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Marks & Spencer Count On Us Cookies

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    1 Review
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      07.05.2004 20:14
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      Last Friday my husband asked me to go Marks & Spencer so that we could get some of the mince and onion pies, which he absolutely adores. So, there we were, in the Food Section of M&S, having put 4 pies in our basket and ogling all the other food. I absolutely adore M&S food but find that it is quite expensive. Anyhow, I am starting to wander with my review .... we had decided that we were going to buy the pies and the pies only! We were determined not to be enticed by any other product as we were going on to Asda to do our main weekly shopping. Anyhow, as we were on our way to the check out I noticed a display advertising their Count on US Cookies range. It was a special offer - Buy Two Get One Free! Each pack cost £1.49. The packet states that each cookie contains less than 3% fat, has 90Kcals per cookie and the salt content is balanced. There was a lovely picture of a bunch of cherries on the top of the packet which also stated that the recipe had been improved. Now I had never tasted these cookies and they looked really delicious. There are 8 cookies in the packet and there is a see-through window on top of the white packaging. So here were the cookies (each cookie is about 3" in diameter) looking very tasty with lots of bits of fruit sticking out and they were just simply saying "Buy Me, Buy Me". So, I gave in and picked up one packet then, standing at the check out, I thought well they look so tasty that I may as well take advantage of the special offer and get the other two packets. Which I did. On Saturday we went to my daughter's to babysit but when we got home I made a cup of tea and suddenly remembered about the cookies so I got the cherry flavour ones out. I sat down with my cup of tea and eagerly opened up the packe
      t and took one cookie out. Ugh, I thought, its soft - not crisp as I had thought. (It does actually state on the packet that the cookies are soft and chewy and contain rolled oats, glace cherries and demerara sugar but the print was quite small and, as I hadn't got my glasses on, I hadn't read it properly). Well I do like my bisuits/cookies to be crisp - I hate soggy biscuits! Anyhow, I thought well l have still got to try it. Well, I managed to eat it but I don't know how! Now then, I am a chocoholic and an avid dessert person - have a lovely sweet tooth but this cookie was really, really, sweet - in fact, it was so sweet I felt quite sick. I looked on the back of the packet to see the calorie content of each cookie. There are 90Kcal and 0.1g of saturated fat. So yes, they are low in fat. But they also contain: wheatflour, rolled oats, glace cherries, demerara sugar, sugar, vegetable glycerine, semi candidied pieces of apple, oatmeal, malt extract, dried whey, invert sugar syrup, emulsifier, soya lecithin, raising agent E503, salt, flavouring. So, as you can see, although they are low in fat they are very high in sugar! I went straight onto my pc and went onto the Slimming World website to check for the "Syn" value. Now, for those of you who haven't tried the Slimming World diet, we are allowed up to 15 "Syns" per day. These syns are for our treats eg. biscuits, cakes, thick gravy etc. When I entered the cookies in the website and saw the result I was gutted. Each cookie was worth 4 1/2 syns! This is very high. To give you a comparison with another biscuit, McVities chocolate digestive is only 3 syns. I could have had 1 1/2 chocolate digestives instead of one of these cookies and I would definitely have enjoyed the chocolate digestives so much more. &
      #78;eedless to say, I haven't eaten another cookie. Thank goodness, I don't like them. These cookies are not suitable for allergy sufferers because they may contain nuts but they are suitable for vegetarians. They also contain cows milk, soya, wheat and gluten. Also on the side of the packet there are some words which read as follows: "for the love of food ... if you thought products like these were out of the question on a diet, think again. We've gone the extra mile carefully selecting ingredients to put in every cookie to bring you great taste and flavour in a range of low fat, low calorie, salt controlled products" ... Well, all I can say is that I can't imagine what these cookies tasted like before they were improved!!! Yuk, yuk and more yuk! So, here I have three packets of biscuit that I absolutely hate so what shall I do with them I thought? Well, I am going to take them into my next slimming class so that other members can taste them and decide for themselves whether they want to waste 4 1/2 syns on these sickly cookies. Got to get rid of them somehow!


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