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Lindt Excellence Intense Orange

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2 Reviews

Brand: Lindt / Type: Orange

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    2 Reviews
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      31.01.2015 18:46
      Very helpful




      Another day, another chocolate bar and another star jump to work it all off.

      This is part of the fabulous EXCELLANACE range of bars, even though they are dark chocolate bars they are great for cooking with. There are 17 different varieties in the range to choose from and there's even a Blueberry flavour chocolate! Head to LINDT.CO.UK to check out the full range and the sale they currently have on.

      These are quite thin square that are packed with flavour and richness.
      For such dark chocolate these are in no way bitter, which is why I think I keep going back to this brand and especially dark chocolate normally I can't eat that but this is delicious in small quantities,
      This is 47% dark cocoa and the orange is only 2% but it is very tart and overrules the dark chocolate most definitely but in a pleasant way.

      I really enjoyed this with a glass of wine than with coffee which I usually have, even the Lindt website recommends what would be ideal to drink with this particular bar of chocolate.
      However, I've already mentioned that this is very good to cook with especially making muffins or sponges, it melts very well and the flavour of orange is kept so you get that delicious flavour still.

      This is quite high on the calories side-523!!! Almost a dinner or two. So this is now brought only in seasons like Christmas, birthdays or as an after dinner treat.

      This is priced at £1.89 and varies online especially with bulk buys which are very tempting.


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      27.03.2010 15:03
      Very helpful



      If you like dark chocolate give it a go.

      ***Lindt Excellence Orange Intense***

      I don't know if anyone else saw the news report a few weeks ago, but apparently dark bitter chocolate and red wine are the new blueberries, when it comes to looking after your heart. Hooray, at last an excuse to consume copious amounts of the stuff guilt free! (Alas, I am not stupid enough not to realise that everything should be in moderation really)

      ***What is it like?***

      Well it comes as a block of chocolate (which is increasingly popular and downright trendy right now) in posh cardboard packaging. It is encased in silver foil to ensure it looks even posher, justifying the expense and oh of course to keep the said chocolate fresh.

      The chocolate is dark and I think around the 70% mark, although it doesn't state that. It has slivers of almond and orange encased in the chocolate.

      Per average serving (40g) it has 200 calories, fat is 12.4g with 6.8g which are saturated. OMG only just read that bit of information and I have been scoffing loads! It states there are two and half servings per bar. Again, feel a bit embarrassed as I can scoff one in a day!

      It has a long best before date of December 2010, so will keep for a good while.

      It may contain traces of hazelnuts and obviously almonds, so no good for anyone with allergies.


      It is my opinion that Lindt chocolate is far superior to say Green and Black because for a start it isn't grainy and the sugar content isn't as noticeable. The taste of orange is subtle - this is no Terry's Chocolate Orange and goes well with the almonds.

      Although I couldn't taste any almond to speak of, the texture of the slivers does add to the bar as a whole. There are also bit of orange in there which are a bit chewy too.

      As I have said the grain of the chocolate is smooth and whilst this is a dark chocolate it is not bitter at all. Unless you consume the whole bar in one go. Then it gets a bit sickly and the aftertaste lingers - so go easy. The thing is when you eat a small bar of chocolate it is gone - with this restraint is key.

      You would think that the purer the chocolate is that there shouldn't be such a bit difference between brands, (given that there is not much else in there), but for some reason this is superior to the others and I wouldn't give any other brands the time of day.

      There are loads of variation on this type of bar and I hope to get the courage up to try the Chilli flavoured bar. It is a nice decadent treat and I sometimes like to eat this instead of having a dessert.


      It is available from most supermarkets and is prices around £1.59 although they do plenty of offers when you buy two.

      This review is shorter than my usual attempts, but I didn't know what else to say, except that if you love dark chocolate give it a whirl!


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