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Mars Galaxy Caramel Egg

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Brand: Mars / Type: Egg

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    1 Review
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      07.04.2010 19:09
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      A Galaxy Caramel That Looks Like An Egg

      When I brought a load of reduced priced small eggs in Cost Cutter the other day one I had to try was a Galaxy Caramel Egg because I've seen it about for a couple of Easters now but have never got round to trying them. They're a bit boring wrapped in brown foil and I reckon that's why I've overlooked them in the past, the egg was GORGEOUS though and I even went back to the shop to see if they'd got any left today! lol

      The egg is the size of a Creme Egg but made out of Galaxy chocolate, it's filled with the wickedly rich caramel that is inside a Galaxy Caramel bar. I didn't think it would be the same caramel because I thought that would be a bit too rich inside a big space like the egg but it's delish and doesn't get sickly unless you're a pig and eat more than you should.

      The egg is completely filled with caramel and as soon as you bite the top off you'll be able to get into the filling. It's dead thick so you can bite through the chocolate and use your teeth to get through the caramel at the same time. I like sucking the chocolate of the egg and leaving as much of the caramel for as long as possible, the chocolate goes soooooooo rich when it's melting in your mouth and then you get a bit of caramel on the chocolate and that goes warm and gooey too..... delish!!!

      It's LOADS more exciting than a Creme Egg because I reckon everyones eaten enough of them now, and it tastes more grown up than a Cadburys Caramel egg because even though they're gorgeous too this one has the caramel tasting a bit more luxurious and like toffee instead of just being sweet. The normal price is 60p and even though the egg is only small I still reckon this is good value because of how yummy and tasty they are, I could eat loads but then I'd deffo get sick because these eggs are majorly sickly after a bit. I have eaten 2 in about an hour and could feel the 2nd one for ages after I'd eaten it, it was the sweetness AND how rich the chocolate was.

      Galaxy chocolate is delish, and this is PROPER Galaxy and not a cheap version made just for Easter eggs.



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