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Lindt Swiss Tradition Deluxe

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Brand: Lindt

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    2 Reviews
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      24.03.2011 23:10
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      Get it; and use this as a baseline for the expensive chocolates!

      PRICE: These don't come cheap - at >3 GBP / 100g; you could get the same amount of chocolates at Thornton's or M&S.

      QUALITY: The difference here is in the quality - Lindt's claims of 'extra-fine' chocolate are not to be taken for granted - see for yourself by appreciating the melt from the outer shells of the different chocolates in the box; there is minimal grittiness / cloying sensations that you would otherwise experience with cheaper (Cadbury) or the other "high street" brands like Thorntons.


      Pointe de Chocolat - sweet caramel peak; smooth milk filling with slight hints of toblerone taste; no flavour of dark coating at all - oily, liquid melt

      Dragon Noir - dark shell, gianduja: waxy oily feel from dark (disappointing simple-sweet dark) BUT is it a canvas for excellent gianduja?; Excellent gianduja; more solid than pasty - strong dark roasted nut aroma - very much like a mature nutella

      Macchiato - Thin milk cup with thick coffee cream innards and white choc cap slight hazelnut flavour in milk, oily melt from milk & white matches silky coffee with hazelnut spike (or cappucino) cream (tasted of peanut butter!)

      Coeur a l'orange - dark shell, dark ganache with liquid orange; high quality ganache, strong 65% dark shows amazing depth next to bland shell orange paste is tangy, sunkist orange; note brilliant texture of shell and ganache - ultra smooth.

      Amande Croquante - milk shell, top almond-shaped white with inner silky cream studded with krispies + whole roasted almond cream had mature roasted NON-SWEET aroma which enveloped almond, odd cappu aroma hits after sweet milk. White choc discernible as a 'treat'

      Carre du straciatella - white (milk lines) top with thin dark bottom; inner distinct vanilla-scented ganache
      with light crunchy cocoa crumb with absolutely subtle cookie crunch with oreo aroma - perfect cookies & cream chocolate!

      Caramelita - bittersweet milk shell (shape of a bean) with caramel hard base; liquid caramel was sweet akin to Werther's; glaring sweetness matched mild bitter external well; crunchy caramel had a recessed toffee flavour that added texture more than anything

      Perle de Cacao - milk ext with dark base, shaped like tear drop with choc pearl on top; shell with strong cocoa aroma; inner ganache crunchy cocoa 'cornflakes' ;strong Chemistry in jagged wafer bits and heavy cocoa-hazelnut aroma in ganache - CHOCOLATE-lovers heaven, yet not overly sweet


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        14.10.2003 05:12
        Very helpful



        it's hard to believe this chocolate has been around for so long, in fact it started in the year 1845, that's amazing, with a gentleman and his two sons, they made bars of chocolate boxes of chocolates, and animal shaped hollow chocolates like the rabbits at Easter. Today it is the box of Swiss traditional deluxe, classic assortment that I am going to tell you about. These chocolates are amazing; each one has its very own individual taste and texture, which causes you to want to continue on to the next amazing bite. These chocolates vary in price from shop to shop and are becoming more and more available world wide, this particular box was a gift from my son Michael, on a return trip from Ireland, but according to the web site they cost 25 CHF, sorry but am not clear exactly what this is in pounds and pence, but can tell you that they are worth every penny. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ABOUT THE CHOCOLATES ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Well not only does each one have an individual taste but also an individual appearance, for example. NUSSOR: ~~~~~~~~ This chocolate consists of two hazelnuts delicately placed on top of a smooth hazelnut filling and in the creamiest of milk chocolates, it has a very creamy taste, when biting into it, it is very soft and the soft hazelnut filling compliments the milk chocolate and hazelnut allowing you to distinguish the taste of each ingredient. The hazelnuts are crunchy and fresh, this chocolate has no nasty after taste and I for one could eat quite a few of these in one go, perhaps they should make a box of individual favourites, what do you think. CRESTOLINO: ~~~~~~~~ This particular chocolate is very distinguishing, it is dark chocolate and as you know dark chocolate is my favourite, topped with white chocolate with a drizzle pattern of dark chocolate, with an inner filling of almond nougat. This one is very soft again but with a slight cru
        nch this being the almond nougat. You can taste both the white chocolate and dark chocolate individually, and the crunch adds a nice extra to the after taste which is of dark chocolate but allowing the white chocolate to come through, this in no way prevents either flavour to over power each other. NOCCIANDA: ~~~~~~~ This is another of my favourites out of this particular box, its milk chocolate, with a swirly pattern on the top, encased in this swirl of chocolate you will find, walnut pieces with a delicate smooth hazelnut centre. This is a very nutty buttery kind of flavour, smooth with the added walnut pieces in the top part with a separate taste, again neither taste is over powering to the other and there is no nasty after taste just creamy smooth milk chocolate, I think this one is the one that is most moreish. ROCHER ~~~~~ This is a creamy milk chocolate covered in nougat chips and chopped hazelnuts and encased with milk chocolate, very smooth to taste and extremely milky, another one of my favourites, it is so hard to choose just one. CORNET DELICIA ~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is a milk chocolate cornet shaped chocolate with the pattern of a rose on the top, it reminds me of a liqueur chocolate, quite strong, like it says on the description with a bitter truffle filling, to enjoy this you need an acquired taste which I don't quite have, this one is my least favourite. MANDINA ~~~~~~ Now this one is a nice one, it has a big roasted almond placed on the top and the actual chocolate is milk chocolate with a filling very similar to fudge, soft and smooth, a chocolate that lingers on the taste buds in a nice way, and a very moreish chocolate. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is just a sample of the chocolates that are in the box, all in all there is 24 chocolates two of each kind, most of these chocolates as you can see do contain nuts of
        some kind either in the creamy fillings or as an actual nut. Lindt has a very individual idea to chocolate in my opinion, they set out to create a chocolate that once you start to taste it you will never go back to any other chocolate again, each one has a smooth individual creamy yet crunchy taste, its hard to say that there are any in this box that I dont like, they have chocolates in this collection containing champagne, the flavour is outstanding, we would go as far as saying they are perfect. With every box you get the Lindt guarantee this tells you a little about the company and the chocolate how it is made, just a little information they think you may want to know about. As you can see from some of the chocolates that has been described these chocolates do contain nuts, not to sure on the vegetarian side of things though sorry. These are a guaranteed treat for any occasion, and I personally guarantee that you will love every moment eating them. Thanks for reading.


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      • Product Details

        Lindt's finest Swiss Chocolates crafted by their Master Chocolatiers.

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