamy praline centre with the taste of hazelnuts and a lumpy texture this has got to be the best chocolate in the box. 5/5

      Lemon Meringue Pie - All lemon sweets and chocolates should be banned as it has got to be my worst flavour ever. How could anyone want to ruin the wonderful creamy taste of chocolate and add a citrus lemon flavour to it I just can't understand. Luckily Himself likes these and has scoffed the lot down in no time! To look at the chocolate is made up of dark chocolate in a dome shape with a circle of white chocolate on the top. The centre is a lemon truffle flavour and although disliking this chocolate I did try it just to see and, yep I don't like it. 0/5

      Simply Chocolate - I love the look of this chocolate in particular as it is a perfectly square shape about ¾ inch in depth but the swirl pattern that it is made up from looks fantastic. It has milk, dark and white chocolate all melted together to create this block of choc! It is quite hard and I found best to suck a bit before attempting to chew it up for fear of loosing a tooth! However it is a nice creamy chocolate that can compete with the like of Cadbury but perhaps not as delicious as Galaxy. 4/5

      Vanilla Latte - Another dome shaped chocolate but this time it is made up of a white chocolate with a thin strip of dark chocolate across the centre. I am not overly keen on any vanilla tasting sweets or chocolate and this is no different when eating this. Also coffee sweets are not a top choice of mine and with the mix of the white chocolate and the vanilla with coffee it didn't really do it for me and I found the whole thing rather sickly. 1/5

      Overall I was thankful to get them as a gift but I wouldn't buy them myself for my or anyone else. They had a couple of nice ones but on the whole there were quite a few I didn't like and because there are a lot of one kind it makes the box rather expensive for the amount of enjoyment I got from it.

      Yes the chocolate is tasty but nothing overly special and I think I would have preferred £6 worth of Galaxy chocolate bars! (ummmm what a thought!). I think a total score of 3 out of 5 is in order for these Lily O'Briens Contemporary chocolates and a slight recommendation.

      I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you.

      Many thanks for taking the time to read.


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