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M&M's Coconut

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Brand: M&M's / Type: Nuts

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    2 Reviews
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      11.06.2012 18:38
      Very helpful



      A sweet treat from Mars M & M's coconut style

      I just adore the chocolate M & M's in the UK we are limited to the versions we have over here, so I like to order online or take a visit to Cyber Candy in Birmingham to try the different verities you're able to obtain via imports from America.

      M & M's Coconut:

      'Sun, fun, and M & M's Coconut flavoured Chocolate Candies! This tropical flavour is sure to be a hit, whether you're at the beach or just dreaming of one'

      - www.mms.com/us/about/products/coconut/

      My Findings:

      When I opened up my first packet I was thinking I would smell a lovely breeze of coconut but actually they smelt just like the normal plain chocolate M & M's. It wasn't until reading the packet correctly I noticed that they are artificially flavoured and it doesn't contain any real coconut at all!

      In each pack it contains around 26 little M & M's they are a little bigger in size than normal plain chocolate M & M's but smaller than the peanut ones. Like with all M & M's they have a crisp candy outer layer with a yummy filling in side.

      This brand, I have found likes to use bright colours for their candies. This time they have used the colours white, brown and green all of which has a little M initial on them. I can easily sit and eat a whole bag! However these are certainly not my favourite from M & M's.

      The chocolate crisp outer layer is wonderfully sweet and chocolaty as always but the coconut you can pretty much tell it is on the artificial side as it does leave a slight bitter after taste. They are still nice chocolate candies but when it comes to food it would have been nice for them to use a real coconut centre. Doing this I think would have given them a much better taste.

      Even though the chocolate is different colours they all have the same taste and texture, if you suck them and allow to let it melt of your tongue I think the coconut flavour is more intense. Rather than if you were to just munch your way through the bag you still taste the coconut but not as strong.

      These chocolates started as a limited edition and now back due to popular demand! The packaging is always on the fun side from M & M's. Going with the coconut theme the background is white/cream and the logo is in brown with a green M & M on the front with a cute tropical flower on its head.

      Nutritional Information:
      Per pack

      Calories - 210
      Total Fat - 9g
      Sat Fat - 6g
      Sugars - 26g
      Sodium - 30mg

      So not at all the healthiest of chocolate treats out there but for me they are not an every day item, so I don't really worry about its contents.

      Allergy information:

      Contains - Milk and soy products, may contain peanuts and almonds.

      Price and Availability:

      I purchased my last packet from Cyber Candy in Birmingham costing me £1.39 which I personally don't see as a bad price when it has to be imported.

      Online places -


      Or just type them into Google and you will soon find many places where you can purchase.

      Mars M & M's have always been a chocolate treat I love, however these are just not as good as the others in its range. I still like them and would more than likely purchase them again but they wouldn't be my first choice.

      Four out of five stars from me.

      Thank you for reading.

      Additional Information:

      Ingredients -
      Milk Chocolate (Sugar, Chocolate, Skim Milk, Cocoa Butter, Lactose, Milkfat, Soy Lecithin, Salt Artificial Flavours) Sugar, Cornstarch, Less Than 1% - Corn Syrup, Dextrin, Colouring (includes E110, E129, E132, E133) Artificial Flavour.


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        20.08.2010 17:31
        Very helpful



        M&Ms go all tropical in their new flavour

        Agatha Christie once wrote that an archaeologist is the best husband a woman can have (true, she added afterwards that "the older she gets, the more interested in her he will be", but that is not the point I am making). As a former archaeologist gone respectable, my husband is certainly a good man. When faced with the prospect of needing to go to a convention in America for a week earlier this summer, he clearly felt the need to make his absence up to me. Knowing that I have a sweet tooth, he took it upon himself to bring home a cache of candy for me that would doubtless have raised a lot of eyebrows in the airport had customs spotted it. While I unfortunately scoffed the Almond Snickers before I had chance to contemplate writing about how it was far superior to a regular Snickers bar, I have been taking a more measured approach to my packs of these little beauties - Coconut M&Ms.

        The humble M&M has been around for a long time - since 1941, when they were originally invented as a convenient way to provide treats to soldiers in wartime - and I have never really been very interested in the basic product. For those of you who have not had the pleasure, they are just milk chocolate buttons inside sugar shells, like Smarties but somehow less nice. The thing I do like about them, however, is that the basic sweet has huge potential for variation. In the UK we only seem to get the peanut and crispy variants of M&Ms, but the Americans have developed things far more than that - peanut butter, dark chocolate, almond and pretzel varieties to name but a few. Nothing that interesting has ever happened to the Smarties range, has it?

        The Coconut M&M is the latest version to come out in America. Currently it is only available as a limited edition version for this year, but given the huge popularity it seems to be generating, I am hopeful that they will make a permanent comeback in the future (and maybe even sell them in the UK?). They come in a cream coloured bag with a Hawaiian theme, and the sweets themselves are limited to green, white and brown, and as a further little touch each has a picture of an umbrella, sun, flower or palm tree stamped on it along with the M. They are a little bigger than the basic chocolate M&Ms, and without any description to guide me on the packaging, I assumed there would be a small Bounty-like coconut core within the chocolate.

        Instead, they are coconut flavoured chocolate inside the shell. I know, that sounds weird, doesn't it? Closer inspection of the bag showed that my candies had never been anywhere near a real coconut and the taste was created by an "artificial flavour" of unknown origins being added to the milk chocolate. As a huge fan of coconut, this left me in a dichotomy. On the one hand, the flavour was created almost perfectly, not too strong, and with no unpleasant aftertaste, but on the other I wanted the real thing rather than chemicals. Perhaps this was avoided by virtue of the small size of the sweets or is it that the texture of coconut is something of a controversy in America? Either way, I loved them. The combination of coconut and chocolate is always a winner for me, and these were less sweet and sickly than standard M&Ms, making them a very satisfying snack (as long as you ignore the ingredients and nutrition information, mind). The serving size was just right, and they were a tasty treat that was something a bit different from the norm. They come highly recommended from me if you can get your hands on some!

        Coconut M&Ms can be bought in the UK from the following websites, and you may also be able to find them on ebay; they are only available in one size, a 42g single serving bag, and cost around $1.30 in the US. But be quick, they are a very popular limited edition!
        * www.americansoda.co.uk, £1.39
        * www.americanfood.co.uk, £1.69
        * www.americansweets.co.uk, £0.99
        * www.handycandy.co.uk, £1.09

        Ingredients: www.coconutmms.com/

        Nutrition (per 42g bag): 210 calories; 9g fat; 5g saturated fat; 26g sugar; 30mg sodium


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