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Lindt Excellence Crunchy Caramel

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3 Reviews

Brand: Lindt / Type: Caramel

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    3 Reviews
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      02.06.2011 10:37
      Very helpful
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      A truly superior and excellent quality chocolate.

      This Lindt Crunchy Caramel chocolate is as it states 'excellence' in its quality and taste.
      It is very rare that I buy this chocolate due to its phenomenal price!! I usually see it priced at around £1.80 per bar; sometimes even more than this.

      The bars are 100g in weight. I really love the packaging of Lindt chocolate bars. This bar comes in a good quality cardboard wrapper, which is almost like the chocolate is boxed in it. There is an overall white background. In the middle is a picture of a piece of Lindt chocolate with caramel around it which looks like it has been melted and then hardened. I like the Gold writing on Lindt chocolate bar wrappers and the emblem next to the name LINDT. This oozes of an excellent quality product.

      The taste of this Chocolate bar is in my view second to none for what it is. The chocolate comes in thin pieces. This is something that I really like. Whilst I am used to eating chunky chocolate, which most bars seem to be these days, I have always preferred my chocolate in thinner pieces. This chocolate is very smooth with a superb milky taste and it is full of sweet crunchy caramel pieces .

      Lindt describe this chocolate bar in the following way; ' A delectably smooth and creamy milk chocolate blended with delicate pieces of crunchy caramel. Made to a traditional Lindt milk recipe, the perfect balance of ingredients will truly indulge the senses of all chocolate connoisseurs'

      I couldn't agree more with the above statement!!

      Unfortunately the chocolate doesn't last long once I open it!! I would usually eat at least half the bar in one go.


      Cocoa solids (30% minimum)
      Milk solids (20% minimum)
      Cocoa butter
      Caramel pieces (15%) (Sugar, Lactose, Milk fat, skimmed milk powder, rapseed Lecithin)
      Milk powder
      Cocoa mass
      Skimmed milk powder
      Malt extract (Barley)
      Emulsifier (Soya Lecithin)
      Flavouring (Vanilla)

      Allergy Advice

      *The product may contain traces of hazelnuts & Almonds*

      Calorific Content

      This information is not supplied!! I must say I really think it should be. Of course you would expect that this chocolate bar would be high in calories and fat which I am sure it is! But I still like to know how many calories are in what I consume.

      *Other available Lindt 'excellence milk' range;*

      Extra creamy milk chocolate
      Caramelised hazelnuts milk chocolate
      Roasted Almond milk chocolate

      As I previously mentioned this chocolate bar is very expensive. However, there have been a few occasions when I have seen it on special offer in Budgens. To be honest this is usually the only time I will buy it. When it is on offer it's priced at a £1.00 per bar. I sometimes have a little stock up on Lindt chocolate bars when they are reduced by this much. Considering the bar of chocolate doesn't last that long, I even think this is slightly overpriced; however, its a lot better than the usual cost.

      This is a truly delicious chocolate bar. Unfortunately there are the two negative aspects that mean I can only reward it 4 Dooyoo stars; One is the price and the other is the fact that there is no information on the packaging regarding calories. However, I recommend that you try this chocolate out. You won't be disappointed with the great taste and combination of ingredients.


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        08.06.2010 22:42
        Very helpful



        chocolately sweet treat!

        I was in Tesco a few days ago and my excited husband came around the corner and dragged me by the arm to the next aisle, there was a lady with Lindt chocolate. She doing tasters of three bars of Lindt chocolate; milk, caramelised hazelnuts and crunchy caramel. We went around the block three times. We ate so much that we felt we should buy a bar of the chocolate, partly out of guilt and partly out of the fact that this is good chocolate!

        We paid £1 for 100g

        The chocolate is classic Lindt Excellence, smooth, soft and creamy. The crunchy caramel is small and very sweet, almost like a cross between broken up Dime bar or crumbled Crunchy. The picture at the top of this review is the old packaging; the new packet is a large rectangle cardboard packet., mainly white but with a blue square in the centre (not orange as shown in the picture.)

        The bar itself is thinner that most chocolate bars but the chocolate is so rich that if would be too sickly if it was any thicker. The squares of chocolate are also a lot larger than normally but all in all each piece is perfect bite size.

        as a consequence of being really thin I find that the chocolate melts really easily. I have to keep mine in the fridge. If it is left out too long it gets soft which adds to the sickliness, the chocolate tastes better when cold and crunchy.

        This is a really nice grown up bar of chocolate, perfect for sitting on the settee and treating yourself. I can only eat two squares at one time as it is too sickly, not a bad thing as it is so nice I would otherwise eat the whole bar!


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        16.10.2004 17:53
        Very helpful



        It's been ages since I've had a bar of chocolate, so today I decided to change that. But I didn't just want a Snickers or a bar of Cadbury's Dairy Milk; I had a craving for something different. So there I was strolling along the sweets aisle in the supermarket looking for inspiration when I came across bars of Lindt Excellence Crunchy Caramel lurking on the top shelf. The name immediately caught my attention, as did the vivid golds and oranges used on the wrapper. Of course, I couldn't resist and popped one in the trolley.

        Crunchy Caramel is made from Swiss milk chocolate and caramel pieces. It is made by Lindt & Sprüngli, a swiss company who have been making chocolate since 1845, and who are renowned throughout the world for the superior quality of their chocolate. Everything about this chocolate oozes quality. Even the wrapper has a touch of class about it. Although it is predominantly white, gold lettering features widely on the front. The name, Lindt Excellence, appears in fancy gold lettering and other bright colours are used to entice you to buy it. If this isn't enough, then maybe the picture of a piece of chocolate and some delicious-looking caramel pieces next to it will be.

        As you remove the outer wrapper, you'll see that the chocolate is also wrapped in a shiny foil wrapper to keep it fresh. Tear this open to reveal the bar itself.

        At first glance, the chocolate looks like any other. However, on closer inspection, you can see that the bar is actually much less chunky than most other chocolate bars. It is divided into large square pieces which can be broken off and enjoyed individually and each one also has the Lindt name etched into it.

        The chocolate itself smells very pleasant. It has a sweet, yet quite profound aroma which really sets your tastebuds racing. However, as with any chocolate bar, it is the taste which counts and this is really quite incredible. The creaminess of the milk chocolate combined with the sweet aftertaste of the crunchy caramel pieces makes for the perfect taste. The caramel pieces are a bit like honeycomb - crunchy and pleasantly sweet. I did not find the chocolate too sickly either, but I'm sure it could be if you eat too much at a time.

        The wrapper does not list nutrition information, but tells you that cocoa solids account for a minimum of 30% and milk solids a minimum of 20%. There is also a warning that the chocolate may contain traces of hazelnuts and almonds.

        Overall, this is one of the nicest chocolate bars I have tried and I will definitely be buying it again. The only downside is the cost, with 100g bars costing between £1.09 and £1.19. This is more expensive than other similar brands, but, in my opinion, well worth it!


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