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Lily O'Briens Chocolate Collection

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Brand: Lily O'Brien's

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    3 Reviews
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      20.03.2011 23:38
      Very helpful



      Buy only if on sale and if feeling adventurous

      Choc collection 190g (16 small pieces, 4 pounds at Waitrose)

      I expected quite a bit from the way the box was decorated; maybe a notch above thorntons?

      GENERAL: Sad to say; there were many misses here - particularly the Farmhouse Ice Cream flavour which was such a failure. There are quite a few original ones; but the failures ruin the box. Buy this if they're on sale if you're keen.

      Lemon Meringue pie - milk dome shell, interior lemon liq atop light bitty lemon curd; liq hits you with firm sourness only on deeper bite, tapered with milk choc

      hazelnut torte - solid "rock" milk shell, interior praline with 7/10 hazelnut oily-creamy hybrid with crisp 'digestive biscuit' bits ;milk's excellent creamy texture lent support to poor textured but flavourful interior. - wonderful choc! almost there with Hotel Chocolat.

      cookies n cream - milk cup with vanilla mousse? with crispy rice bits & white choc lid studded with choc chips; milk was too sweet (IMBALANCED)
      white choc vanilla essence overpowering (albeit very well-textured); became "crispy white choc" without traditional cookies&cream - FAIL

      chocolat noir - solid "rock" dark shell was only hope lightly sweet to tongue, yet pleasantly bitter. interior "decadent" ganache was too airy with NO FLAVOUR.

      honey crisp - milk whole, with solid praline center and bits of honeycomb. pleasant, sweet, crispy - simple (same satisfaction of hotelchoc crispypraline)

      sticky toffee - milk dome topped with dark - thick shell with liquid caramel innards akin to werther's toffee (TOO SWEET); milk was uninspiring, no chemistry

      Creme brulee - white cup, bottom caramel, middle vanilla truffle, solid white choc lid studded with sugar grains white was STAR, creamy sweet-melt evident throughout, with caramel hitting you and vanilla truffle lightly kissing. ends with crisp sugar.

      farmhouse ice cream - dark dome w strong melt & powerful bittersweetness overpowered inner vanilla (icing? mousse?) like flavourless marshmellow cream. eating vanilla bit alone yielded 'bitsy bite' similar to chewing on ice cream crystals; VERY light vanilla - GOOD TRY


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      09.04.2010 20:44
      Very helpful



      Dessert chocolates would be better without the fillings

      My brother-in-law very kindly bought me a box of Lily O'Brien's chocolate collection for putting up with himself and his lovely daughters for a few days. What he didn't realise was a stick of fudge would have been ample. Nonetheless, I am not one to offend so didn't hand the chocolates back.

      Lily O'Brien's chocolates are manufactured in Newbridge, Co Kildare and although I have been there have never actually sampled these chocolates. My brother-in-law is also from Ireland but I know he bought these chocolates in Aberdeen, so I am sure they will be available in all good chocolate stockists!

      The box is very presentable and holds an exquisite collection of 30 milk, dark and white chocolates which are apparently created with passion. Some of the chocolates are actually pictured on the box and do look delicious. What I also like about this box is the colour which is cream and turquoise with gold writing making it look rather exquisite and expensive. But the best thing for me is there is no information on the dreaded calorie and fat content so they must also be healthy!!! I wish? There is a huge list of ingredients along with allergy advice and storage advice but no calories to make me feel guilty.

      This chocolate company was founded in 1992 by Mary O'Brien, in her own kitchen which has now grown into a huge factory and she has a team of chocolate enthusiasts working for her in county Kildare. She named her chocolates after her baby daughter Emily, who I assume is no longer a baby, and is in fact her chief taster.

      Mary believes a lot of her success is down to people like us, Chocolate Lovers. Not only those of us that just eat it but she thrives on receiving letters and comments from chocolate lovers worldwide to enable her to develop her range. Lily O'Brien's chocolates are exported to nine countries worldwide. The company has also received a number of rewards throughout the years.

      But are they any good?? Well let's taste them. As I write this review I will sample each chocolate to ensure I am giving you an honest, reflective opinion. The things I will do for dooyoo.

      The Taste Test

      The theme of these chocolates is desserts which have apparently been old favourites for many years. There are eight different flavours altogether. On opening the box they do look exquisite, the chocolate looks nice and thick and the smell is to die for. The difficult thing is now which do I go for first!!

      Here goes..........................................

      Lemon Meringue Pie
      Looks like a button, milk chocolate with a white chocolate cap it is described as crisp lemon truffle with zesty lemon curd encased in milk and white chocolate. Mmmm yes smells lemony, bite through thick milk chocolate and does taste as described. The sweet lemon curd taste is lasting. Score 8/10

      Sticky Toffee
      Another button! Milk chocolate with a dark chocolate cap described as sweet smooth caramel encased in milk and dark chocolate. Again smells caramely with a nice bite through thick chocolate. The caramel is very sweet not unlike any other chocolates I have tasted. Score 6/10

      Crème Brulee
      Looks like a cup made with white chocolate with Demerara sugar on top. Smells like white chocolate. Described as sweet vanilla custard truffle on a layer of smooth caramel in a white chocolate cup sprinkled with caramelised sugar. On biting too much white chocolate, the sweet caramel taste takes over the custard so very like eating a posh milky bar! Score 5.5/10

      Cookies n Cream.
      A milk chocolate cup with a white truffle centre sprinkled with chocolate. Smells like chocolate. Described a crunchy creamy truffle in a milk chocolate cup sprinkled with milk chocolate chips. On biting the chocolate is good but the truffle a bit sickly. Score 5/10

      I am now starting to feel a bit sick but will keep going!!!!

      Hazelnut Torte
      Looks like a milk chocolate mountain with a swirl of white chocolate on top. Smells chocolaty, nutty. On biting the chocolate is thick with a crunchy rich hazelnut praline which tastes good, has got a nice lingering after taste. Described as smooth hazelnut praline with caramelised hazelnut pieces in a milk chocolate shell topped with a white chocolate swirl. A good description and a score of 9/10

      Farmhouse Ice-cream
      Another mountain, this time dark chocolate with a sliver of white chocolate. Smells like dark chocolate and on biting mmmm a nice thick rich dark chocolate with a sweet cream inside but to be honest the chocolate takes over the taste. Described as traditional vanilla ice-cream in bitter sweet dark chocolate with a white chocolate strip. I don't get the ice cream taste coming through at all. Score 7/10

      Chocolate Noir
      Another dark chocolate mountain again just smells of dark chocolate. Mmmmmm now that is tasty dark chocolate with a dark chocolate ganache type centre, very chocolaty and rich. Described as a rich dark ganache wrapped in a dark chocolate with a dark chocolate drizzle. I would agree with that and it scores a 10!

      Honeycomb Crisp
      A milk chocolate mountain not much of an aroma. On biting very sweet milk chocolate with little bits of honeycomb inside. A bit disappointing I thought this would be my favourite so I saved it for last but it's nothing I haven't tasted before. Described as delicious pieces of honeycomb and crispies blended together with milk chocolate.

      The Verdict
      So that was the taste test and they were nice. They were definitely satisfyingly chocolaty and very rich which I like in a chocolate. No hard centres to break your teeth on but I do feel that the fillings were disappointing and a bit sickly sweet. Nevertheless, if they were given to me as a present I would gladly accept and munch my way through them but I am not sure that I would buy them myself. As this was a gift I am not sure of the cost but looking on line they would cost around £10 for a box of 30 chocolates.

      Thanks for reading, you will find me with my head down the loo after eating far too many chocolates at once xx



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        19.03.2010 07:06
        Very helpful
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        For mothers day last Sunday, I recieved two lovely gifts of my children. I was very spoilt. So I was really shocked when my husband gave me a box of chocolates from him. I did think to myself Im not your mother. But then realised most of the time I do act like I'm his mother so a box of chocolates is very much appreciated.

        I had never heard of Lily O Briens chocolates before. But judging by the box they looked a very luxurious chocolate brand. The packaging is indeed very appealing and the chocolates pictured on the front of the box look deliciously induldgent.

        Mary-Anne O'Brien started her chocolate company in 1992 from her kitchen in Ireland. She named her company Lilly O'Brien after her baby girl. Now the business is thriving, and boasts a huge factory in County Kildare plus a large team of employees.

        When reading about the company I got the feeling that these chocolates were going to be something a little more special than your average box of choccies. I got the impression that this business, has a passion to please it's customers. Indeed on the reverse side of the packaging, They are thanking customers and requesting feedback on the chocolates provided.

        There is no nutritional values displayed on the packaging, which I find quite odd. However there is a comprehensive list of allergy advice.

        When opening the box I was very pleased with the appearance of the chocolates. They oozed elegance and luxury. They were very well made, using thick milk and white chocolate to provide the consumer with a beautiful selection. The only problem was which one to eat first!!

        The box I recieved held 14 of these luxury chocolates. The theme running through the names of the chocolate selection seemed to me to be desserts. There was eight variations of chocolate within the box, which I thought provided an excellent variety of choice.

        The chocolate selection was
        Hazelnut torte
        farmhouse ice cream
        chocolate noir
        honeycomb crisp
        cookies'n' cream
        creme brulee
        sticky toffee
        lemon meringue pie

        The taste test:
        When sampling the first chocolate I was awaiting a taste sensation, which very disappointingly never came. The chocolates are pleasing enough, but they are certainly nothing special. I was awaiting a rich cocoa experience. But if im honest the chocolate for me fell way short of the mark. The texture of the chocolate was not creamy enough, the extra thickness of the chocolates, which initially I though was a good thing. Just made the chocolate more difficult to eat. The taste of the chocolate certainly did not live up to the expectations the packaging allows you.

        Although you certainly cannot argue that the appearance and variety of the chocolates is to an exceptional level. There is no comparison in the taste to the likes of Thorntons chocolates. This chocolate just tasted quite cheap and left me feeling disheartened.

        These chocolates are not cheap. This box of 14 chocolates cost £5. I do not think they are anywhere near this amount of money. Infact I would go as far as to say buy yourself a bar of cadburys as the chocolate is much more satisfying.


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