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Lindt Excellence Ecuador

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Brand: Lindt

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    1 Review
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      04.07.2009 21:06
      Very helpful



      Intense, slightly sweet chocolate flavour without the bitterness.

      I wanted to try this particular chocolate just to see if the fact its made from cocoa beans from Ecuador would make a startling difference to the overall taste and flavour.

      As with coffee it does tend to make quite a remarkable difference.
      I wonder where your bog standard, run of the mill cocoa beans are from that make say Cadburys? Thats one to investigate some day.

      Its quite a flat thin bar of chocolate with a paper sleeve, expensive looking just as the price at £1.56 a bar it should be expensive looking, because it is expensive but I must admit I have seen it on offer frequently in Sainsburys and Tesco.
      The picture in the middle is a green map depicting Ecuador that makes sense. It reads ECUADOR 75% cacao-
      Lindt EXCELLENCE and the Lindt emblem are in gold and really stand out, giving it a real luxurious feel.

      Theres lots of the usual blurb on the back quality guarantee, Swiss made etc. Its also written in at least five different languages and at first its a struggle to find the English.
      It states "Fine dark chocolate with cocoa from Ecuador"
      Cocoa Mass
      Cocoa Butter
      Emulsifier(soya lecithin)
      Natural Flavouring
      Warning- May contain traces of hazelnuts almonds and milk.
      Cocoa Solids 75% min
      Always good when the ingredients list isn't as long as your arm.

      So Taste- I normally put all chocolate in the freezer(which drives my other half nuts) but, thought I had better also try this at room temperature and its much nicer non frozen, you get sooo much more flavour.
      Upon opening the "sleeve" the chocolate is wrapped in shiny silver foil
      and theres a fairly strong chocolate aroma.

      First taste is slightly bitter as I expected(not as bitter as I thought), but as it hits the back of your throat it turns a smidgen sweet and its lovely, what a delicious taste Mmmmmm......
      Frozen its ruined, bitter and not much else- suppose Im going to have to agree with "tuther arf".

      So a 100g bar will set you back £1.56.
      Would I buy it again,? Yes, but at that price only as a treat and it would be made to last.
      Now, if I see it on offer I may have to "stock up" on a few.

      Seemingly there are others in the same range-

      Madagascar Madar who har, no Madagascar(couldnt resist sorry)
      I may be tempted to try them....

      Thankyou for reading my review.


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