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Mauxion Dark Chocolate

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Brand: Mauxion / Type: Dark

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    1 Review
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      13.02.2010 20:03
      Very helpful



      Middle-of-the-road stuff

      Mauxion is not one of the better known chocolate makers around, with the German company's products seemingly being largely restricted to Asda and (sometimes) Lidl, but it's certainly not expensive: a 100 gram bar costs well under a pound pretty much wherever you find it. This bar is of straightforward dark chocolate with a moderate 50% cocoa content.

      The wrapper design is fairly unmemorable, albeit not actively unpleasant; I didn't have it imprinted on my mind as soon as I saw it, and in fact had to check back even whilst writing this review! There didn't seem to be any nutritional information on the bar I tried, which seemed a bit strange: not even the calorie count was there. As such, I would have to recommend caution if you have any sort of allergies or are vegetarian.

      The outer layer of the wrapper, which is rather plasticky in feel, simply unwraps rather than having to be torn, and in fact the inner layer of thickish silver foil tends to come away with it, which is mildly irritating if you don't plan to use the bar up in one go. Inside, there's not a particularly strong smell, though that's only to be expected from a 50%-cocoa bar. What is there is perfectly acceptable, but again it's not memorable.

      The Mauxion bar has a rather unusual design. Although the basic plan of a six-by-four grid of small, unadorned chunks is nothing unusual, an odd feature is that the dividing lines between them stop well short of the outer edge of the bar on every side. I really have no idea why this is, but it actually looks quite attractive and at least helps to distinguish this bar from the rest. The snap, somewhat to my surprise, was fantastic: it's a sharp, loud crack that doesn't feel "squishy" at all.

      Popping the chocolate into my mouth, I quickly discovered that the texture was on the softer side of average: it does start fairly hard, but this is deceptive and the resistance on your teeth quickly falls away, so that after a few chews the inside of your mouth is well coated with the stuff. I don't have any great problem with this, but it did seem slightly strange given just how definite that snap had been.

      The taste is interesting, too. It starts out really quite mild for a dark chocolate bar, even one with the Mauxion's relatively low cocoa content, but as you eat it seems to become progressively "darker", adding a little bitterness to proceedings by the time it's fully softened up. It wasn't unpleasant; just unexpected. I was glad that the bar avoided the earthiness seemingly so much prized by some dark-chocolate people, since I'm not fond of that. The aftertaste was also refreshingly gentle in terms of not inducing excessive thirst.

      Overall, I think this is a pretty solid bar, and for the price it's perfectly acceptable, especially as it is pretty filling and so will last quite some time. I wasn't blown away by any particular aspect of it, but neither did I find anything actively off-putting. Not a bar I'd spend much time avidly seeking out, but one which I certainly wouldn't turn down if it were placed in front of me.


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