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Lindt Excellence Caramel & Sea Salt Chocolate Bar

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Brand: Lindt / Type: Dark

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    3 Reviews
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      31.10.2013 11:48
      Very helpful



      Great chocolate - low calorie and satisfying

      Having recently converted to Dark Chocolate I can say that Lindt have a fantastic range. I personally prefer Willies but that can be pricey so when supermarket shopping Lindt is my go to.

      I have a bit of a fetish for salted caramel at the moment - it does seam to be the 'in thing' as you look round the shops but hey who am I to complain!

      This Swiss chocolate is like their others smooth and creamy despite it being dark there is no bitter aftertaste. In essence they have this flavour down to a T. The sweetness of the caramel is well offset by the salt and gives good texture to the chocolate.

      4 Squares (which are quite large) is 208 calories which in my opinion is fantastic, you get a great chocolaty hit and a decent sized serving on par with a bar of Dairy Milk - which is much less satisfying. This is a sharing sized bar I personally couldn't manage more than 4 squares in one sitting.

      My only criticism of this chocolate would be that the packaging is quite dull. It could be made more colourful and appealing but for substance this definitely gets full marks from me.


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      23.09.2013 17:35
      Very helpful



      A really nice chocolate which should appeal to those who crave the taste of chocolate.

      Lindt Excellence.

      Caramel with a touch of sea Salt.

      I bought this 100 gram bar of chocolate a couple of weeks ago and after putting away the shopping completely forgot about it so I was really pleased when looking for something else I found it.

      Who are Lindt?

      Lindt are a renowned Swiss company that has been making high quality Chocolate since 1845. The company was started by father and son David Sprungli- Schwarz and his son Rudolf Sprungli- Ammann. In those days chocolate was usually taken as a drink and these two started a new fad of making it into bars of high quality chocolate. What a fad they started we are so lucky today that they did experiment with chocolate. Eventually they opened another shop then when demand increased they opened another factory. Eventually the company opened factories in France and Italy and today there are factories all over Europe and Canada. They distribute their fine quality chocolate all over the world.

      OK so now for the chocolate.

      When passing down the confectionary aisle I noticed that the Lindt Chocolate was on special offer at £1 a bar of 100g. There were several varieties that were on offer and the one that I chose was the Lindt Excellence Caramel with a touch of sea salt. The chocolate comes in a cardboard type covering and inside the box there is a bar of chocolate enveloped in a sealed gold foil wrapper.

      Breaking into the gold foil you are hit by the delicious smell of chocolate. The chocolate is dark and contains only 47% cocoa solids. So although it is a dark chocolate it is not super strong or bitter. The rest is made up of milk powder cocoa butter rapeseed and flavourings of vanilla and caramel. It contains 5% of caramel pieces and 3% of sea salt.

      The bar of chocolate is sectioned into two lines of fairly 10decent sized portions in total. The chocolate actually snaps when you try to break a piece off. The sign of a good quality chocolate is that it actually shines. As it is fairly rich you may only limit yourself to one or two portions especially when some of their chocolate contains up to 99% cocoa. It is far too strong to have any more. But this one at 47% is rather moreish and really quite tasty.

      Placing a portion on your tongue and letting it melt you can get taste of the small pieces of Caramel then a slight tingle of sea salt which makes it quite pleasant. The chocolate actually tastes really nice and creamy. Not sickly so like galaxy chocolate but a smooth creamy warming taste that is discerningly of good quality. I cannot stand galaxy chocolate but this one is a real winner for me. It does not cloy in your mouth but rather melts on the tongue giving you a nice sensual feeling and being fully able to appreciate all the different tastes of the bar.


      Boy oh boy, yes do I recommend it. It is a really nice good quality product which for those who are chocolate lovers will absolutely adore this bar of chocolate. It really is smooth creamy and tastes delicious. I absolutely recommend it and for a £1 a bar I think it is a bargain. It is difficult not to be gutsy and eat more after all its only a small bar but the recommended serving is 25g which may seem a bit miserly but in reality this is not your run of the mill bar of chocolate but one of superior quality and taste and who knows it may just give you the chocolate taste you crave.


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        12.04.2013 22:23
        Very helpful



        Tasty and can be good for you too

        Lindt dark chocolate - caramel with a touch of sea salt

        I am not usually a great fan of dark or plain chocolate but there is something about the little crunchy bits of sea salt and caramel that make this very grown up, luxurious and also quite delicious.

        I did go to a chocolate tasting session with Divine chocolate and it was very interesting. He told us that a good chocolate must not only taste good but must also have a shine to it so look at it first. Then it must break with a sharp crack rather than a dull one which I often the case with a milk chocolate that has a lot of milk solids in it. He also said still before you actually put it in your mouth you should smell it and that stirs up your taste buds ready. Once you actually put it in your mouth let it melt onto your tongue and allow the taste to work its way around your mouth. After you have swallowed if it is a good quality chocolate it should still taste in your mouth and the longer this after taste lasts the better the quality of chocolate.

        This company boasts that they have been master chocolatiers since 1845 and I have to say they have always had a good name in chocolate and one that I have regarded as a good one since my childhood and when I became aware of quality as opposed to guzzling quantity.

        They are a Swiss company and yet on the back of my packet bought here in the UK the ingredient says 'Australian nutritional information' so I am not sure what that is all about.

        THE BAR
        Inside the thin cardboard cover the chocolate is wrapped in a nice silver foil. The bar weighs 100g which I according to the back of the pack, for servings. I find one piece of this does the job for me. It gives me my chocolate fix but because it is so tasty and rich I don't crave huge amounts. Cadbury's is my guzzling chocolate but this is my more refined lady like chocolate.

        So 25g is a serving size, a quarter of the bar and that gives you a whopping 518kj of energy or 125 calories. This I never going to be part of a calorie controlled diet but I would say anything is okay in moderation.

        I think what I find so yummy about this particular bar is the combinations of taste sensations and the crunchy crackling texture too. I love the crunchy bits, some sweet and some salty that blend together with the deep warm chocolate to give a wonderful taste sensation in my mouth. The caramel gives that extra sweetness to the dark chocolate and I am not sure if it is caramel or alt that gives the crunchiness but it is delicious.

        According to an article in the British Medical Journal some dark chocolate daily is good for you. Eating certain types of cocoa products, including dark chocolate, can lead to a small but potentially meaningful drop in blood pressure. The chocolate has to be cocoa rich and not full of milk fats and sugar. According to the Guardian:

        "Scientists have found that people eating just 7.5 grams of chocolate daily were at a 39% lower risk of having a heart attack or stroke compared to those who ate just 1.7 grams.
        The study, published in the European Heart Journal, found that modest chocolate intake had a significant effect on people's blood pressure. The benefits were more pronounced for a reduced risk of a stroke, but also brought less chance of a heart attack too."

        Having learned this I really do me best to struggle through some chocolate daily!! Not really but it is something to think about if you suffer from high blood pressure and have a history of stroke and heart attack in your family.

        This is a really tasty chocolate. A grown up chocolate, sophisticated in taste and yet the crunchiness adds not only to the flavor but adds an element of crunchiness and texture and fun to it to. I love this in small doses, I can only eat a square at a time maybe two sometimes as I do find it quite rich and the flavor lasts well in my mouth. I had a square a I started writing this and can still taste it now well over half an hour later.

        Thank for reading. This review may be posted on other site under my same username.


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      • Product Details

        An old favourite with a new twist. Lindt's Swiss dark chocolate combined with crunchy caramel pieces and crystallised sea salt. Discover this unexpected and delicious new taste experience.

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