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Marks & Spencer Chocolate Buttons

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Brand: Marks & Spencer

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    1 Review
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      24.06.2010 10:12
      Very helpful



      Excellent mouthwatering chocolate product at reasonable price

      This is not just any review - this is your M & S review!

      I submitted this product suggestion to DooYoo last week & I have just had the go ahead for the first review of M&S chocolate buttons. I just couldn't wait to share it with you, so here goes -

      I discovered these in the Marks & Spencer food aisle a couple of months ago & since then I have not been able to resists looking for them whichever branch I have been visiting.

      I would imagine they are aimed at little children - but hey I'm just a big kid at heart!


      Milk chocolate buttons of a small size & made from superior luxury chocolate.
      These buttons come in a blue plastic bag/pack decorated on the left of the pack with about 20 different coloured button sized shapes, some with white stars on, supposedly they are to depict the size & shape & thought of the chocolate buttons inside. The Marks & Spencer logo appears at the top & further down in much larger letters the words 'Chocolate Buttons' & underneath this a picture of mouth watering chocolate buttons - there is the usual description of the product & list of ingredients, the nutritional value, the weight of the whole pack including wrapper presumably & the best before date (is anyone likely to hold out from eating them & keep them that long? Certainly not me!)

      The nutritional information says that each sweet contains 7 calories, & 0.4g fat - I've never seen nutrition mentioned as per sweet before, usually it's per 100g or per pack.

      There are no artificial flavourings or colourings
      WARNING - please note the fact they are made in a factory where there are nuts used.

      They are to be found with all the other sweets & are on a hanging display usually at or near the top.

      So now you know what you are looking for - I wouldn't want you to miss them!

      ~Sizes & prices & availability~

      There is a site called Britstore which I used to send the details to DooYoo when I submitted a product suggestion (there is no mention of the buttons on any of the M&S sites) However, the Britstore site quotes £1.89 for 100g size. In actual fact I telephoned M & S this morning & they told me that in store that same100g size is only 89p! They also do a mini size which they didn't have in stock today, but I was told it is about 39p.

      These buttons can be bought at all branches of M&S including larger stores, smaller stores, outlet stores, simply food stores etc. I cannot find them on the online shopping site.

      ~My experience~

      Inside the packet are lots of scrumptious looking identical sized little chocolate buttons & I did notice the lovely aroma of milk chocolate as I opened the bag.
      You get the taste of extra special chocolate straight away even with the first button. The texture is creamy, light & melts in the mouth. smooth & soft extra delicious chocolate.

      The mini pack would be a lovely little size that is just right for tiny infant mouths, but you might need to have the wet wipes handy!

      These also come in the handy size of 100g which I suppose is meant for sharing - my partner hogs practically the whole packet in a couple of mouthfuls, & I look at the packet in dismay when I have had a few buttons & there are none left. It's better for me if we have a packet each, saves a lot of disappointment and/or annoyance! Having said that, the mini pack which they also do wouldn't be enough for either of us so we usually have a 100g pack each!

      We made the mistake of only taking one packet of these in the car when we went out for the day & needless to say my other half had eaten most of them within minutes of opening! We stopped at a Little Chef for coffee & when paying he noticed rows of sweets hanging up so couldn't resist buying some more chocolate buttons. Of course the only ones available were Cadbury's so while wincing at the price - nearly £3 for a pack (it was larger than the size of the M&S pack of buttons but still worked out an awful lot more expensive - in fact it was extortionate compared to the M & S ones) He paid the bill & back in the car we opened them.
      Our disappointment was immense. They were very much larger buttons & the smell & taste of cocoa was very evident. We did not enjoy these Cadbury's buttons at all after enjoying the M & S ones so much. I would say the M & S buttons are made of far superior luxury chocolate & had an entirely different texture & taste to the Cadbury's ones which we both found to be inferior & much too 'cocoa ey' (I know there is no such word but that's my description!)

      My method of eating M& S chocolate buttons is to savour them one at a time; thoroughly relishing each tiny button & making the pack last as long as I can so if in the company of my other half I prefer to have individual packs as needless to say he scoffs them down in handfuls & then looks longingly at the ones I still have left!

      My opinion is that these chocolate buttons are too luscious to describe!

      I am hooked on these M&S chocolate buttons & cannot visit a M&S store without searching for them. I usually buy at least three small packs to 'store'(ha!ha!) in the cupboard - but as we chocolate lovers all know, that isn't possible - if they are there they have to be eaten!

      We usually think of M & S food products as being very expensive but in fact these buttons are cheaper than Cadbury's & far superior.
      Try them - I bet you will never fancy Cadbury's buttons again after this experience!


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