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Lindt Swiss Classic Milk with Hazelnuts

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Brand: Lindt / Type: Nuts

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    4 Reviews
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      31.07.2013 23:52



      A pice of heaven if you can eat it.

      It's not very often you meet somebody who does not like Lindt chocolate, however I have met a few who have found the famous Lindt Lindor too sickly and prefer the less luxurious Thornton's. This chocolate for me is a secret weapon to convert all you Thorton's lovers to Lindt. This milky chocolate is so delicately creamy I promise you will not be able to get enough!!!!! Its not at all sickly but soft and sensual on the tongue and and added crunch from finely chopped hazelnuts really allows you to appreciate the texture and savour the taste without needing to chomp. It's so sophisticated it is really hard not to love, particularly if you love hazelnuts. When you have had a difficult day and need something lift the edge, this heavenly little friend is so perfect you will just feel the stress melting off you. It's not really a sharing chocolate like the Lindor balls but an indulgent treat to perk yourself up.


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      03.12.2009 12:00
      Very helpful



      Delish Milk Chocolate And Hazelnut Combo!

      I had a bar of this Lindt Milk Chocolate With Hazelnuts last night and it was yummy! The packaging is different to this, it looks a lot more classy and is very similar to other Lindt bars.

      The chocolate is mega creamy, it starts melting as soon as you put a piece on your mouth and it's delish. It's a very sweet chocolate that has got to be high quality because you can feel how rich and smooth it is on your tongue.

      There are shedloads of whole hazelnuts in the chocolate bar, if you turn it upside down you can see that there are at least 3 - 5 in each large square of chocolate. The nuts have been roasted and are absolutely delish, they have kept their flavour and make the bar of chocolate taste even sweeter and the nuts have got a lovely crunch as you bite through them.

      I love this chocolate, I loved the dark chocolate version but this one is even better because it's loads sweeter and is creamier to eat. The chocolate is just the best milk chocolate EVER and I thought it was even better than my beloved Dairy Milk. Thinking about it this is a posh version of a Whole Nut because that is milk chocolate and hazelnuts just the same.

      This is better though and I felt mega posh eating it, you might say I'm easy pleased but I reckon this is deffo the very best chocolate and nut bar available at a price you can manage. I know there's dearer chocolate about that might be even better quality but I can't afford to spend a tenner a bar so will stick with this one because it's yummy and I don't know how any company could beat it.

      I paid about £1.75 for this 100g bar and I was happy to pay this because it's yummy and felt like a proper treat.


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      05.11.2009 19:00
      Very helpful



      One to savour.

      I have always thought that Lindt chocolate is a luxury, a chocolate that you would buy for a gift or a special occasion. But last week my local discount store had lots of assorted bars of Lindt chocolate on offer and they were two bars for £1, this was a bargain that was too good to miss.
      Lindt started out in 1845 as a small confectionery business, now the company has six large factories which produce their first rate Swiss chocolate.

      I must admit that I prefer the Lindt Classic chocolate bars, I do like the Lindt filled bars but I find that they can be rich and a little too sweet for my taste.
      Lindt are renowned for their smooth chocolate, it is superbly creamy and it is I suppose exactly how a good quality chocolate should be.
      We live reasonably close to the Thornton's chocolate factory and for all we can often purchase their chocolate quite reasonably I find that their recipe is very rich and a little goes a very long way.
      For a treat I would usually turn to our old favourite Cadbury's, they seem to have the perfect recipe that suits most tastes and lends itself to most occasions.

      I love nutty chocolate, almond would be tops but hazelnuts are very acceptable. Lindt have perfected the art of elegant packaging, I love the classic style of the blue and white wrapper. Inside the wrapper the chocolate is wrapped in a sheet of silver foil. Whereas Cadbury's Wholenut comes in a lovely chunky bar the Lindt Classic hazelnut comes in a sleek and slimline bar.
      If you ate a whole bar of the Lindt hazelnut I think you could easily be forgiven but if you munched you way through a large bar of Cadbury's Wholenut then you may end up feeling a tad guilty !

      The slimline bar of Lindt Classic hazelnut is marked off into delicate little squares and I presume that this is done so that you can break the bar easily and then offer it around to your friends and family. In my case this is something that I know is not going to happen, that bar of Lindt is mine, all mine.
      I toy with the idea of eating two or three squares and then putting the rest away for another day but the very idea of someone finding my hidden treasure is far too much to bear.
      Lindt are expert chocolatiers and they have created one of the creamiest recipes known to man, the small squares are sweet, but not sickly. The Lindt chocolate just melts in your mouth and even as you let the tenth small square into your mouth you still crave more.
      The hazelnuts are here, there and everywhere, they have been well roasted, so not only do they taste gorgeous they are still as crunchy as when they first entered the milk chocolate.
      Lindt have made sure that the chunks of roasted hazelnut are worth eating, they are chopped but not too finely and they are the perfect partner for the silky milk chocolate.

      Sadly the bar of Lindt does not last long, it is too much to ask. The creamy chocolate does not coat your teeth with sugar and that wonderful taste lingers on afterwards.
      I also love the Lindt classic hazelnut and raisin, the mixture of hazelnuts and almond along with rich juicy raisins takes some beating.
      Lindt chocolate is stocked in most of the major supermarkets and for 100g bar you can expect to pay around £1.60 - that is the full RRP.

      Lindt chocolate is one that would appeal to the adults, the refined recipe is wasted on anything other than an adult chocoholic !
      But I would be willing to make one small concession, when you start to see those lovely Lindt Easter bunnies arrive in the stores and supermarkets then it would be time for my nephews and neices to enjoy some of their very own Lindt.


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        05.07.2009 18:01
        Very helpful



        Gorgeous, creamy, smooth, chocolate packed full of hazelnuts.

        Thought I would have a change from my usual chocolate" nibbles" and go "nutty" a few nuts mixed in with chocolate what a "crunchingly" good idea.
        After sauntering past my usual nutty brand the Lindt shelf caught my eye
        special offer 2 bars for £2.50(still expensive, but it is Swiss perfection).
        Dilemma- Do I stick to good old Cadbury's nutty 99p for 140g
        Or do I dabble and get Lindt nutty and Chilli for £2.50?

        Got to be the Lindt because I really NEED to try the Chilli Chocolate(I sound like a child that always NEEDS things, not wants, have you noticed that, its a very common complaint amongst children- works very well usually on Nana's)

        So back to the Lindt Swiss Classic Milk Chocolate with gently roasted hazelnuts(that sounds relaxing- gently roasted, not frazzled to death)
        as stated on the wrapper.

        It is wrapped in a royal blue paper wrapper with a picture of hazelnuts and milk on the front, Lindt is in gold as standard with their emblem, the other writing is white.

        The bar is 125g price £1.56 unless you get a special offer like what I did.
        It states-

        "Enjoy the genuine pleasure of this authentic creamy, smooth Swiss milk chocolate which has been created faithfully following the original Lindt Swiss milk chocolate recipe combined with gently roasted hazelnuts. Experience this unmatched chocolate delight deriving from the passion and expertise of the Swiss Master Chocolatiers since 1845."

        Sounds great, I almost expect to hear a mini fan fare as I open the wrapper.

        All the usual on the back- Ingredients suprisingly milk chocolate and hazelnuts, 31% min cocoa solids and may contain traces of Almonds etc....

        As I open the wrapper(sadly no mini fan fare), the chocolate is then wrapped in a shiny silver foil, on first inspection there are loads of nut pieces
        in the chocolate, definately not mean in the nut department.
        The chocolate smells quite strong, a lovely sweetish aroma.
        Its sectioned into small squares which I prefer and tastes delicious
        its a smooth creamy flavour crammed with nuts, its not too sweet which I can find milk chocolate to be, probably because of the nut content.

        As usual with Lindt, its a thin bar, not a deep, thick one and most definately
        gets the thumbs up with me.
        One problem, I can see it be easy to wolf the whole bar down very quickly because its not at all sickly.

        Yes I would treat myself again even at the full price because you are getting sooo many nuts for your pennies.

        Available in Switzerland and most good supermarkets approx £1.56 but quite often on offer so watch out.

        As ever thankyou for reading my review.


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