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Mars Celebrations

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79 Reviews
  • Plenty of choice
  • Some are not that special.
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    79 Reviews
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      16.10.2014 21:29
      Very helpful


      • "Plenty of choice"


      • "Some are not that special."

      Something to enjoy with friends

      During the year I would rarely think of buying Mars Celebrations but as soon as Christmas is on its way, I start looking out for them in the shops. While I was in Sainsburys yesterday, they had a couple of offers on their Christmas selections and Celebrations was one of them. Rather than £3 they were £2 so I got one to put in a hamper I always do for my brother and sister in law. I have since seen an advert where a bigger tin would work out at better value but that is too late now.

      This offer applies to the 240g size and there are eight different mini bites in the pack. It has Galaxy, Mars, Bounty, Caramel, Snickers, Malteasers, Twix and Milky Way. According to the pack, these are “8 famous brands” and they certainly are the ones I remember being around for a long time.

      While they may be small and so a few will not add many calories they are 497 per 100g, so it is not an easy way of eating chocolate and not putting on weight. The pack also explains that they are suitable for vegetarians.

      I must admit I like all of the products included but if I had to pick a favourite it would be Caramel and after that Galaxy and then Milky Way. Maltesers and Twix would come next and then Bounty and Snickers with Mars coming last.

      It may seem a bit of a con that they are all individually wrapped but the weight is given for both wrapped and unwrapped so it is clear what the actual weight of the chocolate is.

      Everyone will know the taste of the brands involved, but it is worth noting that Snickers contains nuts and therefor the other items may be best avoided by anyone with an allergy.

      Nutritional Information - taken from the website.
      Energy (kJ) 2058
      Energy (kcal) 492
      Protein (g) 5.6
      Carbohydrate (g) 62
      of which sugars (g) 55.7
      Fat (g) 24.2
      of which saturates (g) 13.7
      Fibre (g) 1.2
      Sodium (g) 0.16


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      25.01.2014 17:56
      Very helpful



      Great for sharing any time.

      The first time that I saw a giant 750g tub of Celebrations chocolates was in our staff canteen when a kind member of the office staff had given us shop floor workers a tub for Christmas.They didn't last long and I was very happy to receive the smaller 380g box from a friend when she came to our house for Xmas lunch.

      What are Celebrations?

      A joyful mix of eight different chocolate bars form Mars (the company not the planet), in mini form. Individually wrapped and giving you one large, depending on greed and size of mouth, or two decent bites of some of the most popular bars around. They come in a red box on which is written in large letters Celebrations in the colours of the mini bars The mini bars are also shown on the box.

      What do you get?

      Twix, Mars Bar, Bounty, Snickers, Maltesers, Milky Way , Caramel and Galaxy. Yes that's eight! Each one is individually wrapped in it's own iconic wrappers with a twist at each end and a really clever little cut in the wrapper in the centre edge which make it very easy to unwrap. At a pinch you can do this one handed so you don't lose your drink or whatever , teeth help!

      Each one of them really does give you a taste of the standard bar. I would not think of buying 8 different bars but this really satisfied my sweet tooth and caused a few, "Who ate all the Mar Bar moments!"

      I was particularly impressed with the thickness of the chocolate on the bars and the Galaxy which I had not tasted for years was a good chunk of thick chocolate. The Malteser actually had a whole malteser in it and the Twix, my husband's favourite had a good sized crunchy biscuit piece under the caramel.

      Do I have a favourite?

      No, I loved them all. As they were a gift I couldn't very well count them but he box was full and although they were passed around the 6 of us a few times there was still a lot left. They make a great present for anytime of the year and there is sure to be one in the box that suits even the hardest to please.

      The ingredients and nutritional information is given on the box but as this is an occasional indulgence for once this does not matter but they are suitable for vegetarians and might contain hazlenuts.

      5 out of 5 stars from me, well done Mars for a great idea. I hope I get some more next year.

      Thanks for reading my review I also post on Ciao under splishsplash.

      Celebrations come in three sizes that I am aware of. 70g, 380g and 750g watch out for special offers.


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        23.12.2013 12:54
        Very helpful



        Bitefuls of your favourite choccy bars

        PRICE: Currently £3.00 per 388g pack (at my local Sainsbury's)

        NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION (per 100g):-

        Calories: 492
        Kj: 2058
        Protein: 5.6g
        Carbohydrate: 62.0g
        - of which sugars: 55.7g
        Fat: 24.2g
        - of which saturates: 13.7g
        Fibre: 1.2g
        Sodium: 0.16g
        Salt: 0.41g


        Sugar, glucose syrup, cocoa butter, skimmed milk powder, cocoa mass, peanuts, milk fat, lactose, desiccated coconut, whey powder, vegetable fat, sunflower oil, wheat flour, full cream milk powder, E47, barley malt extract, fat reduced cocoa, salt, glycerol, egg white powder, vanilla extract, E500, E501, E341, hydrolysed milk protein


        May contain hazelnuts, suitable for vegetarians


        Celebrations is a boxed assortment of little bite-sized versions of larger chocolate bars popular on our sweetshop and supermarket shelves.

        The sweets are foil-wrapped and come in a thin card box which is red, with images of the contents on the front arranged around the standard logo. The rear of the pack shows nutritional content, ingredients, allergy/dietary advice and the manufacturer's contact details.

        Sometimes I find that if I fancy some chocolate confectionery, a whole bar of one particular thing can appear boring. It is at times like this when I like to treat myself to a pack of Celebrations, as the variation contained within is more interesting and goes a long way towards satisfying my cravings.

        The variety of bite-sized mini versions of chocolate bars comprise Mars, Bounty, Galaxy Milk Chocolate, Galaxy Caramel, Milky Way, Bounty, Malteser, Snickers and Galaxy Truffle. There is a more or less even mix of all of these little sweets, and they are well-wrapped. One touch I especially like is that there is a small serration in the wrapper of each sweet, which when torn, makes it much easier to get to the sweet inside.

        On opening a box of Celebrations, I find that a pleasant nutty, chocolate smell rises up, and that's even before the sweets are unwrapped.

        Although each sweet is an exact replica of its standard-sized larger bar, for some reason I find that they taste so much better in this mini form. The coconut in the Bounty sweet seems much tastier and the quality of the chocolate overall on all the sweets seems to have a richer, creamier flavour.

        It is difficult for me to choose one favourite from the selection, but I suppose when push comes to shove, I'd have to opt for the Malteser sweet. There is something about these little Malteser sweets which, although individually no smaller than the standard variety, the centre really does seem different in that the malt flavour is stronger and the consistency of that centre is lighter, somehow crispier. The chocolate is thicker too, and appears not to melt so fast as that on Maltesers in bags.

        I can quite easily scoff a whole box of Celebrations in a short space of time, but although I enjoy them - particularly the variety - very much, I think they are too expensive for the amount of sweets contained within one pack. However, they often can be found on special offer, and this is the time when I will choose to buy them. Also, I do feel that the large tins are far better value than the 388g packs, but only when on special (say half price) offer. If you can manage to pick up a large tin of Celebrations for £5 rather than the full price of around £10 (currently they are £5 per tin at my local Sainsbury's, although this offer apparently will end very soon), then they are great value for money and an ideal treat to have around over the Christmas period.

        The amount of sweets inside of a 388g pack of Celebrations probably is only adequate for one or two people, and at £3.00, is quite over-priced as they really won't last very long. However, they are ideal for those who like to nibble on something with a bit of variety rather than have say one or two ordinary chocolate bars.

        As far as presentation and taste is concerned, Celebrations are delicious and in my opinion, much better than the larger versions of the standard bars. They are well packed and wrapped, so there is no fiddling around which can be very frustrating, and I always find that the caramel in the Galaxy Caramel flavour doesn't seep out onto the inside of the wrapper, which if it did, would make it sticky and difficult to open.

        Like all sweets and chocolates, Celebrations are very high in fat and calories, but at the same time, do seem to be kind as regards artificial additives....as there appear to be none. They are very versatile, and would be great for kids who maybe prefer just a mouthful of something before moving onto pastures new, and that cuts down on wastage by keeping everybody happy.

        I do treat myself now and again to a box of Celebrations and like to have a tin for Christmas, but will only buy a tin if it is on at least half price special offer. For me, they are nicer to have beside me for when I fancy a nibble than, say a box of chocolate brazils would be, or a selection box, as the delicacy and size of the Celebrations sweets satisfies without becoming overbearing.

        In summary, all I can say is....expensive, but yummily so!


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          13.11.2013 19:20
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          perfect for any occasion! the ultimate chocolate box!

          Celebrations are something that I have bought so many times for so many different sorts of occasions. They are the perfect present for those people who you never know what to buy for birthdays, etc.
          The size of the box they come in is very conveniently sized where it is big enough to share with the family or friends but they are also at a size that you can eat to yourself over a week or so.

          The variety of types of chocolate you can chose from is great. The box includes 8 famous brands of chocolates. A box includes galaxy, mars, bounty, galaxy caramel, snickers, malteasers (teasers), Twix and Milky Way. I think this is a brilliant variety because there really is something for everyone no matter what kind of chocolate you like to enjoy. The chocolate are always equally shared so there is the same amount of each chocolate left. The most popular always seems to be the galaxy, galaxy caramel and Malteasers as they always seem to be gone first!

          I think the price of these is quite fair. The price of them goes up and down all the time as they are normally on offer around Christmas of other special occasions like Easter. They are normally around £3.99 which I think I a moderate price considering what you can get in one box. Also the box is always filled to the top as in the past it has been annoying to open a box of chocolates similar to celebrations and finding that the box is only half full.

          I think these make a perfect gift or present to anyone at all because, let's be honest, who doesn't like a bit of chocolate for their birthday?

          I recommend these 100% for people who don't know what to buy for someone or just as a treat! There a brilliant idea having all different verities in one box!


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            23.01.2013 00:53
            Very helpful



            Lovely chocolates for everyone

            I have just finished the 2nd of two huge tubs of celebration chocolates we had for Christmas. In an attempt not to put on too much weight all in one go I've been spreading the chocolate munching sessions out (because you can't just have one at a time!), I've also been giving them away and finally we've finished. Although that is a disappointment now they've actually gone.

            What are they?
            Celebrations are individually wrapped favourites of large chocolates, there are eight varieties each one delicious (in my opinion!). The types are Mars, Snickers, Bounty, Maltesers, twix, Milkyway, Galaxy Caramel and Galaxy. Originally introduced in 1997 they are produced by Mars confectionery. I have only just realised that the Galaxy truffle is missing and that twix have arrived! apparently that happend in 2011!

            MARS; are wrapped in a black wrapper in the same colours and style as the original mars, inside they are exactly the same as a large mars bar except a mini version, Mars are made of a light nougat with a layer of caramel and then all covered in chocolate. I would say these mini versions are possibly a bit squidgier (if that's a word!).
            SNICKERS; are wrapped in a brown wrapper in the same colours and style as the original snickers bar, inside again as above it's the same as the large snickers, light nougat topped with caramel and nuts and covered in chocolate.
            BOUNTY; again like the original wrapped in a white and blue wrapper with the distinctive bounty logo, inside is a coconut filling surrounded in chocolate.
            MALTESERS; in a red wrapper with maltesers logo but unlike the others it isn't one big malteser! inside is a solid chocolate with little tiny balls of honeycomb. yum this has to be one of my favourite.
            GALAXY CARAMEL; In a darker brown wrapper the galaxy caramel is just like the large one in a mini version, a soft caramel centre with a hard galaxy chocolate shell.
            GALAXY; In a lighter brown wrapper A plain galaxy chocolate, very creamy melt in the mouth texture.
            MILKYWAY; In a blue wrapper much like it's larger version and again this is exactly the same a mini version, inside is a soft nougat covered in soft chocolate.
            TWIX; In a gold wrapper with the twix logo, again inside is a mini twix, a biscuit base with a layer of caramel and covered in chocolate.

            Order to eat them in (in my opinion!)
            GALAXY CARAMEL
            MILKYWAY & BOUNTY (joint 3rd!)

            How to buy
            Celebrations come in various sizes from mini tiny boxes with about 10 in! to a huge round tub with plenty in (I have to say I've never counted them!). There are plenty of sizes in between. The prices range from £3 for the mini box to £5 to £6 for the large tub.
            Celebrations can be bought from most supermarkets and many other smaller retailers, anywhere that sells chocolate really!

            I find they make great presents for special occassions as being called celebrations it fits perfectly for a special celebration.

            I think celebrations are great value, very often there is something for everyone as we all have different favourites - why not try writing your own order to eat them in and you will discover what your favourites are. We have to hid our favourites from the kids as they seem to eat them all!!

            why not try them for yourself if you haven't already.


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              01.01.2013 18:52
              Very helpful



              A good reasonably priced tub of sweets for all the family

              ===Review is for a large tub of Celebrations===

              ===Why I Got This===

              I usually get given one of the large Celebration tubs at Christmastime so do not often have to buy one for myself.

              ===The Brand===

              Made by Mars, a global confectionery company which was founded in the USA in 1911. Celebrations were first launched in 1997 and incorporates miniature versions of their larger bars.

              ===The Product===

              I had the large round plastic tub.
              Has images of the sweets on the lid and around the sides.
              855 grams and has a selection of eight different Mars sweets.
              Contains '8 famous brands'.
              Suitable for Vegetarians.
              An assortment of milk chocolate and milk chocolate covered biscuit - small one inch individually wrapped sweets.
              * Galaxy
              * Mars
              * Bounty
              * Milky Way
              * Caramel
              * Twix
              * Malteser Teaser
              * Snickers.

              Celebrations are also on sale in smaller cartons for little gifts if required.


              These tubs are on sale before Christmas in most supermarkets and can be purchased for around £4.50-£5.

              ===My Opinion===

              ===Malteser Teaser===
              Maltesers have been made since the 1930s and are round honeycomb centres covered in milk chocolate. The Teasers are individually wrapped. For a few years at Christmastime you could buy a carton of just Malteser Teasers and this was always my son's favourite chocolate treat at Christmas. These are no longer sold separately which is unfortunate as we spend many days over the years searching various shops in December to try and find a box.
              The Teasers taste just like Maltesers and these are always the first sweets to go from our Celebration tub.
              Manufactured since the 1950s, Bounty has a coconut centre covered in chocolate. Not one of my son's favourites but I like Bounty and these little bite-sized bars are much better than the full sized version - which in my opinion is too much and too sickly.
              My son usually takes all these as well as he prefers his chocolate to be mostly that - just chocolate.
              Made since the 1930s the Mars bar consists of a centre of nougat with a layer of caramel and then covered in milk chocolate. My son and I would not buy a full sized bar as they are way too sweet but these little bars are just right and we find these quite enjoyable. I used to like large sized Mars bars but I think they are much sweeter than I remember them which tends to put me off.
              Again not one of our favourites but because they are so small and covered in chocolate they usually disappear - a lot of these sweets have a very sweet similar taste anyway.
              A biscuit topped with caramel and covered in a layer of chocolate. Made in the UK since the 1960s - these are a nice snack and because they have more biscuit than sweet filling are not too sickly.
              This has been made since the 1930s and is a bar of nougat, caramel and peanuts covered in chocolate - sold in the UK as Marathon until 1990 - it will always be Marathon to me. Again I find the full sized bars too sweet and sickly but these little bite-sized sweets are fine to eat one or two at a time.
              ===Milky Way===
              This has a very light whipped nougat centre and is covered in milk chocolate. This is the one from the Celebration box which we all like the least and they are always left to the end - and sometimes not eaten at all. I know my son will not touch them and I have never been keen on Milky Way in any shape or form - no reason really as I suppose the content is not much different to the other sweets but it is just one I have never been fond of.
              As we cannot buy a tub of Malteser Teasers these are the next best thing and we find we enjoy a tub of Celebrations better than Quality Street or Heroes. Most of them we are quite happy to eat apart from the Milky Ways - which is a better average than the other selection tubs.
              When bought on offer at Christmastime for around the £5 mark they are quite good value. I like that they are individually wrapped as I am fussy and do not like other people touching things I may be eating - it also keeps them clean and fresh if you put them out in a dish for people to share. I have used these sweets to make sweet trees as, because they are wrapped, they can be attached to a foam tree base with double sided tape.
              We tend to have a tub of these every Christmas and if you gave one as a gift (as I did last year to the Postman) I am sure most people would enjoy them.

              ===Star Rating===

              4 stars - not all our favourites but a good bargain buy for Christmas.

              ===Would I Recommend?===





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                26.12.2012 14:40
                Very helpful
                1 Comment



                Great for a family to share

                I am writing this review because of the amount of chocolate we have around the house at the moment - a must at Christmas! There are so many tins of chocolates you can get now, Celebrations are ones which most of the family will like and share together.

                Although I have mentioned the tins of Celebrations, you can get boxes of Celebrations all year round in a carton - great for gifts.

                The problem is, once a tin is opened it just sits there waiting to be ate and is too hard to resist, even after a large Christmas Dinner, there is always space for a few chocolates.

                Price and availability
                - Tesco- Large carton (380g) is £4.00
                - Tesco - Large tub/tin (855g) is £5.00
                These prices change so often it is hard to say exactly how much they are. A few weeks ago the large tins were on 2 for £9 (great for stocking up at Christmas)
                You can buy these in most supermarkets - Tesco, Sainsburys, Morrisons and Asda

                My favourite is malteser, seems most of my family agree on that one.

                The mini chocolates included in Celebrations are: Malteser, Bounty, Mars, Snickers, Twix, Milky Way, Topic, Galaxy, Galaxy Caramel. Each is individually wrapped. I am not to keen on the Mars or Bounty but someone always manages to eat them ones.

                Although I would usually buy Cadburys chocolate, this is a lovely selection for all of the family - a real treat and sign on Christmas


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                  14.12.2012 16:03
                  Very helpful



                  Excellent tin of Christmas sweets.

                  Having just polished off the first tub of Celebrations this Christmas I felt inspired to review them, I purchased my tub from Sainsbury's under the two for £9 offer but they can be purchased elsewhere for around £5,

                  Inside the trademark red plastic tub from that wonderful confectioner Mars is 855 grams of tooth aching yumminess. Each year the contents change slightly so I will list this year's line up. Galaxy, Mars, Bounty, Caramel Galaxy, Snickers, Maltesers Teaser, Twix and Milkyway. Upon removing the sealed lid I am met with a wonderful rich chocolaty aroma, the wrappers are not as Christmassy as Roses or Quality Street but the effect of lots of tiny chocolate bars is good. Each sweet is individually wrapped, the wrapper is twisted at each end, but you can't get in the ends as they are heat sealed, there is a small notch in the wrapper where you pull to disrobe your chocolate morsel.

                  Galaxy is as you would imagine it, a nice chunk of Galaxy chocolate that melts in the mouth. 8/10

                  Next up is Mars, this is like a teeny tiny Mars Bar, there is a good ratio of Chocolate and caramel to nougat, and again it is super sweet but very nice. 7/10

                  Following the first two scrumptious bits we have Bounty, again this is an exact replica of the full size chocolate bar. The chocolate is nice, crisp and thick on the Bounty and the coconut filling is identical to the larger Bounty bars. Unfortunately I am the only Bounty eater in our house and we usually end up with lots of these left after Christmas, out of all the coconut sweets available in Christmas tins this one is the best. 6/10

                  Another family favourite is the Caramel Galaxy, this is a chunk of melt in the mouth galaxy chocolate filled with a wonderful, rich and runny caramel, a sure fire winner that everyone scrabbles through the tub for. 8/10

                  Along comes the Snickers, again this is a large Snickers mini me, the ratio of peanuts to nougat and chocolate is just right, it is a small, nutty, sweet chocolate hit. The Husband and I are the only takers of these in the house as the kids don't like Peanuts 8/10

                  The top player in this tin of sweets is the Maltesers Teaser, this is different too a actual Malteser in that it is a chunk of Galaxy chocolate filled with tiny honeycomb balls, it is excellent, the chocolate melts in the mouth and the honeycomb is crisp. I have to give this 10/10 as it is the favourite in our house and the one everyone goes for.

                  On a side note a close family friend of mine once received a tub of Celebrations from his parents for Christmas, when He opened them He discovered that someone (his Dad) had eaten all the Malteaser Teasers out of the tub before resealing it and handing it over a present.

                  Second from last but certainly not the least is the Twix, in looks this is the same as his larger namesake but a bite into it reveals a more generous layer of slightly gooier caramel than what is on the full size bars. I am not a fan of the full size Twix, but this mini Twix I like so 8/10

                  Finally comes the Milkway, a mini version of the full size bar, a nice chunk of whipped nougat enrobed in a thin layer of chocolate, a good little sweet treat and one that is loved by my Nieces when they come to visit 7/10

                  Over all I find Mars Celebrations to be a good buy, the chocolate is good quality and the mixture of sweets is just right for that sweet treat during the day in the run up to Christmas. In each tub there is something for everyone and only the Bountys last till the New Year. In my opinion it's not Christmas till the tins of sweets are opened.

                  The tub can be washed and reused or recycled.

                  Thank you for reading xx


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                    02.01.2012 23:01
                    Very helpful



                    A good selection of mini chocolate bars

                    Like most people even though Christmas was a week ago now we still have cupboards full of food including several boxes of chocolates which we are trying to work out way through. One of the box of chocolates we have and currently have open are Celebrations. Most years we end up with a box of these in our cupboard whether its a big tin or a smaller box.

                    The Celebrations chocolates we have come in a bright red cardboard tub which is slightly narrower towards the bottom compared to the top. The word "Celebrations" is written in larger letter across the top of the tub with each letter being in a different colour, the letters are also slightly raised if you run your finger along them. The name is written within a cream coloured section which is outlined in blue and gold lines to make it stand out. The rest of the cardboard tub is jus a bright red colour which is covered in slightly lighter red and white stars of different sizes. The word "The Sparkling Selection" is also written right at the top of the tub above the name in small white lettering. There is a clear window in the centre of the box, this allows you to see the chocolate inside. Normally that would be it for the design of the Celebrations tub, however this year a couple of changes have been made to the selection of chocolates inside and this year, there is a red circle with the words "Twix is Back" written inside it (which is pretty self explanatory) this is written in the same gold and red colours that feature on the Twix chocolate bar wrapper. The back of the cardboard tub is the same red colour as the front and covered in a star pattern. Right at the bottom of the tub on the back is the nutritional information and the ingredients, these are written within small boxes in white writing making them easy to read against the red background. The rest of the back of the box is taken up with a description of the chocolates that can be found inside the box, these are shown through a small picture of the actual chocolate wrapper, underneath each of these is a little catchphrase. Again the name of the chocolates is written right at the top of the box with the words "A Sparkling Selection of the biggest names in Chocolate" written just beneath in white writing. The top of the tub is slanted slightly with a large red plastic lid slotted into the top of the tub, this is help into place with a cardboard seal each side which simply need to be torn to open the lid. Once the lid has been removed it simply can be replaced by pushing it back into the top of the tub, the slanted angle means it can only go on one way.

                    The Chocolates
                    Celebrations are basically a box or tin of chocolates made up of famous well know chocolates that you would normally buy bars of from the shop, however these are mini versions of them, the chocolates included are
                    *Galaxy caramel
                    *Plain Galaxy
                    *Milky Way
                    Each chocolate is individually wrapped in a foil wrapper which mirrors the same wrapper that the regular sized bars of chocolates come in, for example the Mars comes in a small black foil wrapper with the word Mars written across it in red, this is the same for all the chocolates within this box. The foil wrappers are easy to open, they are twisted at each end and there is a small split in the middle of the foil where the two ends overlap, you simply tear along this split to reveal the chocolate inside. As I have mentioned, on the tub we have next to each chocolate is a small catchphrase about it, for example
                    *Mars - "Another way to make your day"
                    *Milky Way - "For the child within... young and old"
                    *Malteser - "Everybody's favourite, grab 'em before they're gone"
                    Personally I do not think these are necessary as all of the chocolates inside are well known and most of us are going to know what they are just by the name, the catchphrase doesn't really tell you anything about the flavour or type of chocolate each one is, they would be better with a description of what the chocolate is underneath the name, for example if it contains nuts or coconut, this would be more use to people who are not familiar with the range of chocolates inside the tub.

                    This year there have been a couple of different ones added to the range of chocolates inside, as the front of the box suggests there is now the addition of Twix to the selection, I was quite pleased about this as I do like Twix, however after studying the back of the box we discovered that the Twix now replaced the Galaxy Truffle which use to be included in Celebrations, my husband was not pleased about this at all as this was always his favourite one and he would always try and get them before anyone else. Personally I'm not too worried about this being missing as I do like all of the other flavours inside with the Malteser and Galaxy Caramel being my favourites. Out of the 8 different chocolates that make up Celebrations the only one that me or my husband do not like is the Snickers, these are always left at the end of the box and end up being sent over to my parents to eat, for me I think they would probably have been better replacing the Snickers with the Twix and keeping the Galaxy Truffle, however this is just my personal opinion.

                    We have a 420g box of Celebrations, these can be purchased in most supermarkets, including Tesco which is where ours came from. Our tub cost £4.00, although over Christmas I have seen them on offer a few times. Personally I feel that they are averagely priced compared to some boxes of chocolates you can buy, especially as each tub is full right to the top with chocolates, not half full like some you can buy. I'm not sure how many chocolates are in each box, although you do get quite an even selections of each of the chocolate types however I have never counted to check this.

                    Nutritional Information
                    The nutritional information which can be found on the back of the tub is per 100g so roughly per quarter of a tub, this includes
                    *Calories - 492
                    *Protein - 5.6g
                    *Carbohydrates - 62.0g
                    *Fat - 24.2g
                    *Fibre - 1.2g
                    *Sodium - 0.16g
                    Personally when it comes to this sort of product I find its best not to look at the nutritional information, especially the calorie and fat content because as you can see it is quite high for just a quarter of a box. For me the calorie content is the only down side to Celebrations (or any type of chocolates)

                    My Opinion
                    Personally I really like Celebrations, they are something which we generally only have at Christmas, and whilst they only contain well know chocolate brands rather than the different sorts of chocolates you can get in tins, I do particularly like this selection. We like most of the different chocolates which make up Celebrations (apart from Snickers) they are also reasonably priced, although they do not last long in our house. They are ideal for all of the family as there is something for everyone whether you are a child or an adult. I would definitely recommend Celebrations chocolates to anyone whether you have people coming round at Christmas or just for a night in they are an ideal treat. I will definitely continue to buy celebrations in future years, however it would be nice to see Galaxy Truffle return just for my husband to stop him moaning about their absence.


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                    19.09.2011 21:44
                    1 Comment



                    they shouldn't have taken our truffle but still good for sharing

                    Celebration sweets used to be one of the best boxes in the market. They used to contain bounty, mars, milky way, galaxy, galaxy caramel, snickers, malteser and truffle. In recent months, Mars have decided to swap the truffle sweet with a twix. These are just not the same and it has not cheapened the whole selection of chocolates. The truffle was the best one in the box, the one that tasted like a proper quality chocolate and it has now been replaced with a cheap tasting biscuit sweet.

                    Since this decision, I now do not feel like celebrating if I get given these sweets whereas before, I would be really pleased with a present of these!

                    Celebrations used to be my first choice if I had to choose a box or tin of sweets but now I would always choose something else over these as I feel they are just not what they used to be.

                    When Mars decided to take out the topic sweet, that was a good decision as they were always the ones that were left at the end but taking out the truffle was a really bad decision in my opinion.

                    The chocolates in this selection are fine to put out when people come round or at a special occasion. They are still perfect to put out at a party or for Christmas. They can come in handy tins and/ or plastic boxes at Christmas time to save packaging and money!

                    I recommend these chocolates for people who want to put something out for when people come round. The wrappers are brightly coloured so they look attractive when they are in a bowl out on the table. The only problem is that when all the best sweets have gone, the colours in the bowl seem to dull a bit. They do still look good but just not as good. The malteser sweets are in a red wrapper so they stand out the most, then it is the milky way as they are in a blue wrapper. Now, with the twix in the selection, this wrapper also helps the collection stand out. The snickers and galaxy sweets have fairly dull colour wrappers so do not stand out as much.

                    It is £4.00 for a 420g box of celebrations in Tesco and sometimes they are on offer, 2 boxes for £6.00.


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                      20.07.2011 23:22
                      Very helpful



                      Popular chocolate - Mars Celebrations now have one more fan!

                      Even as I sit here writing, there is an almost empty box of Celebrations in front of me waiting to be finished. I shouldn't... no I really shouldn't... ohh go on then! Just one... oh maybe another... one more can't hurt. This cycle continues until the box has been completely devoured and another box is bought. I am addicted to chocolate. There I said it. But who isn't? Unless of course you're allergic, I can't imagine not being able to eat chocolate. These chocolates, however, are not my favourites and this is largely down to the selection of chocolates in the box.

                      My favourites are the Maltesers as I can easily gorge on a box of these of an evening. Galaxy comes a close second, followed by Snickers and Twix. To be honest, I'm not too fond of the others in the box. I'm not too keen on caramel chocolate (Galaxy Caramel) or chocolate and coconut (Bounty). I do have simple tastes when it comes to chocolate, plain, milk or fruit and nut are the best.

                      I'm not sure how much Celebrations are but I know they are between £3 and £5 and you can buy them from most supermarkets: Morrisons, Asda, Sainsburys and I think Co-op. The new oval shaped, curved box is the perfect size as tons of chocolates can be crammed in - hopefully lasting a long time. Not if you're me!

                      They also make an ideal present, not too pricey, plenty of chocolate and a large selection of eight chocolates: Bounty, Maltesers, Mars, Galaxy Caramel, Galaxy, Snickers, Milky Way and Twix.


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                      03.01.2011 15:41
                      Very helpful



                      A wide variety to choose from, popular bitesized chocolates.

                      First of all, I love chocolate and I have a big sweet tooth, even as I write this review, I am indulging in a huge tub of 'Celebrations.' Celebration chocolate is part of the 'Mars' range and in a package of celebrations you get a wide variety of chocolate bitesized including: Bounty, which is a light coconut filled sweet with a milk chocolate coating; Milky Way, which is a whipped, soft nougat lightly coated in chocolate; Truffle, which is basically a darker chocolate mousse inside a milk chocolate shell; Galaxy, which is a deliciously, milky chocolate with no filling, just hard, solid chocolate; Snicker, a nut and caramel infused sweet; Galaxy Caramel; which is basically the same taste as Galaxy, just with a smooth, melty caramel filling inside and lastly Malteaser, which is just solid chocolate with little, crunchy, caramelised balls inside. As you can see, a huge variety to choose from so everybody can find something they enjoy! These are perfect for sharing, I wouldn't advise eating a whole 855g tub of these to yourself obviously due to the obscene number of calories. Also, the chocolates themselves are either in an egg or rectangular shape, they all look very pretty when wrapped in their wrappers so overall the actual appearance of the products is impressive.

                      Additionally, Celebrations come in either a tub or a boxed form, I find you get alot more in the tubs, which makes them better value for money. Each chocolate is individually wrapped (and sealed!) in a foil wrapper, for freshness, with the chocolate's logo on the front, each of the wrappers has a different design so it's easy to distinguish which one's which. In length, each chocolate is about an inch and a half - as you can imagine, thats the perfect size for a cute, little bitesize chocolate. Not too big, not too small, just perfect! I have to admit, the wrappers are a little fiddly to break into but once you start tucking into these that soon becomes lesser of a problem.

                      Personally, my favourite one is the Galaxy chocolate, purely because I adore the smooth, rich taste of Galaxy. However, my least favourite is probably Snicker as I'm not a huge fan of nuts and I just don't like the consistency of Snickers but that's just my personal preference.

                      If your not sure what to buy someone for their birthday or any other occasion, these chocolates are the perfect gift! There is something for everyone so don't worry about someone not liking them. They are also not aimed at a certain gender or age group so they make a great gift for anyone. The chocolates are also not overpriced, on the shelves you will most likely see a 280g box for around £3, however the larger tins of these are around £6. You can find them at any supermarket; Asda, Tesco, Morrisons, Sainsburys etc. Additionally, the boxes are recyclable and the tins especially can be reused around the house, it also states that the tins are microwavable so you can get plenty of use out of them.

                      As you may have gathered, I love Celebrations and I'm sure anyone else would too. They aren't overpriced and make the perfect gift. The packaging is a brightly coloured red box, with the logo printed on the exterior. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do! 4 stars.


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                        18.11.2010 22:34
                        Very helpful
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                        My favourite option when it comes to a container of Christmas sweeties

                        This is the time of year when we are tempted by huge displays of chocolates in the supermarkets. Over the years, there has been a move away from boxed chocolates as a Christmas gift and a move towards these 'tins' which are very convenient to give as a Christmas gift for those people who already have everything else.

                        In most shops, these are currently on offer at or around a fiver per tin. Roses and Quality Street, I like, but my favourite is Celebrations - a relatively new guy on the block compared to the other well-known traditional brands and manufactured by Mars. In my experience they don't make many mistakes when it comes to effective advertising and this 855g container is a marvellous showcasing opportunity for many of their major brands, such as Mars, Milky Way, Bounty, Caramel, Galaxy and Snickers. There are also 2 other sweets in Teasers and Truffle. The selection is all milk chocolate.

                        The chocolate is lovely and that is a big part of the attraction. However, for me, the appeal is also due to the fact that they come not in a traditional tin but in a re-usable plastic container that is washable and which you can safely microwave and freeze. We have a few empty ones in the house - great for storing your baked goods and so handy for a wide variety of uses.

                        We have a couple of full ones hidden in the house ready for Christmas, but I have been warned not to open them! (I know where they are - after all, the top of the wardrobe is one of the first places any of us would look, isn't it? Hehe!)

                        Now the bad bit.... Most of us do like chocolate and we do indulge ourselves at Christmas if not at other times. These are very fattening in calorific terms, with an 855g container containing 4,326 calories, so it's best to share these rather than pig out on the sofa and scoff the lot over a weekend. Almost 83g of every 100g of product is either sugar or fat. Just think about that for a moment. Aaaaaaaargh!

                        Oh well, you can always go for a 5 mile run!


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                          07.11.2010 17:14
                          Very helpful



                          Minituare versions of popular Mars chocolates

                          Celebrate fat times..............................C'mon!
                          Which is precisely what you will be doing if you eat too many of these!
                          Celebrations are the rivals to Cadburys Heroes for the prize of best miniature chocolate bars.
                          These are made with Galaxy chocolate and include ones that I did think were made by Cadburys!

                          Taste Test time!

                          Galaxy - A very solid chunk of the familiar Galaxy chocolate. Its very different to Dairy Milk, it melts a lot quicker and in my opinion is quite oily.

                          Mars - Who hasn't had a Mars Bar? If you have then you know what it tastes like. Well, almost as this mushy done into one big chewy mess. Even if it just a little warm it's going to wrap itself around your teeth and it isn't going to shift.

                          Snickers - Take the above and add a layer of nuts. Or so it claims...........It's more a case of 'ooh lovely chewy mess, but the wrapper didn't look like a Mars, oh there a crunch, it must have been a Snicker' you get my meaning?

                          Galaxy Truffle - Would have been initially lovely had the outside not caused me to nearly break a tooth it was so think. Once through though there is a lovely thick chocolate truffle which takes an age to melt and manages to miss out the oiliness of Galaxy chocolate

                          Maltesers Teasers - A waste of a good Malteser in my opinion. A solid rugby shaped ball of chocolate with chunks of Maltesers honeycomb in it. It's too big to chomp on without getting some serious jaw ache, or if you let the chocolate melt in your mouth you get left with little solid lumps of honeycomb.

                          Galaxy Caramel - Oh Cadburys do it so much better! A thin shell with a very runny caramel half of which ends up down your chin. It's so sweet you'd hit the ceiling if it got in a tooth cavity.

                          Milky Way - Milky Ways are probably one of the loveliest chocolates ever invented. But have you ever eaten a full size one then wonder 2 minutes later if you have actually eaten something? Well, eating a miniature one is just like inhaling. You get the sensation of something in your mouth and its gone!
                          I do them a disservice though, Milky Ways never have enough chocolate covering for me but the whipped nougat is still as lovely as always.

                          Bounty: I've saved the best for last! Sometimes I find eating a whole bar of Bounty too much, I don't know why, it starts getting slighty sickly after a while. These though are just perfect, they have a good thick layer of chocolate on top, bite that off and theres the lovely chewy coconut underneath. If only they did packs of these on their own!

                          I'm not a fan of Celebrations, I think something is lost in the shrinking process, strangely there does seem to be a lack of chocolatiness, instead more of a mush. They wouldn't be suitable for anyone with dentures due to amazing glue like ability of the Mars and Snickers to weld them to the roof of your mouth, nor anyone with cavities or a bad jaw!

                          Out of the big Four, Heroes, Quality Street and Roses, Celebrations are lagging behind. Not least that I feel guilty! Heroes have their easily recyclable cardboard box. Quality Street and Roses have their tins which can go into the scrap metal bin. But Celebrations come in a plastic bin , you'd be hard pushed to find a recycling centre that could recycle.
                          So for the sake of the eco-system, your teeth and taste buds bypass these!

                          Again the big Four are the subject of a price war in the major supermarkets, everyone is selling them at half price for a fiver, but Tescos have just dropped them to £4 a tin! Good times!


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                            22.04.2010 01:08
                            Very helpful



                            Yummy and small

                            Celebrations is a chocolate selection box made by Mars Confectionary which is made up of Mini Bounty, Mars, Milky Way, Galaxy, Malteser, Galaxy Caramel, Topic, Galaxy Truffle and Snickers.

                            Each of these chocolate is a mini, bite sized version of the full sized bars, and each one is indivdually wrapped, so you know exactly what they are, and they stay nice and fresh. The wrapping is foil, printed with the pattern and logo used on the full sized bars.

                            These come in a red box or tub, depending on which size you buy. You can get them in tiny boxes, which usually contain one of each chocolate, medium boxes, large boxes and a huge tub which you can usually buy around christmas time. Prices vary between sizes, what time of year you buy them and where you buy them from. I got two of the large tubs for £10 in Asda last November, so keep your eyes open for offers on these near to christmas.

                            These are a massive hit with my family, and my nan always buys us a box for birthdays (sometimes a tub for us with birthdays near christmas - thankyou Mum lol) and there is always a fight for the Malteaser ones, usually with topics and snickers being left till last lol. They will never last very long, as you find yourself keep going back, at least I do anyway!

                            This is the perfect gift for a birthday or christmas present for someone who loves chocolate, you get loads of different varities of chocolate in there, and its a proven fact that there is no calories in a mini chocolate right?

                            Whatever the celebration, I recommend getting a box of Celebrations for the occasion (except funerals!!) and if you want to thank me for this review by buying me a box they are available in most good supermarkets.


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