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Lily O'Briens Desserts Collection

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Brand: Lily O'Briens

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    3 Reviews
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      01.09.2015 09:53
      Very helpful



      A Delicious Chocolate Collection!

      I recently bought a box of these special Lily O Brien's chocolates which are designed to mimic some of the most well known puddings in the world. The box contains 18 chocolates with six different varieties.

      The dessert chocolates are: Hazelnut Torte, Raspberry Infusion, Banoffee Pie, Key Limey Pie, Creme Brulee, and Passion Fruit Posset.

      There are two dark chocolate varieties in the Key Limey Pie and the Raspberry Infusion whilst the Hazelnut Torte has a white chocolate cup. The other chocolates have milk chocolate cups. My favourites in the collection are the Banoffee Pie. This is a milk chocolate cup with a white chocolate top. The top is decorated with milk chocolate covered crispy caramel chunks. These are a little chewy though. The inside has a rich, banana flavoured caramel cream and a very thick and chocolatey truffle.

      I also love the Passion Fruit Posset which is a milk chocolate base and top, decorated with a sprinkling of juicy passion fruit pieces. Inside the chocolate is a rich white chocolate truffle which is dashed with pieces of passion fruit.

      The brand's Key Limey Pie is an award winning sweet (Great Taste Awards) and is very different and unusual. The blend of bitter sweet dark chocolate and the kick of the lemony-lime truffle inside is a pleasant awakening of the senses.

      The weakest sweets in the collection are possibly the Creme Brulee which is just a little bit bland with it's vanilla flavoured custard truffle and it's crunchy, sugary top. The Hazelnut Torte has a nice flavour but the texture of the dried nuts is not so nice.

      However, overall this collection is very impressive. They have certainly proved popular in my house and I would not hesitate to purchase these as a gift for a loved one in the future now that I know how interesting, tasty and well designed these are.

      The box cost me £6 and these sweets can be found at major supermarkets in the UK.


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      03.02.2011 23:23
      Very helpful



      Nice to have been able to try them at least I know now.

      Well Lily o' Briens chocolates are created with passion but I'm sure eating them like they are going out of fashion lol. I always thought they were o' Brians before I really looked at box properly.

      The company came about in 1992 and is named after the the makers daughter Lily. The business started in her very own kitchen and now is run from a factory in Ireland.

      I brought these in Boots sale recently costing £1.50, they are £6.00 at full price which to be honest I wouldn't pay and don't think they are worth it anyway.

      They come in a rectangle shaped box which is half in a cream colour with the name written in gold fancy writing. Desserts collection written in pink then small print says containing 18 chocolates weighing 230g. The other half of box is brown chocolate colour with an image of 4 chocolates.

      Now I feel I have been very very good as I have saved one of each chocolate so I can eat and review as I type, I didn't want to forget any details about them you see. I gave two coffee ones away as don't like coffee but just for my fellow Dooyooer's I will try one.
      They box contains a plastic tray which holds the chocolates in three rows of six. Each chocolate is in a small chocolate like cup with the filling instead, like the shape of a small shot glass.
      Now I will put the description of each chocolate as it is written on the little menu card that comes with all boxed chocolates,included their attempt at some humour then I will give my opinion on each too.

      Here goes...

      Vanilla ice cream & toffee crisp
      luscious white chocolate truffle delicately flavoured with bourbon vanilla from Madagascar in a milk chocolate cup topped with white chocolate and crisp toffee pieces...cool!

      Well those tiny round balls on the top are definitely toffee as they are stuck in my teeth now lol. The truffle is a strange texture, not dry like some truffle can be, it is like a smooth texture. There is a hint of vanilla in it and you can tell it isn't just your average essence from the kitchen cupboard. I would have thought they had used vanilla pods but they say it is from Madagascar.

      French almond torte
      Decadent dark chocolate and french almond truffle encased in a dark chocolate cup topped with ameretti pieces...Clever and quick-witted, likes to use big words.

      Not even a teaspoon of amaretti on the top but it has a burnt taste to it, not sure if it is meant to have or not. Now this one has quite a thick layer of white chocolate on it. Not very almondy whether it's french or not though.Quite disappointing.

      Strawberry pavlova
      Sumptuous strawberry mousse blended together with crushed meringue and strawberry pieces in a milk chocolate up dusted with pink sugar....Country bumpkin with a city pad.

      Now this is a girlie one and was looking forward to tasting this one again as my favourite out of the lot. Their description didn't mention the layer of white chocolate under the pink sugar naughty naughty. This is a lovely tasting truffle part and you can taste the strawberries well, you can't beat some strawberries and chocolate.

      Creme Brulee
      Sweet vanilla custard truffle on a layer of smooth caramel in a white chocolate cup sprinkled with caramelised sugar...Generous, likes long walks and weekends in Paris.

      Sorry mustn't talk with my mouth full but this one is quite sickly, I think it is the white chocolate cup and a layer of white chocolate with the fact you have overly sweet caramel under the truffle, I didn't notice this when ate it before but I think where I really am savouring each one slowly now I'm taking in more details of each one if that makes sense, In other words I'm not just shovelling them in like usual...

      Lemon & lime parfait
      A layer of mouth watering zesty lemon topped with smooth lime truffle encased in a rich dark chocolate topped with a white chocolate swirl.....Dark mediterranean type- lifes a beach

      Well I nibbled the white chocolate swirl off the top to start with. This is one of two of the chocolates which is completely solid as the rest have like a sunken top. This is another nice one, it's like a lemon curd on the base and the lime truffle is a nice mint green colour and tastes nice and refreshing. So I have two favourites out of six in the box.

      Sweet white chocolate infused with expresso on a bed of crisp dark truffle smothered in a milk chocolate topped with a dark swirl....Bit of a joker, mischievous but has hidden depths.

      Again I am able to nibble off the dark chocolate swirl from the top. I hold it in my fingers plucking up the courage and it started to melt and get messy. The white chocolate is actually on the base and the dark truffle on top not as description said. It tastes and smells like coffee and that is all I have to say about it as really need go do my teeth or get a drink or something yuck.

      Hope I have given you all a very good insight to this chocolate collection. The makers sure have a sense of humour with their joke bits on all descriptions. Would I buy again? Nope but I would but my favourite two separately, being strawberry pavlova and the lemon & lime one..
      Calorie info not available.


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        10.02.2010 16:28
        Very helpful



        Not the nicest chocolates around!

        Review of Lily O'Brien's Desserts Collection chocolates.

        My partner and I received a box of Lily O'Brien's The Dessert Collection chocolates at Christmas. We put them to one side and only opened them a day or two ago. I had never encountered Lily O'Brien confectionery before so was intrigued to try chocolates modelled on popular desserts.

        ~~The Product~~

        The chocolates are presented in an oblong box with a classy gold sleeve decorated with graffiti style stars. The product name and details are printed within a large star and images of the chocolates appear beneath the description. Ingredients and nutritional values are located on the rear of the wrapper.

        On sliding off the gold outer wrapper the actual box is revealed. This is wrapped in cellophane. The lid of the box is brown and cream in colour and bears the product description (again) and images of the chocolates. The base of the box is a bright cerise pink and has the ingredients and nutritional information once again. Inside the box the chocolates are contained within a brown plastic tray. There are 6 varieties and the contents weigh in at 205g/7.2 oz. The box contains a total of 18 round shaped chocolates, comprising 3 of each flavour.

        They are in the style of dark or milk chocolate 'cups' each containing the dessert flavoured filling. The chocolates are very attractively presented, the colours of the fillings compliment each other beautifully, so visually, these chocolates are an absolute winner!

        The chocolates have no discernible aroma.

        Texture-wise I found these chocolates a little disappointing, I do prefer hard centred chocolates and these are most definitely soft centres. However, that is of course my personal preference and in no way a reflection on the quality of these chocolates.

        The centres are smooth and creamy in both taste and texture. The dark chocolate cups are rich and satisfyingly chocolatey, without any of the bitter after-taste sometimes found in dark chocolate. The milk chocolate cups are smooth, sweet and creamy. I have to say that these are an extremely rich selection of chocolates.

        I will attempt to describe the individual chocolates and give my verdict on each one below.

        The flavour are as follows:-

        Ice Cream and Toffee Crisp

        This is a milk chocolate cup containing creamy coloured, white chocolate and vanilla truffle decorated with crisp toffee pieces. Pleasantly sweet tasting with a creamy texture and a rich after taste.

        Amaretto Torte

        A dark chocolate cup filled with a velvety chocolate and almond truffle topped with crispy amaretto biscuit pieces. Very rich and my favourite.

        Strawberry Pavlova

        Milk chocolate cup containing pink coloured, strawberry flavoured mouse blended with meringue pieces and dusted with pink coloured sugar. This is a very pretty chocolate however in my opinion it is sickly sweet, cloying to the palate and leaves a strange after-taste. Not nice!

        Chocolate Fudge Cake

        Another milk chocolate cup filled with dark chocolate and caramel mousse and decorated with delicate vanilla fudge shavings. A gorgeous chocolate with a luxurious texture and taste.

        Lemon And Lime Sorbet

        A dark chocolate cup containing a livid yellow filling. This chocolate centre is a zesty lime and lemon mousse. It is unpleasantly artificial in flavour and leaves a rather odd after-taste. This chocolate is a huge disappointment and in my view lets this whole chocolate collection down.


        The milk chocolate cup surrounds a dark chocolate mousse flavoured with espresso coffee and topped with crispy truffle pieces. A sophisticated and decadent tasting chocolate. Really good!

        It is quite hard to describe these chocolates as other than the strawberry and lemon flavours they are all very similar.

        ~~Ingredients, Nutritional Values and Allergy Advice~~

        I will not replicate the huge long list of ingredients and nutritional values here. As a confectionery product the sugar, fat and cocoa contents are pretty self explanatory, plus I am convinced that no one really wants to wade through this type of detail anyway!

        The chocolates contain a whopping 538 calories per 100g, so are certainly not for the diet concious consumer!

        Allergy advice is more relevant in my opinion and certainly worth mentioning. The chocolates contain milk, egg, wheat, gluten, soya and traces of nuts, so consumers sensitive to any of these ingredients should exercise caution.


        As these chocolates were a gift, I do not know where they were purchased, however the Lily O'Briens website lists them as costing £5.99 per box. The product is produced in Ireland for the Lily O'Briens company.

        Further information and stockist can be found on the site, www.lilyobriens.com

        ~~My Thoughts and Conclusion~~

        This is a very eye catching and visually attractive box of chocolates. The chocolates themselves are however, rather disappointing. The textures are not to my taste and although the actual chocolate used to produce the cups, is delicious, the filling selection simply does not work! A chocolate selection replicating popular desserts is a great idea, but sadly these chocolates were a let down in my opinion.

        I also consider the huge amount of packaging to be unnecessary and the chocolates to be expensive. I would not have purchased these for myself and would not buy them as a gift for someone else.
        Naturally personal taste does colour my review of this product, but even making allowances for individual taste, I feel that I cannot recommend this product to others.

        Thank you for reading.

        ©Brittle1906 February 2010

        N.B. My reviews may appear on other review sites, under the same user name.


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