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Lindt Wafer Milk Chocolate

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Brand: Lindt / Type: Milk

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    2 Reviews
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      08.12.2009 07:43
      Very helpful



      An individual portion of lovely Lindt - genius

      One of my biggest frustrations about Lindt is that so many of their yummy chocolate bars only come in a large 100g - 200g bar, which is no good for those of us lacking in the will power department. I don't know how they pick and choose which products they also release in smaller sizes, but this is one of them - you can buy it in a big bar like in the picture above, or in an individual 35g bar which is the size I am reviewing. I have seen these in various shops and I know they've been around for ages since I used to eat them before I went to Mexico over 18 months ago, but they seem to come and go. I found this in my local (to work) newsagents, and it was the only one they had left, but I go in there quite often and hadn't seen them before, so either they fly off the shelves, or this was an old one they'd just unearthed. I checked the best before date - Summer 2010 - and decided I didn't care. I was going to buy me some Lindt for my lunch.

      This bar is called, rather abruptly, "Wafer" on the packet. Nothing more enticing than that. The neat description in various languages, of a "milk chocolate bar with wafer and hazelnuts creamy filling" stops it being too bland, though also makes me wonder how that sort of language slipped through quality control. First off, the style (creamy) should come before the flavour, and secondly, they should use the generic, singular hazelnut, not "hazelnuts". Take it from me, as someone who earlier this year spent weeks explaining to students why we say, "A big blue house" not "A blue big house". Next time, maybe if I use chocolate descriptions as my examples they'll pay more attention, especially if I throw in a bar of the stuff when they finally get it right.

      The bag is thin and long, and weighs 35g. While there is no nutritional info on the bar, a search online tells me it will contain 190 calories which is ok - less than a Galaxy, Dairy Milk or 4 Finger Kitkat, for example. The picture on the front is misleading as it implies there is a thick layer of hazelnut cream around the wafer, while in reality the wafer goes pretty much all the way up to the chocolate coating.

      The wafer is a bit like a KitKat, but tastes more European - similar to the wafer biscuits you get in those biscuit selection boxes with the fancy German writing on. It's thin, but you get a few layers, like with filo pastry, which help bulk it up, and is very crisp to the extent that it splinters into tiny shards as you eat it, spreading the flavour to all corners of your mouth. It has a toasted taste to it, which also brings out the sharp, buttery flavour, and is really rather delicious.

      The hazelnut cream is divine - like a rich, nutty chocolate truffle of the sort you'd find in a Guylian seashell. It's a sort of coffee colour, and wraps around the wafer, adding a layer of moistness that you need to keep this a melt-in-your-mouth chocolate rather than a crunchy chocolate biscuit.

      They have really not scrimped on the chocolate coating - this is thick and luscious, and undeniably proper Lindt milk chocolate, creamy and silky and just the right level of sweet.

      The bar is sectioned into 6 pieces. However, these behave a bit like a Christmas cracker when you break them off and sometimes one side 'wins' a bit more of the content than the other - so you might get extra wafer hanging out of one piece, while its sister next door has a hollow empty shell at the edge. Not a problem if you scoff the whole thing in one go, but offer a few people a piece each, and some will do better out of it than others. Could be a fun, festive chocolate game, though.

      The wafer reduces the luxury feel of this bar, somewhat, and makes it a bit more ordinary compared to a pure chocolate Lindt offering, while still placing it head and shoulders about other wafer-style alternatives like KitKats. It's not one I would eat every day (not least for the price - about 70p compared to about 45p for a KitKat) but also not one I feel obliged to save only for special occasions.

      Compared to a coffee or mint or crunchy nutty bar, this had a nice neutral flavour most people will enjoy, though it's more of an adult bar than a kiddy one.

      Recommended, especially the smaller sized bar - it's not quite outstanding enough for me to want a big one when there are so many other delicious chocolate treats to waste my calories on, but as a self-contained treat, it really brightened up my lunch.



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        06.07.2009 17:56
        Very helpful



        A creamy, smooth mlik chocolate bar with crispy, crunchy wafer and a hint of hazelnut.

        Sorry if this is getting a little predictable,-Lindt, Lindt, Lindt......

        Am having a little splurge on Lindt chocolate at the moment, I know, Im not in denial, honestly.
        But this one really is different, not only in taste but in contents and in size and price. What more could you want?

        I am reviewing the 35g bar

        Lindt Wafer- Milk Chocolate with wafer and hazelnut, creamy filling.

        Even the picture on the wrapper looks delicious, its a dark blue shiny wrapper with gold ends- very classy looking.

        The picture shows the bar sliced open with a double layer of wafer and the hazelnut filling ooozing almost out of the bar, Im telling you, its hard to resist on viewing this wrapper. It would take ooodles of will power to walk away from this one(I wasnt in the market for chocolate when this bar grabbed me and jumped into my hand) and I have lots of will power.
        Next to the bar are two of the wafer rolls lined inside with chocolate usually served with ice-cream, this intrigued me as it obviously wasn't just flat wafer inside.

        Anyways, upon tearing the wrapper open, Im greeted with a lovely, sweet, creamy aroma of milk chocolate.
        Its sectioned into approx eight chunky little sections(ooops, should have counted them before wolfing them down-only two left)
        Its gorgeous in a word- the chocolate is fairly thick which it needs to be to support the wafer.
        The wafer is reasonably thick and very crunchy, the hazelnut cream isn't as gooey as depicted but, I think thats better as it would definately be sickly if it was too gooey and it has only a subtle hint of hazelnut
        The chocolate has the smooth, creamy taste of Lindt milk chocolate and so adds to the overall deliciousness of the whole experience.

        As its a 35g bar and only 64p I know "only 64p" could make you wince but, remember this is Lindt and compared to a bog standard bar of say- a Twirl which is 55p, its not a bad price really is it?
        Availability, to be honest, I bought this in W.H Smith and as yet, I haven't seen it anywhere else, but I can assure you, from now on I will be looking for it.

        All the usual ingredients I wont bore you with them-
        It does say may contain Almonds
        Milk Chocolate-30% minimum cocoa solids.
        Made in Austria.

        I have noticed that it never states if its vegeterian friendly or not on the bars I have bought.
        No calories or fat content are shown either.

        To sum up its a gorgeous bar of chocolate- creamy, silky, smooth milk chocolate with the crispy, crunch of wafer and a soft gooey middle with a subtle hint of hazelnut flavour, well worth its 64p price tag for me.

        Thank you for reading my review.


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