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Lindt Excellence Ginger

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Brand: Lindt Chocolate / Type: Bar

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    1 Review
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      13.06.2009 12:23
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      If you fancy ginger chocolate then go for Green & Blacks rather than this rubbish!

      I absolutely adore the Green & Blacks Ginger chocolate which contains pieces of crystallised stem ginger for a warm and delicious treat, so I could have kicked myself when in Tesco last week I accidentally picked up the Lindt Excellence Ginger Dark Chocolate bar. Well, when I realised I didn't exactly want to kick myself as I love Lindt chocolate in general so thought I'd be in for a treat anyway - it was only while eating that I wished I had been more observant in the supermarket and picked up the correct bar.

      Immediately unwrapping the chocolate I noticed how smooth the surface was, there were blatantly no lumps and bumps where pieces of ginger could be hiding even though the bar smells fairly strongly of ginger. Well, to be more exact it smells of the heat that ginger provides as unlike the Green & Blacks bar there isn't actually the instant aroma of ginger filling the immediate area around the chocolate bar.

      As always with Lindt chocolate the bar is split into huge chunks, too big for a single bite in my opinion so I have to sort of snap chunks off the bar and then bite them which makes a mess as this chocolate melts so quickly that any spilt slivers of chocolate will instantly melt on my skin and clothing. This is a bugbear I have with the entire Lindt range however so I shall not hold it against this particular bar.

      What I will hold against it is the fact that it's awful. The dark chocolate lacks the creaminess I have come to expect from this brand and the chocolate itself seems far too sugary for such a top quality dark chocolate, this doesn't exactly come through as a sweetness and it's very hard to describe but I can only imagine that when they added the ginger flavouring to the chocolate some strange reaction occurred and lent the bar a strange flavour. I can taste the ginger but it's ever so slight and doesn't taste like real ginger at all, there are no pieces of ginger lodged inside the chocolate and the flavouring just seems far too uniform for such an unstable flavour as ginger. I've used ginger in cooking hundreds of times and it's one of those spices that you cannot guarantee the same result every single time you use it, even when using precise measurements. What I'm trying to say is that this Lindt Excellence chocolate is just too perfect to be truly ginger flavoured!

      I feel the heat of the ginger with every mouthful of chocolate, but without the rich and spicy true ginger flavour it seems very washed out and irrelevant to the chocolate itself. After eating roughly a quarter of the bar I suddenly realised I was sick and tired of it, and that is almost unheard of when it comes to me and chocolate! The ginger sensation (notice I didn't say taste there) overwhelms the bar to the extent that I can barely taste the chocolate at all, and there are very few flavours in my opinion that can mask good quality dark chocolate to such a large degree.

      I'm not impressed at all. I love ginger in most of its forms and also am a big fan of dark chocolate so Lindt must have gotten it badly wrong for me to dislike the bar as much as I do! I saved the rest of the chocolate and gave it to my daughter in a kind of blind test, she picked out the ginger as I knew she would but didn't recognise the dark chocolate as being a premium brand and actually thought it was my latest Tesco Value offering - which at £1.79 a bar it certainly wasn't!

      I feel cheated by this bar of chocolate, Lindt is usually so special but the mere fact that my daughter thought it was 'cheap chocolate' speaks volumes to me as this was pretty much what I was thinking as I was eating it. The aftertaste the chocolate left in my mouth wasn't nice either, it gradually turned more and more bitter yet the gingery heat never quite left my mouth which was a very strange and unpleasant combination. And now it's forced me to break my diet yet again and quench my ginger cravings with a good old bar of Green & Blacks Ginger chocolate which is far superior and has the added bonus of the little cruncy slivers of crystallised ginger.

      Now that's what I call a ginger chocolate, Lindt!


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