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Marcheurs Luxury Flaked Truffles

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Brand: Marcheurs / Type: Truffle

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    2 Reviews
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      26.11.2013 12:37
      Very helpful



      Budget chocolates, you get what you pay for.

      There are no two ways about it, I'm a chocoholic! I recently picked up a small box of Marcheurs Belgian Chocolate Flaked Truffles as a treat for myself but I have to say, I wasn't very impressed.

      The chocolates come in a 112g box (not much bigger than a box of Malteasers) and although I hadn't heard of the brand before, the box looked decent enough. It didn't look like the photo above. The box was dark blue, with the name in gold swirly writing and a photo of the flaked truffles on top. They looked suitable enough to be given as a gift (but don't!).

      There are about 10 flaked truffles in the box. I didn't think that was very much, but it turns out they were more than enough for me! They look like you would expect (rounded, dark brown, flaky on the outside) and each truffle is a fair size. I took a sniff and immediately knew I'd made a mistake as the odour of cheap stale chocolate truffles invaded my nostrils!

      It really is rare for me to dislike any form of chocolate but I can honestly say I will never be buying these truffles again. The texture wasn't too bad, just you'd expect from a Belgian flaked truffle really - flaky on the outside and soft and smooth in the middle. However the taste was just stale and cheap tasting. They are extremely sickly too, I felt nauseous after just one or two truffles (I do normally like Belgian flaked truffles too). My belly felt sick and heavy after eating just a few of the truffles. I also found they tasted quite 'oily'. This isn't the indulgent experience that you'd expect from 'luxury' flaked truffles. I left the rest of the box to the next unsuspecting victim who was just about impressed as I was!

      The truffles are suitable for vegetarians and 'may contain peanuts or TREE nuts'. There is a list of ingredients on the bottom of the box (along with the ingredients written in a number of different languages). Apparently the full name of the brand is 'Marcheurs De Chocolat' who are owned by a company called 'Walkers Chocolates'. The box is 112g and the bottom of the box informs me that there are 589 calories, 48.5g carbohydrates and 41.9g fat per 100g. Brilliant! I would have rather saved myself the bother and indulged in something more satisfying, like an old shoe! (better tasting and less calories).

      I picked up Marcheurs Belgian Chocolate Flaked Truffles from Home Bargains for just 99p! I really did get what I paid for and it serves me right! I haven't seen them being sold anywhere else but they seem like a budget brand that might be sold at a lot of general budget stores...

      These aren't something that I'd buy again or recommend to others.


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        07.04.2010 16:45
        Very helpful
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        A great treat for all the family!!

        As a family we are always on the look out for little treats to watch the television with of an evening.
        These usually end up being chocolates of some kind. Quite often we buy these from Home Bargains
        or Poundland for £1. The box actually looks quite expensive and is covered in cellophane for extra freshness.

        The box itself states that the chocolates are Marcheurs de Chocolat but on reading more closely it actually
        says that they are made in Belgium for Marcheurs in Birmingham. So in essence you are actually getting about
        twenty Belgium Truffles at about 5p each. A complete steal in my opinion. Fantastic value if they taste good.
        Well do they?

        The short answer is yes. Upon opening the box you are met with these lovely little gems, covered in delicious flakes
        of chocolate. They melt in your mouth and the taste is to die for. They really are so creamy and the taste just lingers.
        You will also notice that there are lots of bits of chocolate left in the tray. These can't be allowed to go to waste.
        I am usually the one who scoops all these up in our house. That's what Dad's are for.

        Nutritional Information per 100g

        Energy 587Cal
        Protein 3.2g
        Fat Total 42.0g
        Saturated 39.1g
        Carbohydrate 48.7g
        Sugars 45.8g
        Sodium 126mg

        May contain traces of Peanuts and other nuts.

        I highly recommend these chocolate truffles. They will be enjoyed by all ages. Ideal for a little thank you present for the
        Teacher etc.


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