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Lindt Excellence Dark Wasabi Chocolate Bar

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Brand: Lindt / Type: Dark

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    1 Review
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      16.04.2013 12:15
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      A very unusual taste combination

      Lindt dark chocolate -with wasabi

      I am not usually a great fan of dark or plain chocolate but I just could not resist buying this for its unique flavor. I do quite like the dark one with chilli so thought this would be interesting to taste. Wasabi for those who don't know, is a bit like horseradish and has the same sort of woosh up your nostrils as horseradish and is very popular in Japan. This makes this an acquired taste and one likely to appeal only to grown ups.

      I did go to a chocolate tasting session with Divine chocolate and it was very interesting. He told us that a good chocolate must not only taste good but must also have a shine to it so look at it first. This does have a bit of a shine.Then it must break with a sharp crack rather than a dull one which I often the case with a milk chocolate that has a lot of milk solids in it. He also said still before you actually put it in your mouth you should smell it and that stirs up your taste buds ready. Once you actually put it in your mouth let it melt onto your tongue and allow the taste to work its way around your mouth. After you have swallowed if it is a good quality chocolate it should still taste in your mouth and the longer this after taste lasts the better the quality of chocolate.

      This company boasts that they have been master chocolatiers since 1845 and I have to say they have always had a good name in chocolate and one that I have regarded as a good one since my childhood and when I became aware of quality as opposed to guzzling quantity.

      They are a Swiss company and yet on the back of my packet bought here in the UK the ingredient says 'Australian nutritional information' so I am not sure what that is all about.

      THE BAR
      Inside the thin cardboard cover the chocolate is wrapped in a nice silver foil. The bar weighs 100g which I according to the back of the pack, for servings. I find one piece of this at a time does the job for me. It gives me my chocolate fix but because it is so powerful and rich I don't crave huge amounts. Cadbury is my guzzling chocolate but this is not one that you will feel like eating great quantities of I expect.

      So 25g is a serving size, a quarter of the bar and that gives you a whopping 518kj of energy or 125 calories. This I never going to be part of a calorie controlled diet but I would say anything is okay in moderation.

      I think I was expecting this to be a bit like the chilli chocolate and in some ways it is a bit like it. When I broke it it had a nice sharp crack. I sniffed and to be absolutely honest it didn't really smell of much beyond dark chocolate. I popped a piece on my tongue and initially I could taste dark chololate and then as I breathed out through my nose I was aware of the wasabi hit. It gives a bit of a tingle on my tongue but the main effect is the back woosh through my nostrils. It isn't that strong to me but my husband hated it. He is not keen on dark chocolate though anyway.

      After the chocolate has melted on my tongue I can still detect a tingling for a few minutes and the taste of dark chocolate lasts quite a while too as a quality chocolate should. What intrigues me is the taste combinations of hot prickly wasabi blending with the deep creamy chocolate richness. It plays with your taste buds but is actually much nicer than I thought it might be. This is not a sweet chocolate but more of a sophisticated after dinner chocolate. It is the kind of chocolate that goes well with a plain biscuit as my gran used to say. I thought she was wasting good chocolate room when I was younger but it does sort of balance the richness really well.

      According to an article in the British Medical Journal some dark chocolate daily is good for you. Eating certain types of cocoa products, including dark chocolate, can lead to a small but potentially meaningful drop in blood pressure. The chocolate has to be cocoa rich and not full of milk fats and sugar. According to the Guardian "Scientists have found that people eating just 7.5 grams of chocolate daily were at a 39% lower risk of having a heart attack or stroke compared to those who ate just 1.7 grams.

      The study, published in the European Heart Journal, found that modest chocolate intake had a significant effect on people's blood pressure. The benefits were more pronounced for a reduced risk of a stroke, but also brought less chance of a heart attack too."

      Having learned this I really do my feel a whole lot less guilty when I indulge in my guilty pleasure. I do try to only have a couple of pieces and by choosing dark rich chocolates like this makes it easier to restrict myself.

      This is a really unique and tasty chocolate, a sophisticated and unusual in my mind one that will appeal to a limited number of people and certainly adults rather than children. I love this in small doses, I can only eat a square at a time maybe two sometimes as I do find it quite rich and the flavor lasts well in my mouth. It leaves my tongue with a tingle and my mouth full of dark rich chocolate flavor which lasts a good half hour or so. I had a square as I started writing this and can still taste it now well over half an hour later.

      Thank for reading. This review may be posted on other site under my same username.


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    • Product Details

      Dark chocolate with wasabi flavour Combination of finest dark chocolate, subtly flavoured with wasabi The combination of the contrasting flavours will both surprise and excite you, leaving you wanting more Blended the most aromatic cocoa beans with the finest ingredients

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