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Lily O'Briens Sticky Toffee Chocolate Bar

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Brand: Lily O'Briens / Type: Toffee

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    2 Reviews
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      23.07.2009 15:34
      Very helpful



      A delicious chocolate bar that I shall certainly buy again.

      Today my daughter popped in with a bar of chocolate for us to share, I've seen the Lily O'Briens range in Sainsbury's but have never felt compelled to buy a bar.

      This Sticky Toffee chocolate bar is like a posh version of a Cadbury's Caramel, it's a flatter bar and comes as a slab rather than a bar of chocolate which is a decent size although a little smaller than the slabs you buy from the Green & Blacks or Lindt brands.

      The bar was priced at just 96p so I honestly wasn't expecting it to be as luxurious or delicious as it actually turned out to be. The milk chocolate is smooth and creamy, the flavour of the soft toffee is not just relegated to the centre of the bar but seems to infuse the chocolate itself with a delicious caramel taste that gives the entire bar a rich toffee flavour.

      Despite the fact that the Sticky Toffee bar is very sweet indeed, I didn't find it overpoweringly so and the toffee has a full and rich flavour which is far more rounded than that you'd find in a Caramel and it's this that took much of the sweetness away in my opinion.

      The nicest way of eating this chocolate I found was to bite a segment in half and allow the chocolate to melt into the soft and almost runny toffee centre. This made the chocolate feel so luxurious and delicious, I honestly cannot believe I have not tried this before!

      I was pleased to find that the layer of toffee was rather thin inside the chocolate as I believe any more would have overwhelmed the bar and made it too sickly, as it was I ate my half of the bar in one go because it was so moreish and not at all sickly. The chocolate is much thicker than the toffee, and this is good in my opinion as frankly if I wanted a toffee overload then I'd have gone to Thorntons - there was just enough toffee to give a rich and tempting flavour but not so much that I got sick and tired of the taste.

      This was an 80g bar and unfortunately I cannot give you any nutritional information as the wrapper is now in the bin! Let's be honest though, with a mixture of chocolate and toffee it's not going to be great is it so I'd definitely recommend just having this as an occasional treat rather than everytime you fancy something sweet.


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        25.04.2009 12:22
        Very helpful



        A Very Moreish Chocolate Bar

        Isn't it really silly to go shopping when you have just worked a twelve hour shift and you are absolutely starving? Sadly I have to admit I do this on numerous occasions and as a result am solely responsible for the number of "extras" unnecessary and indulgent items that are often added to my shopping basket. After grabbing my obligatory bottle of plonk (well it is Friday night) I decided on this particular occasion that I would treat myself to a little bar of chocolate as well. I normally opt for a particular brand however to my horror on this particular visit they only had a super size version of it available. I decided however that if I bought this I would eat it all in one go so decided to try a different product for a change. I have to confess I had not heard of this items existence until this point in time however I decided to give it a try. The chocolate bar I ended up with was Lily O'Brien's Sticky Toffee Milk Chocolate bar.

        For those of you who have not heard of Lily O'Brien's chocolate before. It is a company which was founded in Ireland. I logged onto the website to research a little bit of history to discover that the company started in 1992 by Mary-Anne O'Brien who first made chocolate in her kitchen with the help of a wooden spoon and her little girl Lily who was chief stirrer and taster!!! The company subsequently being named after her. They have received numerous awards for their excellent range of products over the years and provide a huge range of mouth watering delicious chocolates and treats using the finest ingredients.

        I must admit that brown is not a packaging colour that I find myself particularly attracted to. I do have a sense of humour though and if the wording Sticky Toffee isn't enough to entice you into trying this product then perhaps the wording on the packaging might. Well it did it for me!!!

        "So what if you're not a size-zero. And your partner is no super hero. A small Lily's treat, can make you complete. And won't cost a load of dinero".

        In addition to this the picture of lovely milk chocolate squares oozing sticky toffee was all I needed to pick up this 80g bar. It didn't cost the earth either at £1.08. Bargain particularly when you are starving. Who needs a balanced diet anyway? Wine and chocolate win every time in my book bring it on!!!! In addition the packaging sports the company logo Lily O'Brien's with the slogan "created with passion" underneath. It also tells you the product name and features a lovely picture of Mary-Anne and Lily. After unwrapping the brown outer wrapper you are met with shiny gold foil. The bar itself is relatively heavy in weight so you know that you are getting a substantial piece of chocolate.

        The chocolate itself is made up of eight quite large squares of chocolate which is a refreshing change from the very small pieces you normally get in a standard bar. I suppose if you were inclined it would make it easier for sharing it (no chance!!). The product itself is absolutely delicious too, it is not too sweet and I have to confess I managed to eat the whole thing in one sitting as it wasn't in the least bit sickly. The sticky toffee complemented the chocolate very well and had just the right balance. It wasn't loaded with toffee either just enough to be able to appreciate its subtle but delicious flavour. I have to say I am now a convert and will definitely be buying this again.

        There were several different chocolate bars available in this range; some of these include a milk chocolate bar, honeycomb crisp, organic milk chocolate. I have to say that I will definitely be trying every single one of these in the not too distant future.

        Nutritional Information per 100g

        Energy 2097KJ
        Protein 6.3g
        Carbohydrates 65.7g
        Fat 25.0g
        Fibre 0.0g
        Sodium 0.09g

        I have thoroughly enjoyed this product, normally a creature of habit it does good to go wild every now and again and try something new. Definitely recommended would rate 5 stars.

        For more information on Lily O'Brien's products take a look at the website. www.lilyobriens.com.


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